Lord of the Black Reactor, the villianess Kage-ko plots to usurp the power structure in the isles
Lord of the Black Reactor, the villianess Kage-ko plots to usurp the power structure in the isles
Player: @Heavensrun
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 30
Personal Data
Real Name: Hikari Takagi
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5'6
Weight: Confidential
Hair Colour: Purple
Eye Colour: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States citizen in exile
Occupation: Ninja queen
Place of Birth: Hiju archipelago
Base of Operations: Kage-to machi
Marital Status: Likes to keep a harem of sorts
Known Relatives: Kei Takagi (sister), Yuji Takagi (brother)
Known Powers
Kage-ko posesses a "ki" sense that allows her to sense danger and malicious intent, (and compensates for her lack of natural vision,) and has bound a handful of demons to her service through ancient japanese techniques. She has honed her body and mind to superhuman levels, and can bound hundreds of feet at a time.
Known Abilities
A skillful manipulator and, at the best of times, a natural leader. She is also a skilled swordswoman and an expert archer.
An Ancient longbow handed down through her family and a large variety of "trick arrows"
Despite her skill as a swordswoman, due to a trauma from some years ago, Kage-ko is nearly phobic about using such a weapon.

For years, the Ko ninja clan has guided Japan from the shadows. Assassinations, wars, fires, disasters thought to be brought on by the wrath of nature, all carefully instrumented to guide Japan to a stable society that could affect the world stage. With the Japanese involvement in World War II, however, and their subsequent defeat, the Ko clan's schemes for world influence collapsed, and they were on the brink of losing their lofty goals altogether. Into this environment was born Kageko. "Shadow Child."

Gathering the members of her clan that still had the spine for it, she established the Ko clan under a new name. The Black Reactor would guide the world from the shadows once again!

Kage-ko was the first attempt at a villian by Jason Heavensrun, developed originally during the City of Heroes beta. She was inspired in large part by Rhas-al-ghul from "Batman Begins". The general intent was to create a character who was honestly, irredeemably villianous, but had good reasons for being so: Someone who simply believes in a long-term utilitarian moral code. She is the founder and Lord of the Black Reactor Army, which was an early attempt to create an RP/character oriented rival group for the Quantum Tears.


Kage-ko is the leader of the Black Reactor Army, a shadow organization with it's eyes set on international political control. At present, the Reactor consists of three general groups of individuals. There are those that came from Kage-ko's island, and are trained in the shadow arts of assassination and manipulation. Chief among these is Kage-ko's childhood friend and confidant, Kamitetsu, and her lover and right hand, Menoko. Also included in this group are her personal guard, including her best Jounin; Tatsuhiko and Ojinko; and the best of her genin ninja, Retsuhiko, Tomonobu, and Kotaro. She has also recently taken in an orphan from her old villiage, Koinu, and seems to be priming him as something of a successor.
Secondly are the mercenaries and general riff-raff she employs for less delicate work. This section of the group is presided over chiefly by Kage-ko's consort, Baby-Doll, and has thinned out considerably in recent days.
The third group is comprised mostly of demons that Kage-ko has managed to bind into her service through the use of ancient magics. most significant of these is the fire oni "Arishi-Ko", a tall, powerful looking figure that can be found at her side whenever she has need to call on him.

Apart from these "business connections", Kage-ko has some personal ties to speak of, although she tends to give the impression to most that she is unapproachable. The most peculiar of these relationships is her connection to the fembot Baby-Doll. Baby-Doll represents to Kage-ko the part of herself that was lost when she was forced to leave her home. As such, Kage-ko is fiercely protective of the gynoid's emotional well being, and Baby-doll, who Kage-ko somewhat ironically calls "Hikari", is one of the few individuals capable of drawing out the ninja queen's softer side.

Another consort, Menoko, is a friend and lover from Kage-ko's past. Kage-ko intially tried to keep Menoko out of her plots against the heroes of Paragon City, wishing to protect the girl from the darker aspects of their mission, but ultimately, necessity and Menoko's stubborness sabotaged such plans.

Although not romantic interests for her, Kage-ko does also have two close male confidants, Kamitetsu, and Tatsuhiko. Kamitetsu is her most skilled assassin, boosted by Baby-doll's technology to become nearly invisible at will, and is one of her oldest friends. She trusts him implicitly, and has been known to use him exclusively for her most delicate and important missions. Tatsuhiko is another old friend; the man who taught her to fight, to use a bow and a sword, and her primary bodyguard, Tatsuhiko was the only one of Kage-ko's men who proactively plotted to help her escape from the Ziggurat, and was on hand when Arachnos staged their breakout of the so-called "destined ones".

Kage-ko also has a sister, who goes by the name Keiko, who is a registered hero of Paragon City. Keiko blames Kage-ko for the death of their father, and has sworn to avenge him. Their younger brother, Yuji, remains blissfully oblivious to this, and is simply trying to find his older sister to find out why she left. Keiko refuses to speak to him about the topic.


