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Player: Laurel-li
Origin: magic
Archetype: corruptor
Threat Level: 19
Personal Data
Real Name: unknown
Known Aliases: Tae, little dreamer, Dream
Species: subliminum somnium
Gender: ostensibly female
Age: physically in her late teens, experientially six months old, mentally immeasurably ancient
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 66 kg
Hair Colour: strawberry blonde
Eye Colour: blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: unknown
Occupation: none
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: Nerva Archipelago
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
sonic attacks, kinetics, fitness, medicine
Known Abilities
field medikits
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Work-in-progress. Bear with me.

I don't know who she was, the one before. But I heard them call, all of them, and so I came, from nothing and everything, out of every story, every sunrise, out of hope and fear. Out of life itself.

Out of dreams.

I think they were less than impressed, the hare-brained sages of red and white who built the metal beast they used to summon me but it was too late. You cannot predict what you will receive when you try and harness the power of dreams. They got the power they were looking for but they could never control the voices and energy of an entire world. Their experiment was deemed a failure.

I? A failure? I was an answer. The answer to the world's dream. Their dreams were gossamer in comparison. Did they think all the dreamers were human? I danced in fragments of imaginings before they walked upright. I knew the taste of them before they knew themselves.

There are strong dreamers in the light but stronger in the darkness, gods and shadows and humans, lullabies and tarantellas.


Capricious in the extreme, Fatae can move from gentleness and understanding to curiosity, whimsy or sadism in the blink of an eye. This shift is usual dependent upon the individuals around her, their personalities and emotions, dreams, imaginings, idle thoughts and desires influencing the way she interacts with them and the world around her. She is creature made of and intimately connected with dreams and unconsciously aware of the mental activity of every creature in existence. As a result, she is often easily distracted but when something seizes her attention, she can become quite fixated and unflappable. Unusual as it is, her focused attention can be downright unnerving, especially since she sees more than people would want her to see and has a tendency to openly speak her insights.

Tae has a complicated concept of morality and ethics, made up as she is of everything that makes up humanity, both good and bad, and not only humanity but every living thing. While any distinction she makes between right and wrong behaviour baffles most people, she does not lack for strong emotional connections with people, positive as well as negative. Drawn to people filled with passion and conviction, she frequently makes qualitative judgments of these dreams and is especially drawn to those who value freedom and individuality over those who dream of limiting the freedom of others or who limit themselves, possibly due to some small remaining spark of the girl she was before she changed. Whatever judgments she makes, she is fiercely loyal and protective of those with whom she forms such connections. Though it is rare for her to connect with people so intensely, when it happens it usually happens on first meeting, in an instant.


Hammer, Changeling, Storm, Panther, War

Originally drawn to The Eclipse Wing because of her past connection with some of the members and because of the similarities between her experience and that of the other members of the organisation ( as well as the similarities in their natures), Tae quickly discovered her temperament was not best suited to the military-style management of the Wing. Though she respects the individuals who make up the Wing and the way they choose to do things, the following of orders no longer comes naturally to her. The few continued dealings she has with the Wing are civil, if not overly warm.

Wanderer Queen and Oak

It was her encounter with Laurel-li and Kalariel that proved to be the catalyst for her departure from the Wing. Fascinated by Laurel-li's barely contained intensity and her dream of changing the order not just one world but two, Lil and Tae quickly reached an understanding of one another that is deep for all that it mostly remains unspoken. With Kal assuming for herself a position in Lil's army, Tae found her rather whimsical and occasionally vicious nature an echo of her own and the two formed a curious on-and-off friendship that suits them both perfectly.

Songbird, the Bitch, the Rock

Shortly after parting ways with the Wing, Tae was drawn to the dreams of Charlie Byrd, the owner of a small and select bar in Cap Au Diable, The Jive Dive. Striking up a friendship with him, the pair bonded in their mutual love of music, Tae finding his approach to life - as though it were an 1940s musical - entertaining and endearing and the open and accepting way he dealt with her refreshing. However, her affection for Charlie does not extend to his sister, Jay, with whom she has a chilly relationship at best, a downright vicious one at worst. For Tae, meeting Charlie and the others involved with the Dive gave her a family setting for the first time, as well as introducing her to Kane, the ostensible bouncer of the Dive. Stable where she is flighty, direct where she is obfuscatory, light-hearted where she is intense, Kane is the perfect counterbalance to Tae and the two of them have a complicated relationship, playful and serious at once.

Vengeance Bell and Ghost

First coming into contact with Bells Demoralisation and Demolishment through the needs of Lil's campaign, Tae was particularly drawn to B&B because of the sheer focus with which the group sets out to prove a point and the strength of Bella's obsession with making an example of her father. In the particular cases of Bella and Technowraith, Tae was drawn to the sheer strength of their dreams, the pair of them sharing Lil's strong desire for a better world, though each defines that world in very different terms.

Little Robot

Through her connection with B&B, Tae also came into contact with Walking Glitch, an individual she regards with fascination, considering her to be someone who shouldn't exist and yet does. Glitch's slowly growing relationship with Charlie has led to Tae including Glitch as part of her family.


Tae can manipulate different frequencies of sound to harm and charm people. She can play with people's minds, filling them with hope and energy or despair and lethargy, shifting the balance of joy and misery by taking happiness from one person to give it to another, weakening and strengthening people in the process. She is also extremely physically fit. As such she not only has a lovely singing voice but also tends to move with a great deal of grace.

Due to her nature - her connection to dreams - she is also capable of reading people's thoughts and emotions, their dreams, imaginings, desires simply open to her. All of these things are open to her at any given time, a world full curses and hopes and wishes.

Weaknesses and Limitations

The sheer amount of information that Fatae constantly has available to her often leads to her being easily distracted, though bearing, even momentarily, the full weight of her attention is usually intensely uncomfortable. As a result of both this and her connection to dream, other people tend to find her either baffling or unnerving. While she lacks in what one would consider normal socialisation, this is not due to a lack of knowledge or instincts in how to deal easily with people, but a conscious choice to not dissemble as she sees it has having little worth. As such, she can be highly uncomfortable to deal with since she knows too much and doesn't conceal what she knows, a trait which tends to scare many people she interacts with.


Sonic Attacks

  • Shriek
  • Scream
  • Shout


  • Transfusion
  • Siphon Power
  • Siphon Speed
  • Increase Density

Additional Powers


  • Swift
  • Health


  • Aid Other
  • Aid Self

Character History

A Walking Shadow

Sound and Fury

Sibylline Eclipse


Re-writing the Dream

The Two of Us

Lullabies and Tarantellas


Chocolate Dream


  • Fatae rarely calls anyone by their name and shows little indication that she is even aware of what any given individual's name might be. Instead she tends to refer to people by titles that relate in some way to their personality or history. Most often these titles sum up some part of the individual's nature, that which is most important to them or something that is most often in their mind. The only real exception to this is Kane, whom she always refers to by name when she calls him anything.
  • Finding both Longbow and Arachnos amusingly small-minded, Tae delights in tormenting both groups in rather the way a kitten will play with a bug. Longbow especially she finds ridiculous and so, after dealing with the individuals directly involved in her creation, holds no specific grudge against them nor does she nurture any special desire for retribution.

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