The original Featherbutt.
The original Featherbutt.
Player: @Fox Lee
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Eyrie
Known Aliases: Eyr, Featherbutt
Species: Gryphon (currently humanoid)
Gender: Male
Age: Several hundred years
Height: 5'3" (160cm)
Weight: 130lb (59kg)
Hair Colour: Arctic blue, with hints of green and purple
Eye Colour: Like an aurora, they shift. Mostly blue, green and purple.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Grecian, technically
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: Ancient Greece
Base of Operations: ?
Marital Status: Bound to Bellerophon
Known Relatives: Three sisters, two brothers, all fellow Quantum Tears members. Parents deceased.
Known Powers
Elemental powers connected to ice, flight.
Known Abilities
Nothing of note.
Nothing of note. Somewhat technophobic.
No additional notes available.

A creature of myth, trapped in human form for reasons beyond his understanding. Once a majestic gryphon, Eyrie knows not by whom he was transformed and taken from his true time; now allied with the Supergroup Quantum Tears, he seeks a champion from amongst the righteous heroes of Paragon City, believing that by serving under a virtuous master he will eventually regain his true form.

Until then, the boy is a well-meaning - if slightly naive and over-serious - hero who is gifted with the elemental powers of his native form. Although he's somewhat awkward, and his background makes him more than a little technophobic, he's a courageous and kind-hearted individual who works hard to be a credit to his team.

Eyrie was Fox's very first City of Heroes character (though Red Barren preceded him villain-side), and turned out the way he did mostly because purple and green make for pretty hair. He was originally going to be a humanoid pegasus, with the notion that he would be a sidekick of sorts to Jason Heavensrun's character Bellerophon, but the character designer couldn't exactly support that. Gryphon was close enough, though, and with head-wings and lion tail Fox really liked the visual style.

Due to ideological disagreements with the Freedom server, Eyrie and family reside on Guardian since December 2009.

Because Fox is a sucker for sets of things, Eyrie then spawned a sentai-like family of elementally-powered gryphons to follow him.


Young Eyrie was a very confused soul at first - awkward and overly serious at the best of times, he did not adapt well to his sudden change in situation. Worse still, when he developed an attraction to Bellerophon, it became difficult for them to work together for some time. He became rather withdrawn, performing his tasks as a hero with admirable commitment but allowing little time for leisure or emotion.

Time has chipped away his uneven edges, however - time, along with the presence of his siblings and the reciprocation of his affection for Belle. Now he has more or less come into his own, maturing into a solemn but balanced young man with a softly-spoken manner and a great sense of duty. Although he is still more serious than is strictly necessary, his friends and family make sure he smiles often enough too.


Eyrie, along with his sizeable family, is actually native to ancient Greece. This was not the easiest of existences, despite Eythys' assertions that it was right and natural; as with many creatures of "myth", gryphons were feared by humans and hunted by the heroes of the time, leading those groups who remained to go into hiding and allow humanity to forget about them. Born well after the prime of their species, Eyrie and his siblings lived largely in secrecy, hoping to avoid the notice of humans and live out their time in relative peace.

His time in Paragon City began quite unexpectedly, when a force beyond his understanding pulled him from his true time and deposited him rather unceremoniously in Atlas Park, changing him into his current humanoid form on the way. It was there he met the young athlete-turned-hero, Bellerophon, who prevented Eyrie from being hit by a car and subsequently brutalised by Hellions moments after his arrival. The young gryphon realised that most of his powers had been lost somehow during these events, much to his distress. Unsure of how else to aid him, Belle brought Eyrie to meet Arcanum, leader of the Quantum Tears.

Under Jyo's guidance, Eyrie worked to recover his powers, and to find a way to return to his native time. The latter was born more of a sense of duty and correctness than a real desire to leave Paragon City; it was not until his siblings began to arrive in the city as well that the young gryphon realised he had a choice in the matter. Once his relationship with Bellerophon solidified, Eyrie certainly decided that he wanted to stay in modern times - though he had yet to deal with telling Eythys.

As it turned out, the recently-opened gate to Cimerora has provided an unexpectedly simple resolution to this problem, allowing passage to almost the exact time and place to which the gryphons are native. Although none of the siblings have yet attained the security level required to cross to Cimerora, the knowledge of its presence has removed both the pressure of thgeir situation, and the argument that may have taken place. Eyrie secretly has the ambition of taking Bellerophon there, in hopes of travelling to Thebes and visiting the tomb of Iolaus.


Eyrie has strong affiliations with the Quantum Tears, having lived and worked there since being transported to Paragon City. He also has very strong ties to all of his siblings, who became a deeply connected family unit after their parents died - he has three older siblings (Eythys, Stoke and Charonis) and two younger (Baryte and Ftero, more commonly known as Feathers).

Eyrie also has a more personal affiliation with fellow hero Bellerophon, which began as an awkward one-sided attraction but gradually became more serious. He has in fact undergone a binding ritual with the young athlete, giving Belle one of his feathers and bestowing upon him the gift of flight. Although this might seem a matter of convenience, Eythys and Feathers have both mentioned that the ritual can only ever be done with one person; Eyrie regards it with as much commitment as any marriage, albeit in his usual overly-serious fashion.

Powers and Abilities

Like his siblings, it is part of Eyrie's nature, as a mythical creature, to have command over certain elements. In his case this element is ice - he can form icy shards and spears, sap heat from the area around him, snap-freeze a target to render it helpless, and so forth.

Since recovering his wings, Eyrie has also regained the ability to fly. Beyond this, he has few distinct skills outside of his elemental connection.


Eyrie is naive, overly serious, fragile, technologically inept and easy manipulated when his friends or family are at stake.

Despite the Quantum Tears' best efforts, Eyrie is still something of a technophobe, and avoids gadgetry wherever possible. He has been persuaded to at least carry a radio.

Other Notes


  • More than anything, Eyrie was tremendously distressed by his losing the ability to fly. In his early days as a hero, "earning his wings" again, and with them the freedom of the skies, was the foremost goal in Eyrie's mind.
  • While he's trying his best to adjust to modern life, Eyrie has yet to become comfortable with carbonated drinks. Or popcorn.
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