Kage-ko is driven by philosophy, determination, a bit of a stubborn streak, and the ghosts of the sins she's already committed. Her hand has been forced, in the past, to do terrible things in the name of a greater good, and this compels her with a -fierce- determination to do -whatever- is required to ensure that those sacrifices were not meaningless. That said, she is not entirely cold and steely. Her wit is dipped with sarcasm, but she has been known to smile (or smirk?) and cast a wry joke or two. Her softer side shows the most around her lovers. Baby-doll tends to bring forth a bit of a motherly streak in her, whereas Menoko makes her feel wistful and nostaglic. Most of the time, however, she tends to take things very seriously, and has been known to keep her plans close to her chest, sometimes to a fault.

Kage-ko wants to see a world where individual freedom is a given for all humans, and where people can live, create, and be happy without the constraints of social class and burdens. Her ultimate goal is a classless, democratic society, where everyone is free to pursue their own happiness. That said, she believes that the uncountable generations of future beneficiaries of this world completely outweigh any short-term suffering caused by her actions to create that world, as such, she is a dangerous, potentially ruthless foe of anyone who gets in the way of her plans.


Kage-ko is a normal person who has trained her body and mind through secret martial arts techniques to attain superhuman results. In addition to her cadre of powerful bodyguards, she assists them with a variety of tools and weapons. She is blind, but has trained herself to "see" using her other senses. She can detect malicious intent, (as in imminent violence). She has also bound a small number of demons to serve her, directly boosting herself and her minions, and in some cases calling them up to assist her directly.


  • Call Genin
  • Call Jounin

Trick Arrow

  • Glue Arrow
  • Acid Arrow

Additional Powers


  • Assault
  • Maneuvers


  • Combat Jumping
  • Super Jump


Kage-ko is an excellent markswoman with a bow, and has a strong grasp of tactics and battlefield leadership. When working with those she has personally trained with, they are as a single entity, but even when working with strangers, her tactical sense is sufficient to give a noticable advantage. She is also skilled with a sword, but due to some event from years past, she does not like picking up such weapons herself.


Kage-ko weilds a bow, a host of different arrows, and carries an axe with an enchantment on it that makes it more powerful against undead. She is skilled with a variety of weapons, but her bow and arrow are the most dangerous.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Kage-ko lost her vision during the first Rikti War, and although her ki and other senses compensate for it, she has no sense of color. As such, she cannot read, appreciate art, or recognize color or drawn patterns. She also can't read. in addition to this, tho she has knowledge on using a sword, she actively dislikes wielding them, leaving the blades to her men.

Character History

Much about Kage-ko's background is unrevealed, but what is known is that she grew up rather happily as part of a small island community. This island, off the coast of Japan, was host to a small clan of martial artists that used to be known as the Ko. As she grew older, she came to discover that the Ko clan was actually an illuminati-esque ninja clan that had been manipulating Japanese history to guide the nation towards something like an enlightened age. Her investigations eventually stirred up tensions between the two factions of the clan that disagreed on how they should move into the future. To prevent all out civil war, she confronted her father, the leader of the pacifist faction of the clan. The confrontation ended with his death, and Hikari Takagi, taking on the name "Kage-ko", took her followers and left the island.

Galvanized by this confrontation, Kage-ko left for Paragon City, intent on taking a similar, shadowy hold on the city's hero population. While she was establishing operatives and working behind the scenes to manipulate various groups, the Rikti attacked. Seizing an opportunity, Kage-ko manipulated the conflict from behind the scenes to try and damage the Paragon infrastructure while ensuring the Rikti's ultimate downfall. It is unclear exactly how much impact, if any, she had on the ultimate outcome, but it is known that more then a few heroes met their fate because of her actions, while a fair number of Rikti operations were also shut down by her people.

She was ultimately defeated, however, when her sister Kei tracked down her hideout, and confronted her atop the old paragon times building in the shattered ruins of Overbrook. Kei swore vengeance on Kage-ko for her father's death, and the two clashed rather spectacularly as the Heroes fought the Rikti overhead. Kageko ultimately lost the confrontation, as well as her eyesight, and a good number of her men. Kei was seriously injured, but ultimately victorious, while Kage-ko was taken off to Ziggursky to await sentencing as a terrorist and a Rikti collaberator.

Her time in prison was largely uneventful, but she did spend her time forming connections with members of the criminal underworld, which eventually would serve her when Arachnos broke her, and many other conficts, out of prison as part of Recluse's project destiny.

Her forces decimated by the Rikti War, Kage-ko decided that her best option was to begin gathering whatever resources she could, beginning with recruiting mercenaries. her greatest find came in the form of Baby-doll, who furnished her organization with superior technical expertise. In the time since, she has been biding her time, plotting against both the heroes of Paragon City, (The Quantum Tears in particular) and the forces of Arachnos, who she regards as corrupt and misaligned.

Other Notes

Kage-ko is a natural leader under the best of conditions, but she has a tendency to get wrapped up in her lofty goals and lose track of the short term.

She's also incapable of reading printed text or perceiving color due to her lack of eyesight. As a consequence, the members of the Black Reactor Army are tasked with the secondary obligation of double-checking the color schemes of anything Baby-doll adds to the base or to their arsenal.


  • Kage-ko means "shadow child", and is a phrase from a folk-song native to Kage-ko's home island.
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