Professor Jyovovitch immersed in research
Professor Jyovovitch immersed in research
Player: Jason Heavensrun
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Conifdential
Personal Data
Real Name: Joseph Jyovovitch
Known Aliases: Jo, Jyo, Professor Jyo
Species: Ascended Human
Gender: Either (originally Male)
Age: 39
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Confidential
Hair Colour: Indigo
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Administrator, Quantum Tears
Place of Birth: Minsk
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single, polyamorous
Known Relatives: Parents, two sisters
Known Powers
Space-time manipulation
Known Abilities
Teleportation, Cellular regeneration and transformation, Energy manipulation
Various relics and magical items with varying effects.
No additional notes available.

Jo is the first character created by Jason Heavensrun for City of Heroes. The first iteration of the character, created in the beta for the game, was a male blaster, intended as a "Doctor Strange" type mystic. The post-beta version was unable to get the name "Jo, and so a female version named "Jyo" was created, pandering to the owner's weakness for gender benders. The gender change across the beta/live line was attributed to an event that occured during the Rikti War (see Character History)

When the ability to name-change was introduced, her "code-name" became "Arcanum".

In-Game Desc

Professor Jo Jyovovitch was once a professor in the study of quantum mechanics at Paragon U. Eccentric and full of peculiar ideas, noone was particularly suprised when the unusual physicist began delving into the study of magical effects on the quantum scale. However, noone could have predicted that a breakthrough theory would enable Doctor Jyovovitch to percieve and manipulate the very fabric of reality! Using his quantum spellweaving in the Rikti War, he saved many lives, but was overwhelmed by the Rikti hordes and nearly destroyed. Azuria of Magi protected his essence after the war, and when he gained enough power to constitute a body, he found himself instinctively patterned after his temporary host!

Having learned all she could at the University, Jo helped found the supergroup Quantum Tears, where she has refined her skills to manipulate matter and energy, altering probability states to warp the space-time location of objects, projecting waves of pure energy, and even projecting an astral form.


Jo is an official affiliate of M.A.G.I., and a personal friend of Azuria. She is also the lead administrator and one of the founders (along with Mister Shade) of Quantum Tears, a supergroup created to offer a constructive outlet to wayward metahumans.


A scholar by trade, Jo is thoughtful, informed, and a bit cheeky. She knows more than almost anyone, and doesn't conceal the fact out of politeness. However, she respects intelligence where she sees it, and approaches people with the attitude of a teacher, often coaxing people to reason things out for themselves rather than providing the answers directly. She is a bit of a showoff, and has been known to use her ability to summon, deconstruct, and teleport matter for a number of retributive pranks, such as teleporting someone's clothing two feet to the left, or changing what they're wearing altogether. She does this playfully, however, and only when provoked.

A part of the heightened awareness that comes with her ascended state means that she can interpret the emotional states of anyone around her. This gives her a keen empathic sense, which coupled with her intelligence, makes her difficult to outmaneuver in conversation.

She is also bisexual, variably gendered, and sexually liberal, although there are specific criteria by which she decides whether or not to respond to someone elses sexual attraction towards her.


Energy Blast

  • Power Bolt
  • Power Blast
  • Energy Torrent
  • Power Burst
  • Sniper Blast
  • Aim
  • Explosive Blast

Energy Manipulation

  • Power Thrust
  • Build Up
  • Bone Smasher
  • Conserve Power

Additional Powers


  • Recall Friend
  • Teleport


  • Hover


  • Swift
  • Health
  • Stamina


Jo draws her abilities from an intuitive understanding of the fabric of the cosmos. She sees, literally, the structure of the universe, and manipulates it to her will. This allows her to shape concussive blasts of pure energy, as well as transport and manipulate matter. She can abandon physical form at will, and reshape it as she wishes, although any form other than her familiar "presets" could be dangerously unstable, so she is not prone to use this ability as "shapeshifting" beyond small modifications. She has recently acquired the ability to "project" her astral form into combat, enabling her to fight and assist and interact with friends and allies while her physical form gathers research materials. Her astral form is more powerful than her physical form, but requires splitting her attention. As such, the net gain in effectiveness is negligible, making it more of a tactical ability, or a skill of convenience, than a "power up".

She also has a doctorate in Quantum Physics, a BA in history, and is pursuing her Masters Degree in mystic phenomena at PCU.


The Quantum Tears posesses an impressive wealth of paranormal artifacts, many accrued through their adventures, many others purchased from private collecters, and more still produced by the team themselves. As Jo manipulates matter, so she maintains a pocket dimension within reach of her powers at all times, enabling her to summon many powerful artifacts as they are nessecary to her mission. Of these, she consistently keeps at hand a Blackwand, and an Axe enchanted against true undead.

