Bec Querel
Bec Querel
Bec Querel
Bec Querel
Player: @TalenLee
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 38
Personal Data
Real Name: Rebecca St. Claire Querel
Known Aliases: Bec
Species: Helios Sapiens
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hair Colour: Flame red
Eye Colour: Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: French Canadian
Occupation: Prefect
Place of Birth: Quebec City, Quebec
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father (deceased)
Known Powers
Thermonuclear manipulation of energy and matter
Known Abilities
Enormous understanding of physics, mathematics and chemistry.
No additional notes.

"We are made of star stuff. For the most part, atoms heavier than hydrogen were created in the interiors of stars and then expelled into space to be incorporated into later stars. We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands. The loom of time and space works the most astonishing transformations of matter."
- Carl Sagan

"So what happens, one must ask, when that substance of stars chooses to throw back, a thousand generations of a thousand generations, back to the boiling heat that lurked in the heart of a star? Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to present to you a unique case study in metahuman powers. I wish to present… myself."
- Rebecca Querel

"What can you do? Metahuman rights are fast overtaking black rights and gay rights as issues that need addressing at a political and societal level, and we haven't even gotten *those* right yet. It's a sad state of affairs."
- Rebecca Querel

Bec Querel, generally known simply as "Bec" to her friends, is a Fire Control/Radiation Emission Controller played by Talen Lee. One of the original members of the Supergroup Project Corona, she was designed to work as part of a team based on the Leadership power pool, but also as an in-depth role-playing character.

Bec Querel's inspiration was based around considering someone whose name was coincidentally the same as a unit of nuclear temperature. Rather than hold up the works for my friends during character creation, I made her and spent much of my time after the fact trying to explain and explore the character, without needing any major changes. During the Buffer Overrun team, I actually spent a fair bit of time thinking about how many different permutations you could make of Fire/Radiation while still maintaining some freshness. There are only so many nuclear accidents in a year, after all.

Bec Querel was one of those ideas - of a person who was a living star. From there, I read Carl Sagan's famous "We are starstuff" speech, duplicated or homaged in Babylon 5, and the whole piece just clicked. Bec Querel is a single, bounding leap for evolution, an individual who transcends the normal limitations, as the universe, seeking to understand itself, reaches through the mists of time and the confusion, and briefly, returns a tiny portion of the star to its original state, in an evolutionary impossibility, a staggering, mind-blowingly improbable chance that Bec was lucky enough to roll.


Bec Querel is a member of the Supergroup Project Corona. Beyond this, she has written numerous academic papers, and prior to her engagement as a registered hero, was an avid member of several Astronomical societies and a political activist. She was also sixteen.


How wonderful it is, and how terrible, to be an exception.

Bec, at the age of seven, had completed primary school. By fourteen, she had finished high school and was halfway through her first degree. At fifteen, she had finished her second degree, and was an active competitor in many academic circles. While her information was not always perfect, her reasoning was bulletproof - and few academics denied her ability to consider problems from a near-infinite number of angles, ordering and prioritising them excellently, and then proceeding. In short, she was brilliant.

She also had absolutely no friends and no understanding of how to conduct a conversation that wasn't completely about the transfer of up-to-date scientific information. Realising she had an area of misunderstanding, an area of ignorance, she opted for the nearest possible solution; she read about it, studied it, and then entered into a way to change it.

After completing two degrees and being considered the foremost scientific mind of her generation, Bec Querel severed her ties to the academic community and universities, and went back to high school.

Bec can best be described as calculating. Lacking the real social tools through high school, Bec's second attempt at high school was only embarked upon while she had a solid grip of what she thought was normal high school… ie, a large amount of high school culture. Degrassis and Babysitter's Clubs and a whole realm of turgid, insipid muck, which she took with a cynical grain of salt, but nonetheless did what she could to glean useful information. The upshot is that Bec has an almost too-perfectly cultivated school personality.

Bec gets good grades (but not too good), has her homework back on time most of the time, and has a creepily common occurence of truancy and other light, common misbehaviours to keep herself from being too perfect a student.

Regardless of her social awkwardity, however, Bec is still possessed with all the assuredness that comes from growing up knowing that at almost all times, she simply is the smartest person in the room. This isn't arrogance, or pride, or condescension; indeed, she views herself as fortunate because she benefits from so much of humanity, and is every day wowed at the incredibly ideas had by people who are by all standards 'normal'.


Bec is a living, breathing star. She lacks all human organs, and is only human-shaped, she assumes, out of some quirk of naturalism that has yet to be understood. She controls flame as readily as others control their breath, and her entire body is a dedicated atom-smashing nuclear furnace.

Bec can't, however, use this power in the colossal, combustive way one might assume; she is, after all, a little star, and with that comes some limitations. She cannot explode in a supernova, and indeed, her defeats almost all result in her going cold and prone. Instead, she uses her power as a nuclear generator to manipulate radioactive effects, such as inducing radiation sicknesses. She's very versatile in this regard - and has been even known to use the power of fusion to jumps-start an ally's heart after a debilitating blow.

Also, she has shown the ability to create a sophisticated trio of constructs out of fire, which she refers to as Alpha, Beta, and Kappa. When asked about these constructs, she has noted that they are entirely driven by an ionized particle employed in an incredibly complicated predictive mathematical formula. Most people don't ask a second time.


Bec has no real abilities that could be applied to combat unless you consider things that most people do by instinct or simple practice. Unable to coordinate her body without conscious effort, every thrown particle, every ricocheted nuclear reaction are all the result of a ferocious storm of careful mathematic calculation and observation.


With the exception of occasional specific tools acquired from Project Corona's technological department (such as travel devices), Bec Querel does not use any equipment.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Bec is fragile, and short-sighted. She takes in an enormous amount of detail, but only for a certain distance around her, which can often lead to her putting herself in danger.

Also, Bec is simply not very well-socialised. She doesn't understand people very well, so when not dealing with combat (where she has many heuristics to work with), she tends to find herself awkward and ill-at-ease. She's not skilled at detecting duplicitious behaviour, so she makes do by being suspicious and cynical of everyone.

Character History

Bec's history before joining the project is reasonably well known, as a matter of public record. The astonishing superchild, she completed her schooling at a very young age and moved on to work as an academic, simply finding the goal-orientation of her schooling to be a pleasant chain of successes.

Sometime during her third master's, however, she had a meeting with Dr. Madison Shepherd, who spoke to her at some length about the influence of the youth on the future; of power in inappropriate hands; of morality and faith and a world without religion and a world with its new gods. It was an intense conversation - some claim it lasted as long as two full days, but even had it lasted for a mere four hours, it would probably be the longest conversation Bec had ever had with any individual human being up to that point, and since.

After this landmark, Bec resolved to join the Project, to help blaze a new future.

Other Notes

Nothing of note.


  • Bec is remarkably boyish in her figure, and rarely is cited as a great beauty. She doesn't know if she should be bothered by that or not.
  • Bec's star design on her face is a design of her own making, and is the result of her mother trying to interest her in makeup and body art.
  • Bec has written in to Shining Valor's column. Embarassingly the browser cache was read and misinterpreted by Moloch Tartarus, who is now convinced that Bec is gay.
  • Bec routinely teases Josh Middleton, also known as Thermal Sink, about an off-handed statement he made about enjoying and appreciating cakes. This is an example of her overuse of memetics, as the joke has well-transcended being all that funny.
  • Bec is a frequent proponent of an abolition of the current two-genders four-sexualities model in education.
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