Jackson Ketch
Jackson Ketch
Player: @Fox Lee
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Cap'n, Cap'n Jackson, Ketch
Species: Human, undead
Gender: Female
Age: Multiple millennia
Height: 6'6" (200.5cm)
Weight: 342lb (155kg)
Hair Colour: Dark red
Eye Colour: Dark red
Biographical Data
Nationality: British-Etoile Islander
Occupation: Pirate captain
Place of Birth: Britain
Base of Operations: The Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Involved but open
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Negative energy manipulation, undeath
Known Abilities
Swordplay and general combat, various seafaring skills
Antique pirate ship (refurbished)
Notes: Captain of the Delta Venus.

Who be Oi? Who be Oi? Ye daft young whippersnapper, I otta be havin' ye keelhauled jes' f'r askin'! Wot in blazes be t'ey teachin' ye youngins nowadays? A shockin' lack o' poiracy, t' be sure.

Oi be Cap'n Jackson Ketch, terror o' the hoigh seas, scourge of 'er majesty's navy, and ye best be rememberin' that name t'ye childrens' children. Oi bin pillagin' an' plunderin' wit' me crew an' t'e Delta Voinus since before ye was even a twitch in yer old man's breeches! Aye, t'ey says Oi was 'anged - sixteen tharty-two, Oi remembers, t'ey foinally 'ad me an' moine in our shallow graves. But it be takin' more'n'a bit o' rope t' keep Cap'n Jackson out o' the livin' land, yarr.

'Ow's Oi come back? Yarr, that be a tale few be knowin' - per'aps f'r anot'er toime. But as it comes down t'it, the turth simply be t'at Death be a sad sore loser, and a damn lousy poker player too.

Jackson Ketch - Cap'n Jackson to her crew - is a Dual Blades/Dark Armour Brute played by Fox Lee. A pirate from the glory days of privateering, Jackson rose from the dead and now lurks around the Rogue Isles - though she has as little respect for Lord Recluse's laws as she does for anybody else's. Currently in the process of rebuilding her ship, The Delta Venus, she now stands poised to once again wreak havoc upon the mercantile world.

Jackson was originally a Fire/Dark brute on the Virtue server, so chosen because the scimitar from the Fire set was the closest thing to "piratey" one could manage with a power set. This, coupled with her name (a play on Jack Ketch, a piratey term for the hangman) gave her the resurrection thematics. Although she later ditched the Fire/Dark build when the Dual Blades was released (and gladly, since Fire/Dark is irredeemably horrible for Endurance management), she kept the Dark set, and thus her "zombie pirate" idea (not at all stolen from Monkey Island).


A rowdy drinker, swashbuckler, skirt-chaser and general troublemaker, Cap'n Jackson has a simple and fun-loving personality. She's definitely closer to neutral than she is to being a real villain; her mercenary disregard for other peoples' lives means that she's certainly no hero, but she does live by a corsair's code of honour (updated for the modern day, of course - anybody who would refuse to view women as valid enemies has no place on the modern high seas, much less the Rouge Isles). She also has a very acute (if ever-so-slightly overplayed) sense of piratey style, and never misses the chance for a good "YARR!" or two.

She is a little irresponsible sometimes, to the despair of her more economically-minded crew members; everything seems to work out in the end, though. Oh, and she has a keen sense of environmental responsibility - you can't spend centuries sailing the seas without realising how important it is to conserve the natural world.


After establishing herself as a dread pirate back in the seventeeth century, Jackson was eventually caught and hanged in 1632, along with the majority of her crew. However, upon meeting Death, Jackson engaged in the time-honoured rite of challenging the spirit to a game - in this case, poker. Thus, through skill and bald-faced cheating, Jackson won back her life. Then, because Death is apparently a sore loser, bet her soul against the infernal power of darkness in a rematch. It's pretty obvious how that turned out.

Since then, Jackson has carried on her pirate lifestyle, hounding many a civilised nation over the years. She has been killed so many times now that she's lost count, but the game - and the result - is always the same, and she's still amongst the living. Recently, she has also found that certain members of her old crew have found their way back as well - whether through magic, cloning, time travel, or various other means. Now she is determined to re-establish the Delta Venus as a name which strikes dread into those who hear it.


Jackson is the captain of The Delta Venus, the self-same pirate ship she sailed back in her glory days (after she 'liberated' it from a nautical museum in Paragon City and had it restored and upgraded). She maintains close ties to most of her crewmen (that is to say, she lusts after most of her crew-women), and has little else in the way of affiliations. She has a noteworthy disrespect for Recluse and his authority, and has no more fondness for most villain groups than for any heroes.

Powers and Abilities

By virtue of her bet, Jackson has aquired one distinct supernatural power; the ability to manipulate negative energy, or 'darkness'. This is mostly a combat-only power, and Jackson is all but ordinary outside of a fight, but for her undead nature making her impossible to permanently kill without some serious help from a magical source. Well, and the fact that she is an incredibly tough, amazingly strong, phenomenally stubborn and completely irrepressable beast of a woman.

She also has the ability to shape dark matter outside of combat for minor uses, however - primarily, she uses it to make her "shirt", which she finds is a useful replacement for the manner of complicated undergarment that would normally be required by a woman of her proportions.

Jackson is a profoundly competent (if sometimes over-enthusiastic) sea captain and sailor, and knows her ship and her crew like she knows herself. Her ability with her swords - a rapier and main-gauche duo, for preference - Is also technically a natural ability rather than a superpower.


Her ship, The Delta Venus. It was stored in a maritime museum in Paragon City until Jackson stole it back during a mayhem mission, and it's now being restored and upgraded by various members of the crew, particularly Kit-Bash.


Jackson is a sucker for pretty girls. She doesn't tend to go for the seductive type, though; she prefers a younger, more innocent and/or more boyish sort of girl.

Other Notes

Nothing of note.


  • Her top is not one of those ridiculous horrid clingy spandex things that I'm always complaining about. It's just one of the ways she uses her dark powers - it's kind of like a semi-living dark mass which follows her commands. That's also why somebody with such a prodigious rack can get adequate support out of a top like that :p
  • Jackson is very much a lesbian (hence the name of her ship) and has an almost-entirely-female crew (she allows the occasional male if they are appropriately girly). She is nothing if not transparent.
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