Welcome to Silicon City Wiki

-Being a collection of City of Heroes content generated by a group of nobody-in-particular roleplayers with severe altitis-


Well, the Virtueverse wiki is awesome, but we all play on servers other than Virtue too. So this wiki is basically a sandbox for us to detail our CoX characters, supergroups, plotlines, et al, that's not specific to a server. It is specific to a group of players, though, that being the point of the title.

Oh, you wanted more explanation than that? Try this on for size.


This is a private wiki for a specific circle of friends - other folks can't contribute, but they're welcome to browse and comment! To leave comments on an article, click the "discussion" button near the bottom of the page.

Members, want to make a contribution? Try starting by adding your own characters and groups. To start a new page quickly, using the same style template as the rest of the wiki, type your page name into the "new page" field on the sidebar there. Click the button, then choose the appropriate hero/villain side template from the available list. No copypasta required! :p


If you want to look around, you can use the tag-cloud below to browse pages based on content.

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