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Player: Laurel-li
Origin: technology
Archetype: mastermind
Threat Level: 27
Personal Data
Real Name: Eodora Smith
Known Aliases: Aya, Dora, Lovers Band
Species: homo sapiens sapiens
Gender: female
Age: 26 (born 4th January 1982)
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 98 lb
Hair Colour: white
Eye Colour: blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: ex-paralegal, mechanic
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: possibly engaged to Michael Nem'hain
Known Relatives: Jane Smith (mother)
Known Powers
Robotics, Dark Miasma, Fitness, Flight, Leadership
Known Abilities
good with machinery and technology, can channel negative energy, dexterous, flight
robots, pulse rifle, wings
No additional notes available.

Work-in-progress. Bear with me.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a maiden in a tower. She was young and pretty and admired by all who knew her for her fine graces and gentle nature, for her ability to cross her legs without showing her ankles and the refined manner in which she poured tea. But she chafed at the role she was expected to play and was unhappy every moment.

Then, one day, she met another maiden, who had shunned a knight, climbed down from her tower, stolen a horse and ridden away to freedom.

So I left. Without a word. Bella showed me I could, so I stole the design notes and the 'bots that Mick and I had worked on together and left Paragon behind me. Cotillions and contracts, heroes and high society, job prospects, fiancé, all of it. I didn't really want to be a lawyer anyway and Longbow were never getting their hands on anything I designed. And to marry a hero? A symbol of conformity and smug self-satisfaction, openly approving everything he had claimed to despise?

I never wanted a knight, only the freedom to spend all day in grease up to my armpits, surrounded by tools and parts, doing what I love. The freedom to be myself.


Eodora is a generally sweet-natured individual, with a strong sense of morality and because of her small stature and general demeanour, she is often mistaken for a pushover. However, underneath her gentle surface, she is independent, sharp-witted and strong-willed and is always willing to fight for the people she cares about and for her beliefs.

Possessing a strong moral sense, Dora has little respect for law and ethics and bears a strong grudge against heroes in general, seeing them as guardians of a set of societal values that discourage independence, reinforce stereotypes and restrict behaviour. She is still in love with Michael Nem'hain but refuses to acknowledge it even to herself. Whatever she think of heroes in general, she is loathe to disappoint him and classifies him differently to other heroes (and with some justification), despite her attempts to convince herself otherwise.

Only truly happy when when elbow deep in parts and covered in grease, Dora lives to tinker, obsessed with all things mechanical. As a result, unlike Belle or Bella, she is extremely protective of her possessions and reacts badly to anyone fiddling with anything in her workshop. At the same time, however much they bicker, she cares intensely for her adopted family and is extremely protective of them.


Eodora has been friends with Isabella Nem'hain since they were teenagers, meeting at a cotillion in Paragon City when they were both sixteen. Both growing up in families that believed that proper education for a girl included embroidery and pouring tea, rather than mathematics and literature, the girls instantly connected, sneaking off from their own presentation to high society to get drunk on stolen whisky behind a gas station. Since then, they have been each other's support and closest friend, the two of them like sisters, sharing and squabbling in equal measure.

Through her friendship with Bella, Dora met and began a long-term and intimate relationship with Bella's brother, Michael Nem'hain. Dating from when she was sixteen and engaged since she was twenty, the pair were - and, however much she tries to deny it, still are - very much in love. However, when Michael joined the ranks of Paragon's heroes, calling himself Sanctuary of Aya, she began to feel stifled by the relationship and, on her departure for the Rogue Isles, she left without saying goodbye. Since then, she has fought to avoid his detection throughout his desperate attempts to find her.

Meeting Wrecking Belle through Bella, Dora and Belle quickly formed the same kind of sibling bond Dora shares with Bella. While they bicker and poke fun at one another, they also stand by one another through thick and thin, though Belle sometimes tries Dora's patience with her disregard for the property of others.

Jaybyrd and Dora bonded over their joint love of all things mechanical, first Jay's truck, then, when Jay returned to the Isles and became a member of B&B, anything that came their way, though Jay is no more allowed to touch Dora's 'bots than anyone else. Unlike Belle and Bella, Jay is as willing to build as to destroy, thus giving Dora a friend who understands her in ways the other girls cannot. For Dora, Jay is like a younger sister, infuriating at times but someone to be protected.

Eodora is a ranking member of Bells Demoralisation and Demolishment and is chiefly responsible for all their technological needs. For Dora, the people who make up the organisation are her family, despite how they may bicker, and she'll do anything to protect them.


Possessing an uncanny knack for machinery and technology, Eodora can build or repair almost anything, given the right parts and tools. She is accomplished with firearms, being something of a crack shot. Thanks to Bella, she also has a connection with the Netherworld, allowing her to manipulate negative energy to hurt and heal. She is physically fit and acrobatic, being very light on her feet, and she is highly tactically-minded, giving herself and her allies an added edge in combat.


Eodora possesses a number of robots, which she is constantly tweaking and upgrading. She is also carries a pulse rifle and recently developed a pair of robotic wings, originally intended as a curiosity though they've turned out to be highly useful.

Weaknesses and Limitations

While relatively fit, Dora is really no physically stronger than an average person of her size and build. Anything that requires a show of strength is usually performed by her 'bots or by Belle or Bella.

Her attachment to Mick makes her emotionally vulnerable, especially in forays into Paragon. She is often afraid of being confronted by him and has been known to go out of her way to avoid him, to the extent of moving house at the slightest indication that he might be aware of her location, and even the mention of him can be enough to provoke any reaction from awkwardness and anxiety to moodiness and anger.



  • Pulse Rifle Blast
  • Battle Drone
  • Equip Robot
  • Protector Bots
  • Repair
  • Assault Bot

Dark Miasma

  • Twilight Grasp
  • Tar Patch
  • Howling Twilight
  • Shadow Fall

Additional Powers


  • Hover
  • Fly


  • Swift
  • Health
  • Stamina


  • Assault

Character History

I'm telling you stories. Trust me.






longbow contract, sanctuary of aya, theft, leaving michael without word


b&b, Belle, Jay, vodoun


mick's visit, charlie, belle, cupidity

Other Notes


  • Dora still wears the engagement ring given to her by Mick.
  • Dora is one of two people capable of making Bella see reason and calming her down when she's angry.
  • When she's stressed, angry or upset, Dora often makes small robotic creatures with limited artificial intelligence. These wander freely around the B&B base, generally getting underfoot, though they will occasionally make themselves useful.
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