Olympic athlete turned vigilante
Olympic athlete turned vigilante
Player: Jason Heavensrun
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Christian Theophilus
Known Aliases: Belle
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Hair Colour: Auburn
Eye Colour: Amber
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Olympic Archer
Place of Birth: Cambridge, Mass
Base of Operations: Boston, Mass
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, grandfather
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Olympic-class archery expert
Browning Compound Bow, various trick arrows
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Bellerophon was created specifically because his creator thought the new bow powersets were super fun. Originally, on test, his name was Quiver, and he was a bit Green Arrow-ish, but as that was taken on the live servers, the idea came up to model a hero after one of the greek heroes of old.

The mythological Bellerophon was a Greek hero and master archer who tamed the winged horse pegasus. From this basis, the idea came out to make him a third-generation US citizen, who was taught by his greek immigrant grandfather to treasure his ancestry. He also happens to be gay, but he's not the effette type.

No, the greek thing was -not- a deliberate gay joke. It just worked out that way.

In-Game Desc

Bellerophon was a Greek hero, a skilled archer who mastered the winged horse Pegasus. Olympic athlete Christian Theophilis doesn't have an enchanted steed, but his skill with a bow has always been practically unmatched. But after so many trophies, the glories of athletics began to lose their luster for Christian, and after visiting Paragon City in the 2003 Paragon International Archery Championships, and having his life saved by one of the city's costumed vigilantes, He found himself inspired.

After that, Christian spent a significant portion of his acquired funds to develop his array of "trick arrows" and moved to Paragon, assuming the name of the Greek hero, and declaring a private war on the forces of injustice.


Bell is a member of the supergroup Quantum Tears, and is a gold medal winning Olympian before that. He is a spokesman for the Archery Trade Association and the International Archery Federation, and is a member of the National Field Archery Association.

On a personal level, he tends to be a bit of a loner, but has formed a somewhat tense sort of friendship with his teammate Wander, who eventually managed to taunt him into pursuing his current lover, Eyrie. Bell and Eyrie are now in an exclusive relationship.


A bit shy on personal matters, and quick to temper when teased, Bellerophon is a bit of a social idiot. He has very little experience dealing with people on a personal level, and has been a bit of a loaner most of his life. Once past that, however, he is very loyal and dedicated to the people he cares about, accepting them practically as family. As a gay man from a conservative family, he tends to be touchy about having his masculinity questioned, despite the fact that he isn't terribly masculine. He's extremely proud of his heritage, and defensive about greek culture and history. This and his temper about his masculinity lend to a particular sensitivity to people questioning the masculinity associated with calling one's self "Belle". Wander, particularly, has used this to get under Bellerophon's skin more than once.


Trick Arrow

  • Flash Arrow
  • Glue Arrow
  • Ice Arrow
  • Poison Gas Arrow
  • Acid Arrow


  • Snap Shot
  • Aimed Shot
  • Blazing Arrow

Additional Powers


  • Hurdle


  • Hover


Bellerophon is an expert archer, possessing gold and silver Olympic medals in mens individuals. He could practically pin a fly to a tree fifty feet away. He is also extremely fit and agile, with the body of an acrobat. His lover, who is the human incarnation of a mythical griffon, gave him a feather that grants him the ability to fly, although he is still learning to harness its power.


In addition to his compound bow, Bellerophon has a variety of different arrows for various situations, including a glue arrow, an arrow loaded with acidic gel a net arrow, and others.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Flight aside, Bell is not much more than a peak level human being. His archery skill is unsurpassed, but he also depends on it wholly. Additionally, his desire not to kill people can be a bit of a hindrance.

Character History

A third generation American citizen, Christian's grandfather came over from Massachusetts after World War II. His father served in the Vietnam conflict and after returning to protest the war after his service was up, eventually found his way into politics. Christian grew up as the son of a senator, and was met with high expectations, which he fulfilled largely through his athletic talent for archery. Since he was very small, he latched on to the sport with an almost obsessive fascination, practicing diligently for years, placing high in tournament after tournament, until he began to set his sights on Olympic gold. He earned a qualifications spot in the 2000 Olympics, as one of the youngest archers there. As he was preparing to attend, however, his father suffered a fatal heart failure as the result of a genetic disorder. The media questioned his ability to rebound from this, but he went on to take the silver, dedicating his success to his father's support and love.

After the Olympics, he went back into a cycle of tournaments, and was planning on returning to the Olympic Games in 2004, but his father's death had affected him deeply, and athletics seemed like such a hollow pursuit. A chance encounter with the hero Manticore during the Annual 2003 Paragon Internationals changed the direction of his life, however, and he was inspired to take up the mantle of a hero, in memory of his father's own service. Although he returned to the Olympics in 2004, and carried home the gold, he continued to make plans and preparations to cross over into his new life.

His close relationship with his grandfather had given Christian a strong appreciation for his Greek heritage, so he took the moniker Bellerophon, after the Greek hero that tamed the flying horse Pegasus. The hero Bellerophon was known for his great deeds, but was destroyed by his own hubris. Christian took the name as a tribute to his heritage, and a reminder of the dangers of overconfidence. By chance, he eventually fell in with a group of like-minded young metahumans called the Quantum Tears, and has served as a member of their ranks since. Rather an insular loner before coming into this group, over time he has opened up to accept his fellow teammates as friends and beloved companions.

Other Notes

Bellerophon is gay, but he is also very much a one griffon man. Hitting on him is generally useless. He usually misses the point anyway. (He's a bit naive.)


Bellerophon's father never knew about his sexual preference, and exhibited a public disapproval of homosexuality. The fact that they never had the opportunity to resolve this before his father's death has always contributed to his self-conscious feelings about being gay.

As a former Olympic medalist and the son of a deceased senator, Bellerophon has been a bit of a media darling at times, although he doesn't particularly enjoy the spotlight.

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