Knight Rain
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Knight Rain
Player: @TalenLee
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 23
Personal Data
Real Name: Cloud Katzenjammer
Known Aliases: None
Species: Homo Sapiens and Corvus corax
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 82kg
Hair Colour: Silky Black
Eye Colour: Slate grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Senior student
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Weather control, life-force manipulation, prognostication, flight
Known Abilities
Acute social sense and marketing skills
No additional notes available.

"I have seen the starlight fading into echoes on the floor…"

Cynical, wry, and just a bit too wordy to be easily approached, the young man, with his high-contrast appearance appears to be just another of many, many "dark" heroes. He mocks classic hero archetypes, bitingly denounces the work and behaviour of villains, and intellectually dismantles everything around him that earns his ire. Yet there's something behind that smirking sense of wry, wicked humour - a quiet sense of loss.

Oh, like so many, he suffers in silence! Oh woe! Oh tragedy! And yet he doesn't talk about it much; not because he's closed, not because he cannot handle the pain… but because he's actually over it. Time heals wounds, and he has had plenty of time, in his own little way, to think and move on.

Now if he could just work out what happened to his wings…

Knight Rain is a Storm/Dark defender, played by Talen Lee, and a member of the Project Corona Supergroup.

I have been cursed in many ways with a mind too prone to deconstruction and an imagination too prone to flights of fancy. Sometimes I don't need to watch or read a story to be given a sharp spike of inspiration from it, and the expression that caused Knight Rain was 'New Gods'. Further inspired by Doomwing for a mechanical direction, I crafted Knight Rain.

Knight Rain's two major inspirations for his final character derive from Steven Levitt's Freakonomics, where he incessantly pounds on the detail that correlation is not causation, and the many myths around crows.


Knight Rain is a member of Project Corona, and is typically rarely seen working without them. His most common partners on the street are Steelcat and Laurel. Rain also has a light-hearted friendship with several other members of the group, particularly Junk Giant, and is known to dispense classical nicknames to everyone, except Laurel.


Rain is a somewhat disorienting person for most people to deal with. He's very quick-witted, almost sly with his dealings with other people, and his sense of personal style has a broad streak of dark humour. He's more than a little metrosexual, with a biting wit and a propensity for jokes.

However, Rain is a devoted person. His friends he treats with an intense loyalty, even though he spars and jests with them. He's also very sociable, and knows more or less how to manipulate people into what he wants them to do - a practice he tries to avoid, because everyone takes it the wrong way.


Rain's powers derive from the belief of the world in these new gods. In an odd way, he is the harbinger, a sign that the world is changing, that now, the myths of old are being broken down and reforged into a new mythology that will last thousands of years.

One would assume, however, that Rain has no actual powers of his own by the way he speaks of it. He is, after all, the storm crow that comes before the storm; he does not, himself, possess any power of the storm, nor any of the power over life and death that people attach to the crow. Rain has these powers because people confuse correlation with causation; he arrives before the storm, so people assume it follows him. As more and more people believe in his powers in this regard, and he himself accepts the idea, he has steadily come to grasp the powers and do more with them.

Storm Control

Rain is literally, a human metaphor for the storm crow of myth. His steps smell like rain, thunder rolls as his temper rises, and he's never not the center of a breath of fresh air. His hair constantly ruffles in the breeze, and his coat billows with it.

The fact is, Rain didn't originally control the weather. It just followed him around. As he gained power and increased in security level, achieving 12th level, he actually found that he could control and bend the storms to himself, making him more of a centerpoint than a harbinger.

Life & Death

Rain has a limited ability to manipulate the very essence of life itself. As a storm crow brings a storm, so too it brings death, the end of men. Rain has managed to contain this power well, but he's reluctant to try anything too ambitious, because he doesn't want to kill anyone. His blasts tend to work by causing non-lethal, but near-to-it experiences. More than a few of his opponents have honestly thought themselves dead, then wake up in a prison cell.


Rain can see tragedies before they happen. Of course, several haven't come true, but he can generally see how some individual has made a choice that forces the vision to change. They're not universal, or even common, but as he has commented, "If you see me running, follow."


