Bells Demoralisation and Demolishment
Bells Demoralisation and Demolishment
Founder(s): Nem'hain and Wrecking Belle
Side: villain
Motto: "Dirty deeds, dirt cheap"
Leader(s): Nem'hain and Wrecking Belle
Logo: anarchy symbol
Colours: red and black
Player Base
Levels: mostly 12-20
Play Style: regular
Role-play: required
Timezone: GMT +10, GMT -5 and GMT +0
Recruiting: idly (by invitation and through roleplay only)
Contact: @Kyrene Aig'samh
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Boyfriend cheating on you? Alimony payments overdue? Don't just fume, fight back. We at Bells Demoralistion and Demolishment specialise in providing effective but discrete vengence at reasonable prices. Whatever your problem, we have the solution.


Created by Isabella Nem'hain and Wrecking Belle, Bells Demoralisation and Demolishment is a business specialising in professional vengeance. This vengeance takes the form of destroying the things near and dear to an individual as recompense for wrongs they have committed against a client, without ever causing physical harm to any person. That said, however much the members of the group enjoy the work (and they really do), the business is, more or less a way of funding the various projects and interests of the individuals who make up the B&B family, especially Bella's continued campaign against her father.

Most of the members of B&B have in some way been treated as objects or as less important than material possessions. Some worry about whether or not they themselves are things rather than people. As a result, there is an intense dislike among the members for those who prize material possessions over people and few of the B&B family have much respect for the possessions of others. Much of the vengeance meted out by the group is achieved by destroying possessions that are important to their target.


Entry to B&B is by invitation only and invitations are only issued through character interaction and ascertaining that any given individual fits into the existing group.

  • Members must be mature roleplayers. Roleplay is a requirement and some content will not be appropriate for children.
  • Characters must have a backstory but this need not be written down as long as it's known for roleplay. In-character knowledge should come out in-character.
  • All archetypes and power sets are welcome but bear in mind the thematic of the group: these are predominantly individuals who possess a rough-and-tumble mentality.

Bells Demoralisation and Demolishment is highly liberal-minded in-character: conservative characters, while welcome, may struggle to fit in. While it is ostensibly a business, it also possesses a family atmosphere and, while a number of the characters possess little respect for other characters' possessions, they all possess some respect for the freedom and well-being of the other individuals in the group. Bella's hiring practices tend towards women but male characters are welcome. B&B also has ties with the hero supergroup A Higher Calling.




  • Eodora: chief technical and medical officer
  • Kalariel: spokesperson and chief interrogator
  • Muzzlebrake: head of security and personnel

Senior Members

Other Members

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