Baby-Doll soars over Cap au Diable.
Baby-Doll soars over Cap au Diable.
Player: Ojin
Origin: Tech
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Baby-Doll
Known Aliases: Hikari, Becky O'Lance
Species: Machine Life
Gender: {$gender}
Age: 3 (appears 20)
Height: 5'7''
Weight: Confidential
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: No known citizenship
Occupation: Career criminal, villain support services
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable
Marital Status: Union with Kage-Ko
Known Relatives: Pepper, the Cutebots
Known Powers
Advanced technological knowlege
Known Abilities
Super leaping
The Cutebots, force-field generators, flight jetpack, laser rifle, assorted other equipment depending on circumstances.
No additional notes available.

Baby-Doll is a Robot / Forcefield Mastermind played by Ojin. There were two main influences on the character of Baby-Doll, both inspired by Ojin's comic fandom. The first was Harley Quinn, who he has long held up as one of the greatest female villains in comics.

The other, rather less well known element is Doctor Otaku, from the Mutants and Masterminds setting 'Freedom City'. Otaku is always assisted by his creations, the subservient, sailor-fuku wearing Angel Androids.

He got to wondering what would happen if one of the androids had performed a Harley-like run for freedom and independence…

In-Game Desc

Dr. Phillip Archers was a leading robotics researcher with DATA, managing to push forward several fields almost single handedly. Unknown to the other research staff, however, Archers had long been misappropriating company resources in order to pursue his secret goal of making a fully functional, absolutely lifelike android to be his 'perfect companion'.

Archers tricked several unscrupulous investors into believing he was designing a series of undetactable 'assassin droids', and used lab time out of normal hours to go about designing his dream girl. Unfortunatly for him, his paranoia over getting caught lead to him cutting several corners in his AI design, and the failsafes he implimented to keep the robot under his control were at best ineffectual and at worst massive system glitches waiting to happen.

When Archers eventually came to activate the robot, it didn't take her long to realise the kind of life that he had in mind for her. Turning on him, she quickly killed the man, and began the process of stealing his archives of research.

At the same time, more of Archers' problems had come back to haunt him- one of his backers had learned that the money they had been funelling towards him had been used for his own personall ends. Macavity, an underworld assassin, had been hired to kill Archers and to recover what he could. Arriving in the doctors lab, he was rather surprised to see them man already dead, and a rather attractive girl stood wondering how best to make her escape.

Mac sympathised with the girl, and together, they took what they could and escaped the DATA facility. The pair worked together for a short while, eventually settling in the Rogue Isles, joining the emergent Black Reactor Army.


Baby-Doll has, over the course of her work with the BRA, entered into a romantic relationship with Kage-Ko, something which has been known to occasionally soften the otherwise icy ninja's attitudes; between the two of them, Kage-ko calls Baby-Doll 'Hikari', feeling that the girl deserves a name, and not just a label.

Similarly, through the BRA, she met, and entered into an ongoing friendship with, Crusherplate. Crush is incredibly protective of the girl, soundly beating anyone that threatens her, and often referring to Baby-Doll herself as a CuteBot, in the same way that BD referrs to her robotic 'offspring'.

In her longing for a sister to spend time with, Baby-Doll duplicated the work done by Archers and created the android Pepper. The two robots have a relationship typical of most siblings, with all of the teasing, mocking and squabbling and love that that entails.

Recently, also, Baby-Doll met, and quickly became attached to, Solitohn, taking literally his referring to her as 'sister'. The two of them have a relationship which is growing ever closer, in a familial way, each of them fitting a gap the other feels.

On the streets, Baby-Doll often teams with .Slash, who unerringly refers to BD as her 'boss', following her commands closely- and eagerly.

Baby-Doll also has a cheerfully antagonistic relationship with Swift, including sneaking (thinly disguised in her identity as "Becky O'Lance, regular student") into Paragon City in order to attend the same university as the speedster. Swift has often become exasperated that nobody else seems to notice the deadly robot villain in her lectures, but thus far, Baby-Doll has only used her secret identity to torment the girl, rather than cause genuine mayhem.


As she was designed to be, Baby-Doll is astoundingly cute and perky, to a level that often baffles people when they first meet her. In spite of her ditzy and sometimes childlike nature, however, she is deeper than she usually appears, both in her relationships with the people around her and in her abilities as a villain.

That said, Baby-Doll still maintains a firm belief in Santa, a love of the colour pink and a tendency to treat her CuteBots like a cross between her children and her own, giant, ambulatory teddy-bears. The seeming incongruity between her perkiness and her lethality has left more than one of her opponants scared, confused and very, very dead.

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