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Player: Speed-Metal
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: Conifdential
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Crushie
Species: homo sapiens invictus (human-plus)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 8'0" (244cm)
Weight: 720lbs (327kg)
Hair Colour: Variable
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles
Occupation: none
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Twin sister/clone/magical duplicate
Known Powers
Incredible physical strength and durability
Known Abilities
None of note.
No additional notes available.

"Crush hit another bank."

"That's the twelfth this week!"

"I know. Mr Cage wants it stopped. Says it's bad for business."

"Well he can come on down and guard his own damn bank then."

"Yeah. A-farking-men brother."


Psychologically speaking, Crusherplate, or "Crushie" as she prefers, is not a direct danger to human lives. She seems to have a personal code, only killing assailants that pose a physical threat to her. Long-range observation and security camera footage seems to show that while she does attack civilians in her way, she seems content with leaving them with nothing more than bruises. Property destruction is her primary motivator in applicable situations.

Likes: She loves to show off. Her physical abilities are such that this usually results in significant collateral damage. She's also been documented as a wild partygoer, to the point of hosting impromptu raves at the homes of private citizens. The only place she is known to not start trouble in is Pocket-D. Obviously her recklessness only goes so far.

Dislikes: She has a well-documented anti-authoritarian streak, and goes out of her way to hurt Longbow, Arachnos, the PPD, and Council. Given her chaotic nature, one would assume the Carnival of Shadows would appeal to her, but she has been sighted attacking their numbers as well.


"They saw her again. She was workin' with some 'white hat' types."

"The hell would she be doing with heroes? Didn't you see what she did to Steel Canyon last week?"

"Man, I don't know. All I know is what they tell me, and they're tellin' me she's been in and out of Capeville all week, but nothin' gets busted up."

"Yeah? Well what they're tellin' me is that she knocked over the Longbow Officers' Club last night."

"Robbed it blind?"

"No. Knocked it over."

Affiliations: Riot Gear, The Black Reactor Army, The Quantum Tears

Personal History

Apparently raised from infancy in the Rogue Isles, Crusherplate's childhood and young adult years were spent in the company of a low-profile street gang, where her destructive impulses and partygirl attitudes were actively encouraged by her "family". Current whereabouts of most gang members are unknown, but at least one member has joined the BRA (Cross-reference: Cerna Wormwood)


Incredible physical strength and a fighting style that can only be described as pure physical domination. She will batter away at a target until it is utterly defeated, destroyed, or she grows bored with it (an incredibly rare happening). Her strength in non-combat situations has been conservatively measured at a 75 ton bench press. As she exerts, her potential increases proportionally. A bench press or deadlift in excess of 300 tons cannot be ruled out at this time.


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Weaknesses and Limitations

"Crush let her temper get away again."

"Uh oh… what happened this time?"

"She got in a fight at Mako's club; the Chum Bucket."

"That's it? That place is a slaughterhouse. People get in fights all the time. Man, there's a reason the place is built like a bunker."

"She got in a fight with Mako."

"Yeah? Guy probably had it coming. He's a jerk."

"She threw him out the front door of his own place."

"I'm still failing to see the problem here."

"Door was closed at the time."


Crush's temper is the stuff of legend. While easygoing and fun-loving most of the time, if properly provoked, Crush will level everyone and everything around her. Fortunately, these kinds of outbursts are few and far between.

Other Notes

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  • Crushie's sister is the famous Paragon City hero Boilerplate
  • Crush's name comes from the large metal slab in junkyard car compactors
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