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Player: Talen Lee
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 27
Personal Data
Real Name: Not known
Known Aliases: D-Boy, D, Lachlan Meyers
Species: Homo Sapiens
Gender: Male
Age: By all accounts, 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 3.2 metric tons
Hair Colour: Tan brown, stiff and slightly metallic
Eye Colour: Silver gray
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States of America
Occupation: Criminal and accountant
Place of Birth: Unknown, assumed in Oregon
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Open
Known Relatives: Unknown for sure; see report
Known Powers
Depleted uranium saturated body, incredible toughness, super strength, pyrophoric qualities
Known Abilities
Demonstrated a very machiavellian mind; people skills
Stolen 'Soft Suit' material designed to work as low-key body armour
No additional notes available.

"D-38; a defunct name for a depleted resource."
- Dr. Benjamin Croshaw

Some are born into power, others work for it. Some have it thrust upon them - such as the young runaway that now knows himself only as D-38. Depleted uranium - known during the 70s as D-38 - lines his bones, fills his heart, even laces the air around him; it gives him strength, it shields him from harm, and it even gives him rudimentary control of fire, courtesy of its pyrophoria.

But for the boy - now man - himself? He has gathered together friends, and perhaps family, - a gang of displaced, affronted misfits whose primary focus in life is now the simple mercenary work they do.

D-38 has decided on his course of action. Wedding a journalist's mind to an ironclad will, his plans have begun to unfold, an elaborate web around the very Freedom Phalanx itself.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Gee, where to start with D-38? I made D-38 in April 2006, back when I was fairly new to the game, and when I was building characters off guides. I'd seen Fight Club recently, and I had planned for my Brute (at this stage, I wanted to try all the ATs out, and see which ones I liked), to be a tall, Tyler-Durden like.

It didn't stick. I couldn't play him; mechanically he was fine, but I just felt the entire character somehow lacked from the outset. He was kinda stupid, conceptually, and he was very derivative. I got him to level 6 and deleted him. Then I came home from Work for the Dole and created D-38, who was mechanically identical… but so much more fun. I didn't do anything with D that day; then, the next morning, I logged on, and I7 had come out. In the space of one morning, D went from 1 to 13, and I boggled at the awesomeness of mayhem missions.

D-38 is a gentleman thief, a rogue in the classic vein of Michael Caine's characters. He's supposed to come across as very British and just a little gay, which is why his extraordinary physical power and prowess is supposed to be a surprise.


D-38 is the ostensible leader-by-default of Riot Gear, and is a personal friend of Threnody Jones, the leader of the Dirge. Riot Gear have a strained business relationship with the Black Reactor Army, which mainly relates to providing specialist goods and opportunities.


D-38 comes across as very businesslike. He is crisp, clear, well-spoken and doesn't lose his temper easily. He has a New England accent, which is often mistaken for a British accent, and his conversational tone is much more that of a British Gentleman than that of an Etoile Criminal.

D-38's personality is that of an iron gauntlet wrapped in a velvet glove; his politeness - which he actually views as genuinely important, seeing politeness as putting people at their ease - is the foyer for a brutal, direct kind of paternity. There are two types of people in the world, to D; those he loves, and those to whom he is ambivalent. Most of the Gear are in the first category, and most the rest of the world is in the latter.

D-38 cares deeply for his friends, and routinely commits to almost insane tasks to grant them gifts, from ancient magical artifacts to almost surrendering his own life for a chance at healing a dear love. In his mind, almost all expressions of affection are equal; his brotherly relationship to Vincent is equal in its intensity to his sexual relationship with Reva. To some, this might seem unfair; after all, his relationship with Lion of Minos is almost demaning. This is a strangeness of how D-38 thinks; he simply has no gradients of affection, and seeks the best way to express his affection. To some, this is sex, to others it is violence.


D-38's entire body is laced with depleted uranium; to call him human is not entirely correct. His bodily fluids, such as blood and saliva, are toxic and pyrophoric. Several people around him - such as Cerna and Reva - are immune to this effect, and he has reduced a counter-toxin to his effect, a serum that Refrain has taken into his system.