Weaknesses and Limitations

As a scholar and an enlightened being, Jo has a tendency to look on most other scientists and engineers with a bit of a condecending air. This leads her to underestimate people on occasion, both enemies and allies, and can sometimes alienate people who she honestly respects. Her empathic abilities are also only surface deep, and can sometimes give a false sense of security; in the same manner that a skilled liar might trick someone with earnest body language, a cunning mind can manipulate the surface to hide their true motives. Jo is unused to dealing with this sort of treachery, so she can be fooled in this way rather easily.

Her ability to manipulate matter is extremely versatile, but manipulation of complex organic life in any way other than simple teleportation is dangerous and morally reprehensible to her. As such, while Jo is willing to transport allies about, and play small pranks with clothing or props, she will absolutely -never- tamper with anyone's body or mind. As such, her attacks are limited to indirect measures, manipulating energy to send concussive blasts towards foes.

Although Jo can regenerate her physical body no matter what damage it has taken, if she is completely oblitterated, it can take months to reconstitute a new body from available matter. In this time, she must be hosted in a willing sentient, wherein she is akin to an internal observer. Occupying another individual's body without interfering with them is frustrating and occasionally uncomfortable, but it does give Jo insight into their physical and mental structures.

Character History

Joseph Jyovovitch was born in Minsk, Febuary 13, 1969. His parents were both scientists in the employ of the Soviet Union, but had faced harsh conditions on the basis of their moral beliefs. Eager to secure a less rigid lifestyle for their children, they fled the iron curtain through Germany, were smuggled over the Berlin wall by the CIA, and officially defected to the United States on July 20th, the date of the first moon landing. Setting up a life for themselves in Rhode Island, They raised their children in safety and security.

As the child of two physicists, Joseph was raised with a keen understanding of scientific theory, and quickly progressed through school, applying to attend MIT at 17, in fall of 1986. After several years of schooling, he was ABD in Quantum mechanics, and during the composition of his dissertation, he stumbled across concepts and ideas that led him to a remarkable understanding of the structure and design of the universe. He continued his research after achieving his doctorate, while teaching in the physics department of Paragon University, and eventually reached a breakthrough that allowed him to tap in to the primal forces that shape the cosmos itself. As he developed these abilities, he began to realize that his skills resembled mystical expression more than any physical science he knew of, and it was during his research into mysticism that he ran in with a registered superhero dubbed "Mister Shade". The two struck a solid friendship during their shared investigations, and Shade convinced Jo to found a supergroup dedicated to helping people who had questions about their abilities.

Becoming a registered hero himself, Jo quickly found himself thrust onto the front lines of battle when the Rikti invaded. During these battles, he was pushed harder and harder, forcing him to probe deeper and deeper into the secrets that were on the edge of his understanding. Battle for some was a test of physical prowess, for others it was an expression of tactical savvy. For Jo, it was the motivating factor in the greatest intellectual puzzle in history. Finally, in a final breakthrough, he actually ascended to a higher state of conciousness, leaving his body, which was subsequently destroyed, and becoming a being of pure energy. In this form, however, he found he was both powerless to assist in the rest of the battle, and increasingly apathetic towards the affairs of the physical realm. On some instinctive note, however, Jo -knew- that the physical affairs of this world were somehow relevent to the well being of the entire cosmos. So, searching for a new "anchor" to the world, to affect change, Jo found himself as a welcome passenger in the mind of a friend: Azuria from M.A.G.I.

Recognizing that Joseph would fade away without a physical anchor, Azuria allowed him to reside inside of her, not as an invading or possessing spirit, but as a sort of passenger, following along until enough power could be mustered to render him physical again. When that time came, nearly a year later, Jo found that he had grown used to the idiosyncracies and biorhythms of a female form, so a female form was what manifested. Since then, Jo has learned to shift her body between forms, to the potential glee and/or discomfort of her SG mates. She has continued to develop her abilities, as well as gathering resources and knowledge for the Tears. Her time as a passenger in Azuria's mind allowed her to gather a wealth of mystical knowledge, and she is furthering that research, as well as trying to form a theory combining the mystical and physical disciplines.

Other Notes

Even though Jo was born in Russia, and she speaks the language somewhat well from her parents, she was raised in the united states, and has only the slightest trace of an accent, picked up from her parents. She is also still an accredited professor, and is practically notorious on the campus of Paragon City's local university.


  • Jo generally respects authority and upholds civil law, but as an ascended conciousness, she answers first to her own moral code, and has not consistently adhered to all of Paragon's laws. This occasionally puts her at odds with the conservative element in the city, particularly earning her attention from Statesman and the PPD. Her contributions to the city and family and personal connections have kept her out of trouble.
  • She looks younger than she is, for the same reason that she isn't a he any longer.
  • During her return tenure at PCU, after attaining a female form, her students took to calling her "Professor Jyo", possibly in an attempt to avoid confronting the fact that her first name is a masculine one.
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