Alone, burning, and nearly invisible.
Alone, burning, and nearly invisible.
Player: @TalenLee
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Lockheed Martin
Known Aliases: Lock
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Yellow, slitted
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Citizen
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: ?
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Massive, explosive control over fire, subempathy, emotive predatory instincts
Known Abilities
Lock's adept with a flamethrower, and has fundamental Longbow Nullifier training
Longbow Cadet uniform
No additional notes available.

Once upon a time, I commented that scrappers were easy mode for City of Heroes. Back when I said that, Defiance was a bar under your health, and 'Carry Breakfrees' was the maxim of 'good' players. After all, every other archetype needs to lean on an inspiration to manage basic performance in the game, right? When I got Josiah to level 50, I thought I'd give it a shot and see what I thought of the new defiance. Once I hit level 12, I figured I was hooked - and the next 38 levels seemed to vanish in a quiet puff of weekends.

Conspyre, the personality, evolved when a friend asked me to work on the Paragon City Freedom Corps Youth Academy for her, which I did. When that supergroup more-or-less died, Conspyre was set somewhat adrift, his story only just really being roleplayed out of him. In fact - I almost didn't make this page, until I realised I'd appreciate the symmetry of putting a link in my forum signature.

When I got around to it, I realised just how much of Conspyre there was, and how much had not really been evinced. An afternoon without an internet connection later, and here I stood, with notepad files open all over the place as I reassembled what I could as deftly as I could manage. Presented here, then, is what of the young man remains - what has been seen and what hasn't.


The feeble coward that you knew
Has undergone an overhaul.
- Five Iron Frenzy, Cannonball

At his worst, Lock is a career criminal waiting to happen. Confrontational, aggressive, fatalistic and compulsively deceitful, the young man has none of the hard psychological difficulties that can really be seen to justify criminal behaviour, and just the nasty trappings that mark him as 'difficult.' No clear signs of abuse are in his profile, and he lacks the same soulful withdrawn nature that so often earns sympathy.

Unlike other criminal youth in his situation, instead of being manipulative, Lock makes do by being insular and angry. To compound these developmental problems, Lock's powers are indicative of his near-genetic programming - he owns a flaring, intense temper, and a vengeful streak a mile wide. Oversexed and underappreciated, Lock gives out moments of awkward socialisation, but these moments have become more rare as his abandonment issues have been more steadily sparked against.

So many people tiptoe through life, so carefully, to arrive, safely, at death.
- Jermaine Evans

At his finest, however, Lock is dogged, protective, and selfless. He protects himself as best he can, but that's not to say he only cares about himself. In socilisation and team-building exercises in the Academy, Lock has proven to be exceptional at protecting himself and others, though it might just be him using the others as a mean to an end. Really, though, Lock is just a bit lonely, and has a hard time connecting himself to others.

Empathy is the real hallmark Lock has that sets him apart from typical juvenile delinquents. In training exercises, it was found he was reluctant to fire first, even when protocol marked his target as a legitimate threat. Couple this with his lack of manipulative behaviour, and he evokes an injured, stray dog - lashing out at those who seek to help him, or those who mean no explicit harm, just because he feels threatened.


I'm in love with my lust
Burning angel wings to dust
I wish I had an angel tonight.
- Nightwish, Wish I Had An Angel

What makes Lock all the more difficult to deal with is the fundamentally destructive nature of his powers. All of his (obvious) powers are somehow related to fire and flame, which gave the boy a clear direction when he felt lacking for one.

The Fire Without

Lock is a fire manipulator par excellence. He's voiced, multiple times, that he could have all the finesse demonstrated by Flashfire, and more, he just doesn't want to. Instead, he's explosive, a walking incineration. Rather than using his fiery powers to protect himself, Lock is simple aggression - focusing his powers as best he can on ending fights fast and quickly1. The best defense, to Lock, is a great offense - and he has offense in spades.

The Fire Within

More subtle, and unknown to most of Lock's tutors and trainers, is Lock's secondary suite of powers - or rather, the sign of his primacy. When Lock was considered just a pyrokinetic mutant, his powers were odd, but by and large made sense. Knowing that Lock is, in fact, a powerful demon of fire and lust, however, changes things - and that's why he's done his best to keep it a secret2.

