Jakob of Malleus
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Jakob of Malleus
Player: @TalenLee
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 8
Personal Data
Real Name: Jakobian Maleficarum of the Malleus
Known Aliases: Gabriel, Lucian, and a whole host more, too many to count
Species: Demon, specifically a succubus
Gender: Male by choice
Age: Too old for this number to be meaningful
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 300lb
Hair Colour: Cobalt blue
Eye Colour: Yellow, serpentine
Biographical Data
Nationality: Proud Etoile Islander
Occupation: Technically, a pimp
Place of Birth: Cania
Base of Operations: Mercy Island
Marital Status: Expensive
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Manipulation of fire, manipulation of living entities, obligatory succubus-style powers
Known Abilities
Supposedly, very good in bed
None of note.
No additional notes available.

As the sparks fly upwards…

Jakob of Malleus is my first attempt to play a serious 'demonic' character, after experimenting with the 'inhuman' textures that I normally avoid.

Jake's hard to pin down, as for his central inspiration. He was originally an Elec/Elec brute on Freedom, which had almost no application to his poweres. I wanted to play a 'male succubus' character, and put forward an idea of a hellish perspective that was not borne entirely out of 'sex = powers'. I also like the idea of a 'fallen' demon. Jake doesn't aspire for heaven, or angelic exultation - he just wants to be left alone, sauntering sideways into the realm of mortals.

When I wanted to reboot Roman Law into an Elec/Elec brute, because I knew it was good for area damage and staying power, I figured I could reset Jake as well, and take him onto a server where he'd have more chance to RP and bum around with people. Part of me is wondering if I should continue with him knowing that I will be getting server transfer options…

Jake's main inspirations would be Crowley, from Good Omens, and The Marquis of Carrabas from Neverwhere.

It is known that the only sins available to an Angel to commit are Wrath, Envy, and Pride. So goes the common tale in the myths of the church. But the subject is never broached as to what a Demon can do to be rejected by his host.

The Malleus, agents of Lust, Sinners who created Sin, were known to the mortal plane as Succubi and Incubi during the witch-hunter era - and Jakob was quite, quite good at what he did.


So why is he now, wearing mortal frame, subject to mortal vices, and cursed to a chained and branded form? Why now does he consort with mere mortals and restrain himself from the normally boiling fires of lust inside him?

What, exactly, happened?


Jake's closest friend in the mortal realm is also his employee, Midnight Ruse. Beyond that, Jake has no group of friends, or circle of allies with whom he works, being too pragmatic and relaxed for most. Realistically speaking, Jake is more of a territorial animal than a grand criminal, meaning that even his hero associations tend to see him as the lesser of many evils.


As his personality goes, Jake is a lighthearted, pragmatic sort, who is given to the occasional exultation in battle. Revelling in combat as a contest of adrenalin and wit, the demon comes across as an unrestrained, reckless young man, born in battle and bathed in flames. He's given to appreciating challenges and always has a crooked grin for others.

Ultimately, Jake doesn't think of himself as a bad person. He knows he's not - he's seen the standards of the other demons he called fellow, and realistically speaking, his little vices, of sex and violence, are positively mundane. Much more a gypsyish rogue, Jake - even when the matter is robbing from banks - has a sense of fair play, leaving behind clues and calling cards, taunting heroes and villains alike. It's all a big game to him.

Racial Identity

Jakob of Malleus is a demon, most specifically, a succubus. Commonly, people object, claiming a male succubus to be an incubus, which is, at least as far as Jake's concerned, not true; Incubus and Succubus are human terms, but Succubus predates Incubus by a healthy yard of time, and gender is immaterial to him anyway; he could just as easily take on a female form as a male one, so splitting hairs like that is ridiculous. He prefers the term succubus, thanks to its history, and to highlight his ambivalence to the human ideas of gender.

Sex and Violence

Jake is a Succubus of the Malleus; Malleus being a term for shock troopers in the regiment of hell. Simply put, Jake was called upon to deal with individuals with a high moral threshold, characters who were exceptionally powerful, or morally unassailable. Jake's approach to life has therefore been an ever-mounting series of challenges, of tempting nuns out of their habits, of pushing priests into subjugation and humiliation.

That's work, though; Jake himself takes sex in its stride, but doesn't actively seek it out. He also has, since arriving on the mortal plane, suffused his powers to influence the sexuality and arousal of others; he sees it as invasive and rude. That's not to say he hasn't made the odd hero or heroine tumble off their high-vaulted throne; in those situations, it's the challenge and the fun.


Jake is pulled in one direction by his natural abilities - the succubus' natural skills at sex and deception - and in another by his proclivities - towards violence and physical challenge. He feels the classic 'sex as a weapon' motif that so many succubi wield to be a petty crutch, and one that is just waiting for trouble when they come across something like, say, a robot, or a golem.


Jake can bathe himself in a shield of fire, and make the energy dance over his form like a weapon. Hellfire itself boils in his heart as a weapon, and he's taken to employing it in a crude, but exceptionally efficient way. Simply skilled at hurting people, Jake has used his physical melee ability as his selling point to employers in the Etoile.


Jake's powers over humans - and other mortals, having found them effective on most any alien and even some demons and angels, - tends to be a simple matter of scale. He can make sensation all the more obvious, or dull it; he can raise a person's level of lust passively, or he can snuff it out if he needs them to concentrate (which has proven useful!). Jake is also keenly aware of sexual fantasies and dirty thoughts, what people like and what they want; he's used to being the 'forbidden fruit' in people's minds.

That said, Jake is not a walking sexual monstrosity. He simply has these powers, and, more often than not, in order to feel normal, he has them turned off. He doesn't employ them in Pocket D just to stir problems; he actively avoids influencing those people he respects, but of course, he can't help if someone finds him appealing without his influencing them.

Jake has minor shapeshifting and alterational abilities; he can change his gender (though he vastly prefers not to) and inflict other people with minor curses and shapeshifting quirks. By and large, these are powers he prefers to not use.




None of note.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Jake's powers - cut off as he is from a source of Pure Hellfire, the power of Semai, and his former Knighthood of Hell, - are quite embarassing, comparatively. He can't possess people, he can't control minds. He can increase lust and sensation, but he can't simply control a person's thoughts and leave them to make excuses when he leaves. He can't hop between planes, summon fellow demons to his aid, or terrorize the world around him with his mere presence, prompting animals to run and mortals to quake in fear.

He's never been happier.

Character History

Other Notes

Nothing of note.


  • Once upon a time, Jake was a level 27 Elec/Elec Brute over on Freedom. When Fox Lee made Midnight Ruse, talk was made of rebooting Jake so the two could more easily play with one another. I instead opted to transfer him across to Virtue, along with Ruse, to interact with more people.
  • Jake is supposed to fit the spectrum of a 'human demon'; he's 'gone native', and finds himself much more like a person than like a colossal warrior for a hellish regime.
  • Jake sees lust like people sense smells, and typically speaking, he can tell at a glance what's on a person's mind as far as prurient interests go. Typically, most people don't actually think about it much, meaning that Jake doesn't see much of it. Of course, some people just shine like beacons.
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