A Higher Calling
A Higher Calling
Founder(s): Sanctuary of Aya
Side: hero
Motto: "Freedom for all"
Leader(s): Sanctuary of Aya
Logo: lion rampant
Colours: dark blue and gold
Player Base
Levels: mostly 10-15 (all welcome)
Play Style: regular
Role-play: required
Timezone: GMT +10, GMT -5 and GMT +0
Recruiting: yes
Contact: @Kyrene Aig'samh
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  • Members must be mature roleplayers. Roleplay is a requirement and some content will not be appropriate for children.
  • Characters must have a backstory but this need not be written down as long as it's known for roleplay. In-character knowledge should come out in-character.
  • All archetypes and power sets are welcome but bear in mind the thematic of the group: these are predominantly individuals who have philosophy focussed on offering aid to anyone in trouble but who also possess a stronger allegiance to taking care of people than to upholding law.

A Higher Calling tends to be liberal-minded in character: highly conservative characters, while welcome, may struggle to fit in. The group has a strong family mentality and also has ties to the villain group Bells Demoralisation and Demolishment. Respect for the freedoms of other individuals is paramount to members of the group and central to their philosophy.




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