Lock has a number of powers that relate to his demonic nature; he can claim souls through broken pacts, grant some wishes, undergo minor shapeshifts and glamers, and has the unconscious and constant ability to feel the sexual desires of those around him. This isn't to say he sees nothing but sex, sex, sex when people act around him - instead, Lock feels all desires about him - and those with a sexual slant to them are brought to his attention. He has compared this, to an individual he trusts, to randomly having fire drills.

Desires - what a person wants - are remarkably shallow and projective. For this reason, while individuals with strong mental discipline and other psychic barriers can keep telepaths out of their head, it's harder for those same minds to keep Lock from noticing their unspoken desires. Lock does his best to be responsible in his use of this knowledge, and is slowly getting a handle on it.



Cruelest Dream, Reality.
- The Offspring, The Kids Aren't Alright

The hard facts available on public record about Lockheed Martin (Longbow Trooper, subd. Flamethrower, in training) are that he's a mutant pyrokinetic whose court records were closed after he accepted a transfer to the Paragon City Freedom Corps Youth Academy. Before that point, Lock's own commentary and powers have led to claims that he's been involved in multiple counts of arson, including his oddly mantra-like statement that everything burns, eventually.

Lock initially had trouble fitting in at classes and only excelled in practical work. Sometime in the early part of 2008, his schoolwork took an enormous upswing and he is now leading most of his classes, including electives in debate and drama. Despite this, he complains about his school workload and can often be heard disparaging the usefulness of his classes for himself.


Chances blown
Nothing's free
Longing for
- The Offspring, The Kids Aren't Alright

Lock has related a number of minor anecdotes from his past, though these insights are rare, as the boy is cagey about talking about himself. In his time in the Youth Corps, he has fought alongside Timbre, Flashfire and Crush Girl, and prior to Spring Break, was actually seen working very well alongside them.

Since the others in the group attained Hero of the City status, however - some weeks before Lock himself did - Lock became slightly more withdrawn, leaving his friends to their own devices. This quiet and solitude seems to coincide with a meeting in GIFT headquarters, but after the upswing in his grades.

By and large, any further details Lock provides about himself are probably fabrications and should be regarded as such.


Ten years from now, you won't know my name
- Five Iron Frenzy, See The Flames Begin To Crawl


Just some handy notes that might make roleplaying with Conspyre easier:

  1. The name 'Conspyre' has never been revealed to him. It's only known, I imagine, to either exceptional students of arcane magic, or the higher inner sanctum of the Circle of Thorns itself.
  2. Lock can sense desires in general. While his above passage may make it seem that he's supposed to be able to break through the many protections against mind-rape that roleplayers put up5, it's more that 'seeing desires' is a projected thing, in my mind. It's not that Lock reaches into your mind - it's that he notices the way you look at things. Most often, Lock hears desires that he describes as 'agonisingly mundane'.
  3. Lock is a problem child. He's snarly and confrontational, and used to people running away from him, or ignoring him. He hates feeling ignored - hence his showy and violent behaviour - and he hates being abandoned - hence his abandonment of others, before they get the chance to abandon him.
  4. Lock hates feeling like he's a kid. Doing high school twice is a killer to him, meaning that he, while associating with younger people than himself, has to deal with being treated like he's an equal. This means he can often indulge in bullying behaviour, just to assert some kind of feeling of control over his life when around younger students.
  5. Lock's bisexual and unfailingly unimpressed with people who act like alternate sexualities are somehow important.
  6. Lock unconsciously shapes himself when he finds smoething he wants. He has, however, remarkably high standards - and typically, time in Pocket D, around oversexed individuals, fills him with disdain and disgust.
  7. Lock's not a cyber character. Despite being a teenager, and a succubus, he's not put in the D to bone his way around.
  8. Equal to the above, Lock is not a monogamous, slow-developing romantic. Even if it's happened off-camera or with NPCs, chances are he's screwing around just to give himself something to feel.

Other Notes

  • Originally, Lock was filed as a mutant human - however, Gossamer Blush's investigation into his powers has proven this to be incorrect. At this point, most signs indicate that Lock has some special similarity to the succubi and behemoths of the Circle of Thorns.
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