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Player: Laurel-li
Origin: science
Archetype: defender
Security Level: 16
Personal Data
Real Name: Lisha Magena
Known Aliases: Ari
Species: homo sapiens sapiens
Gender: female
Age: 22 (born 3 Sept 1985)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lb
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: virtue and heroism
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: confidential
Marital Status: in a relationship with Cataplex
Known Relatives: Lowell Magena (father), Yana Tremaine (mother), Revanta (sister), Hunter (sister)
Known Powers
radiation emission, dark blast, fitness, flight, medicine
Known Abilities
channeling negative energy, innately radioactive in a controlled fashion, flight, extremely fit
field medi-kits
No additional notes available.

Work-in-progress. Bear with me.

The light outside grows pale. She stands for a moment at the foot of the stairs, my self of high-minded justice, surveying the room, seeing only its echo across the water in the Rogue Isles. It was hers, she thinks, her home. Sudden panic floods through her and she darts forward, pushing and dragging the couch, armchairs, desk, piling books on the floor and tugging futilely at the empty bookcase until, defeated finally, she collapses on the floor amongst the disarray, tears tumbling silently down her cheeks as she hugs her knees. It’s not real, she mutters to herself over and over, it’s not real, it can’t be real, it can’t be, trying desperately to force from her mind what he had said.

She is coming apart. Moment by moment, their strain cracks the walls between the two of them, the wall that restrain me. I long to hold her, my sister, my self, and tell her it will be okay, that one way or another this, too, will end. But one end ceases her existence, the other ends mine. And I’m not ready to give up. Not yet. And she knows it, the girl with the raven hair. She sees me and fears me, as he did, my father, our father.

Unable to bear the room another moment, she pulls herself to her feet and stumbles out, pacing in the elevator as it descends, sprinting back through the laboratory and out the door, heading for the base of the Quantum Tears, for work, for the good fight, the one she believes in utterly.


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quantum tears

reva, d-38, hunter, sam, shortbow



Radiation Emission

  • Radiant Aura
  • Accelerate Metabolism
  • Radiation Infection

Dark Blast

  • Dark Blast
  • Moonbeam

Additional Powers


  • Swift
  • Health


  • Hover
  • Flight


  • Aid Other


Artemis possesses a native connection with the Netherworld, allowing her to channel negative energy. She is also innately radioactive, granting her healing and regenerative powers, and the ability to strengthen herself and her allies and weaken her enemies. She can become invisible and fly and has a high level of physical fitness. Possessing a natural gift for computing, she has been known to hack into the Longbow computer system as much for the fun of rearrange their files as for any information she might garner while there.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Ari is relatively fragile in combat, surviving more by staying out of reach, than by facing her opponents on their own terms. Similarly, while she can weaken her foes to the point of gasping, she can only physically hit someone as hard as any relatively fit woman of her age and build.

Mentally connected with her siblings, Ari is liable to suddenly collapse in pain should one of them find themselves in trouble, a fact which only adds to her current state of intense frustration and emotional instability.

Character History

I'm telling you stories. Trust me.

Fallen Star



New Life

Somnambulism and the Waiter in the Room

waking in the Isles more frequently, D-38

Neither girl reacted well to the idea that they were personalities sharing the same form, that they were essentially the same person. Ari discovered that her mother had been lying to her and began a search for Magena, who had left Paragon and disappeared, in an effort to find out what had actually happened. With Boilerplate and Mun'Orisha looking out for her (and D-38 and Crush looking out for Reva, thus bringing them in contact with Ari), Ari struggled to maintain some equilibrium in the face of what was, for her, an immense violation of her self.

alternate perspectives

As the shifts between the two personalities became more frequent, happening even when they were awake, D sought help in Paragon, extorting aid from Dr Cargan Sloane, a psychic.

D and sloane, hunter and meeting Cataplex,

Exploring the dreamscape shared by the girls, Sloane discovered a third personality trapped inside, a personality who called herself Hunter, who existed only when both Reva and Artemis were both asleep and who had no control over the body. Sloane's exploration altered the state of the barriers in Lisha's mind. Already slowly breaking down, his influence sped up this disintegration, allowing Hunter some small influence over Lisha's body. This erosion of the barriers also made the shifts between Reva and Artemis still more frequent, happening even when they were awake, especially in moments of extreme stress.

While spending the night at Reva's home, D was once again woken in the middle of the night by Reva's form, addressing him affectionately. Explaining that she was not Reva but Hunter, she warned him that the barriers separating the personalities were breaking down and that, if it were allowed to happen, both personalities would be lost. She urged him to act quickly to keep that from happening, to protect Reva and Ari, intimating that, if he did so, she would be destroyed entirely. She urged D to find Magena if he needed information to help with the process.

Midnight Rites

Taking Hunter's warning to heart and desperate to protect Reva, D stepped up his search for a solution, determined to find a way to save all three of Lisha's personalities. The following morning, he defeated Deathsurge, binding some of his power in order to harness the power of Bat'Zul to separate the girls. He made preparations for a ritual on Mount Diable, then set out to find Magena.

Following what little evidence there was to Magena's whereabouts, he finally found him working for the Council in Sharkhead, threatening him with violence and demanding to know if there was anything he should know that would help with separating the girls. Lowell told D that Lisha had hurt some people and, to prevent further incidents, a friend of his had created barrier in the girl's mind. He revealed that he had been hunting for Lisha since Yana had taken her away and, when told of the situation, requested that he be permitted to offer what aid he could. D agreed, warning him that once it was all over, there would be an explanation and reckoning for what had happened.

Telling Reva that he had found a way to separate the three of them and give them each their own forms, he took her up the mountain. Then D began the ritual, drawing into himself the power of the mountain, rejecting what was and insisting, as much by sheer force of will as by magic, that things be as he wanted them to be.

It worked. Once, with Lowell's help, he regained the ability to see and hear, he found that where there had been only one form, there were now three identical women unconscious on the grass.

Darkness Before Dawn

Magena helped D take the three unconscious girls back to the Riot Gear base, determining that they were apparently physically healthy. When Ari awoke, she did so in crippling pain, the same proving to be true of Reva and Hunter. With painkillers taking the edge off the pain, the three discovered that they could hear one another's thoughts. None of them possesses any control over this: their thoughts simply clear to one another, though distance vastly reduces the effect of it.

post-separation, pain, same person,,continued connection

A Room of One's Own

Mugged on Memory Lane

Other Notes


  • Ari cannot be photographed. Any attempt leads to over-exposed images and often damages the camera used.
  • Ari possesses not only a psychic connection with her sisters but also with Mun'Orisha.
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