What the bloody hell is going on here?

Okay… for those outside the fandom, here are the basics: City of Heroes and its counterpart, City of Villains, are MMORPGs focusing on the comic book superhero genre. This wiki is a space for a certain group of players, who, for wont of a proper collective term are being dubbed the "Silicon Age" group, to post content relating to their characters, teams, and other fan-made content for those games.

Silicon City was heavily inspired by (and in a couple of places pinches content from) The Unofficial Handbook of the Virtue Universe, a much bigger and better wiki. However, since UHVU regards only the game server known as Virtue, this particular group of players have found themselves wanting a broader resource for characters on other servers, especially Freedom.

What's a Wiki?

According to Wikipedia, the world's largest wiki site:

A Wiki ([ˈwiː.kiː] <wee-kee> or [ˈwɪ.kiː] <wick-ey>) is a type of website that allows users to add, remove, or otherwise edit and change most content very quickly and easily.

And that is it! As a part of Wikidot.com network this Site is a customisable piece of the Internet where Users can edit content, upload files, communicate and collaborate.

Who's Involved?

Well… us. If you should be a contributor here, you'll know (if not, please enjoy the content, and let us know if you find any errors ^_^). As to who we are, well, we're mostly anime, RPG and gaming fans who happen to play CoX. Some of us are true veterans, to the point where they've been around since beta, while other are far newer to the game (but no less enthusiastic). If you're curious about the players in the group, browse around our user pages for a bit of an introduction ^^

Why not just make your own wiki?

Because Fox doesn't have enough control over the server she uses to upgrade the version of PHP it's running, so it don't work. Pretty good reason eh? ^^; This wiki does lack a few features that would be helpful, but free is free, and this site has vastly more (and better implemented) features than the previous incarnation of the wiki. In any case, if Fox does get the MediaWiki software working later, this wiki might be left behind - but for now it's certainly our best choice.

There Was a Previous Incarnation?

Well, yeah - it is registered over at PBwiki as well. It's been shifted over here because PBwiki didn't really suit the needs of the group - most importantly, the ability to create a style template for the ubiquitous "infobox"-style table on character pages, and proper namespace. Plus, this place doesn't enforce the use of ads, and it generates standards-compliant HTML code, which makes admin!Fox all giggly and happy.

What's with the name?

More punning, I'm afraid ^^; Actually, it was Ojin's suggestion, when we were looking for a name, to call our stuff the "Silicon Age", in reference to the comic-book terms "Golden Age", "Silver Age", and so forth. Fox wasn't so keen on that (mostly because she was thinking of silicone instead of silicon) but then she realised it was a really nifty pun because it so obviously relates to sand, or grit. GRIT (The Global Ranma Insanity Thread) being the place where most of us met, after all. Plus an obligatory reference to the game titles, of course.

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