Keiko training on top of the old Paragon Times building in the devestated Eastbrook neighborhood
Keiko training on top of the old Paragon Times building in the devestated Eastbrook neighborhood
Player: @Heavensrun
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 18
Personal Data
Real Name: Kei Takagi
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Confidential
Hair Colour: Purple
Eye Colour: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States Citizen
Occupation: Martial Arts instructor
Place of Birth: Hiju Archipelago
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Hikari Takagi (sister), Yuji Takagi (brother)
Known Powers
Superhuman strength and agility gained through mastery of chi
Known Abilities
Precise and deadly martial arts skill
Owns a motorcycle, but rarely makes use of it in crimefighting.
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Kei was Jason Heavensrun's first "City of" hero. Ever. As a character, she evolved a bit on her own, and really came into her own as the character of Kage-ko was invented. She falls under the vein of superhuman MADM (martial arts death machine) that is prevalent in anime and manga, and is really your basic vigilante. She's a little bit Batman, a little bit Street Fighter. She has greater things in mind for the future, but at the moment, is focused on helping those in front of her.

In-Game Desc

Kei Takagi was born in a small villiage on an island off the coast of Japan. Princess of an ancient clan of martial artists, she had little suspicion that, before World War II, her family had been known as the Ko ninja clan, a shadowy organization that had influenced the shape of japanese history from behind the scenes for generations. When the truth came out, a civil war among the clan ultimately led Kei to pursue her sister Hikari to Paragon, where, during the chaos of the Rikti conflict, the two clashed, and both were seriously injured. Hikari was deprived of her vision, and Keiko was crippled for months. After the dust settled from the Rikti invasion, Kei resolved to carry on in the spirit of her family's ancient objective, to bring peace and order to the world. However, rather than act in the shadows, in ruthless secrecy, she fights by day as a hero of Paragon City. Taking the name KeiKo, after the clan which raised her, she fights in memory of the peaceful villiage that was once her home.


Keiko is one of the founding members of the supergroup Quantum Tears, but has never quite operated as a part of the group. She has been the legal guardian of Swift ever since the girl's parents vanished during the Rikti War, and was a friend and student of Swift's father, Apollo. She also has police connections, in that her roommate is a member of the Paragon Police Department.


Kei is a bit insular, and withdrawn. The trauma of her confrontation with her sister affected her deeply, and the formerly wry and sarcastic martial artist has been quiet, contemplative, and aloof ever since. She shies from personal relationships, and tends to be professional to a fault. She is also extremely driven, training and practicing constantly to develop her skills as a crime fighter.


Martial Arts

  • Thunder Kick
  • Cobra Strike

Super Reflexes

  • Focused Fighting
  • Agile

Additional Powers


  • Combat Jumping
  • Super Jump


  • Hurdle
  • Health


Keiko has honed her martial skill to superhuman proportions. She can utilize chi to enhance her reactions and perceptions, add force to her strikes and jumps, absorb hits that would shatter a normal person, and evade attacks most would consider undodgable. She is trained in a variety of martial arts styles, and can use precision strikes to pummel and disable her opponent, including the ability to stop a person's chi-flow, effectively removing them from the battle for extended periods.


Keiko wears some ancestral armor bits on her costume, but largely fights with her own hands and feet. She owns a motorcycle, but for getting around within the city, it isn't terribly useful.

Weaknesses and Limitations

For all her skill, she is limited to close range.

Character History

Kei grew up the younger sister of the girl that would eventually become the ninja queen Kage-ko. She idolized her sister tremendously, emulating everything the older girl did for years, with the sole exception of the girls' grandfather. Hikari had a connection with him that the younger sister never quite understood, whereas Kei was more their father's favorite. When a time came that the youths in the villiage became restless with tales of past glory, she was stunned when riots began to break out under suggestions that Hikari would overthrow their father's leadership. The shock turned to horror when she saw, from a distance, her older sister killing their own father, before she and her followers fled the villiage.

Kei pursued them, determined to avenge her family's honor and her father's life, and after time, her chase led her to Paragon City. Still unfamiliar with American culture, and struggling a bit with the language, she attended ESL night courses at Paragon University, under a linguist and historian who was, at other times, known as the superhero Apollo. Kei became fast friends with Apollo and his wife, and as she was narrowing in the search for her sister, the Rikti attacked. The martial artist went to work fighting off the invaders alongside her friends, but in the midst of the conflict, she uncovered one of her sister's schemes and tracked her to the old Paragon Times building in faultline. The two sisters faught atop the structure, and in the end, Kei was victorious. Hikari was permanently blinded, and Kei suffered painful injuries that left her hospitalized for months.

After the war, and after her release from the hospital, Kei found that Swift had been left in her care, but the threat of her sister's remaining followers loomed over her until Hikari's escape from the zig some years later.

During that time, she focused on protecting the young mutant and teaching her basic martial arts, and is proud to have watched her develop into a powerful hero in her own right. Since the escape of her sister, however, she has become more distant and detached, possibly trying to avoid endangering those she cares about.

Other Notes


  • Keiko is an expert martial artist, who does, on occasion, wear a black costume. She resents when people suggest that as a result she must be a ninja, and has been known to be touchy about the issue.
  • Her roommate and best friend is a female officer in the Paragon city police department, and is a member of the Hollows task force, under Lieutenant Wincott.
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