Because D's entire body is incredibly heavy, it's very easy to mistake him as super strong. Really, he just throws his weight around. His ability to deadlift weight is based on using his body as a brace - where he can't use his whole body in concert, he is barely beyond the absolute limits of human ability.

On the other hand, D's hands swing through the air as fast as any boxer can manage, and when you're talking about a hand that's as hard as uranium, and on fire, you don't really notice the lesser amount of strength behind it.

D-38 can utilise a kind of barely-contained fusion to reduce the force of gravity around his impossibly heavy body, now; it has been observed that D can now fly, and he's been using this energy to also eliminate friction around his body. This lets him move his hands and body much more quickly than normal, turbocharging his actions and the internal furnace that drives his body.


D-38's main ability - something learned rather than innate - is manipulation. His total lack of empathy for those he considers beyond his notice means that he has proven to be far more heartless and needless in his manipualtion of others, and he even does it unconsciously sometimes to those people around him who he considers friends.

D-38 is also very good at mathematics, and has a terrifying ability to focus. Despite having an ability to manage some very grand plans and impressive ideas, he can narrow his focus down to a single point, which has been known to be excruciatingly efficient.

This intensity has been known to make some exceedingly uncomfortable. It makes it hard to slip details past D-38, though, of course, Vincent will tell you that D doesn't watch that closely. Others find the experience very reassuring, as they are made to feel like the most important person in the world.

Weaknesses and Limitations

D-38's lack of empathy means that he often expects enemies to make moves based on baser instincts than they might have. Heroic charges, defying death; he typically doesn't expect behaviour that would be considered 'noble'. He tends to consider it 'stupid' - and this means that opponents he considers to be clever unlikely to do them.

Also, of the 'Warrior Five' of Riot Gear - Red Barren, Crusherplate, D-38, Alexis Payne and Sierra Hotel - D-38 is probably the weakest. D-38's strength is, as mentioned, entirely about his interaction with his body; he can use his body to brace impossibly heavy weights, and support such things. However, his actual manual strength is fairly minimal.

Character History

D-38's history is, for someone with such a low threat level, remarkably star-studded. He has quickly been catapulted from a position of relative anonymity to a vaulted place of leadership. He handles this as he handles so many things - by simply getting the work done, one day at a time.

Midnight Ritual

D-38 has, running from his right rear hip, up and over his shoulder down to his left hip, a long electrical tattoo design. This design actually stems from a scar he received in a somewhat desperate and, he finds, slightly ridiculous plan designed to save Hunter from absorption by the unconscious minds of Artemis and Revanta. The plan was somewhat simplistic, by binding a component of Deathsurge - a creature born of rage and frustration and an unfair lot in life, D-38 sought to use the power of Bat'Zul to power his own sense of despair at the unfairness of Hunter's lot.

In a midnight ritual that had more more to do with raw desire than arcane knowledge, D-38 pit his sheer desire, riding a high of demonic energy, against the universe. The effect was very primal - reaching into a wellspring of magic and forcing it into shape - and not something D-38 particularly wants to repeat, the experience rendering him blind for several hours.

The ritual did, however, succeed; Artemis and Reva were separated. More than that, however - Hunter was also given her own form and presence, and the three are now able to move about the world as individuals.

The overall experience led D to the realisation that he needed to find and recruit an actual mage to do that kind of thing in future. Simply fumbling around with Magic was enough to almost kill him, and he hadn't the time to simply extort information out of a 'real' caster.


  • D-38 is my heaviest character with a fixed weight. Fatal Harmonic weighs more, but his weight is entirely a magical synthesis; he has two weights, and uses whichever is more appropriate at the time. D-38 literally weighs 3 tons, and that's apparently a highly conservative estimate of how much a 5'4 block of DU would weigh.
  • D-38's sexual proclivities could be considered to be highly indiscriminate, but there's at least one note: He's only ever had one male partner, Refrain.
  • D-38 doesn't get holidays. Christmas baffled him - though he went along with it - and Halloween even moreso.
  • There is a possibility that D-38 is the brother of Bloody Cerise
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