Even without his wings, Rain can fly, or rather, can feel the edges of the ability coming to him. He knows he will be able to fly, he just doesn't know when that power will come to him.


Rain's range of mundane abilities are mainly those that rely on people. He's a very social young man, and tends to observe much about people in a short period.

Rain uses his social sense to recognise exactly what the marketing department can do with a young man like himself, with dark, brooding powers and a potential for existential angst, and the unresolved tension between himself and Laurel (or, in the eyes of many fans, himself and anyone). He's flexible and, it is assumed, bisexual, so there are more than a few female fans of the Project who find his dark mystique and showman style to be appropriately breathtaking. Rain does what he can to avoid disillusioning anyone as to their chances.


Nothing of note.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Rain's main limiting factors are concentration and energy. Simply put, manipulating the forces of life and death together can be an intense effort, and he can't sustain it for long. This means he shifts gears a lot during fights, depending on who he's fighting - using a hurricane blast to pin someone against a wall in one combat, or simply following Laurel and healing him while providing ranged support.

Rain is a master of many trades; he can control a battlefield, attack an opponent, lower defenses, raise resistances, heal, protect, defend, or ward. On the other hand, he can't do all of them nearly as well as a dedicated specialist in these regards.

Character History

Rain's history is blurred in many ways, because simultaneous to his memories as a nineteen-year-old boy raised by The Foundation, there are his unfortunate memories as a thousand-year-old, black-winged bringer of death. He remembers flying over London, he remembers the pudding-and-pie fire. He remembers plagues, storms, tidal waves, and even the little deaths. And wars. So many wars.

As far as public record goes, Rain was an orphan adopted by the Project during the Rikti War fracas. He wasn't entirely sure what had left him in his state - but he had walked for several weeks, in sneakers stolen from a clothing bin, to Paragon City, knowing, knowing that there would be some terrible incident here, and that he had to be there to see it, to prove his fears were just that - fears.

He was wrong, and his visions were right.

The New Gods

Rain's senses and memory break up at that point. Initially terrified that he was the cause of the disaster, that his arrival brought about the Rikti invasion, he became very introverted during his time at the Project. It took some changing, but he did eventually shift his focus, becoming more serious and reserved in his behaviour, and eventually, leaning to lighten up. It was during this time that his visions began to refine and become more precise, giving him the opportunity to prevent more than a few disasters, steadily convincing him that he was not, in fact, a cause, but an effect. The universe attempting to subvert disaster.

The crucial change here, however, was that Rain slowly began to perceive the parallels in the world around him, and the stories of those people he knew and observed by fame and reputation, with the stories of myth and ancient history. He couldn't perceive how these things were separate, and it became evident to him that he was a vessel for something great, an observor as the stories of the past brought themselves into new lives.

Man and Myth

More than a few people in Rain's life are, in his mind, creatures of myth reborn. They are not necessarily reincarnations, or reimaginings, but the characters echo one another through history. Some of them are as follows:

  • Sahbra he sees as Freyja, the Norse Goddess of rebirth and death
  • Moloch Tartarus he refers to as a Linnorm, the Dragon Under Shadow
  • Starbuster he sees as Apollo, a burning, living star
  • Stranglehold he sees as Hades, the warden of hell itself, prisoner and prison. He's never met Stranglehold, yet he knows him by both reputation and as some kind of resonance. It actually worries him that he knows that.

He sees these icons all around him, and in the seeing, he sees strength. It lets him understand his visions more clearly, steadily working out how a dragon of shadow hovering over his friend expresses itself, how advanced imagery and confusing, often conflating ideas and ideals show themselves in the real world.

Life in Rain's eyes is a metaphor for something we don't understand yet, but we'll see it one day.

'The Made Men'

Rain has, in the recent days of his education and study, become more of a fashionable partygoer, finding social expression and dance to be great ways to relax his normally intensely-focused mind. He has taken to talking with Steelcat, exploring and explaining the world to the cat-turned-man. He also sees himself as a responsible to help Pendere explore the world, and it is in this way he has found himself working alongside the other 'made men' of Project Corona.

Other Notes

Nothing of note.


  • Rain is bisexual, but he's currently very emotionally devoted to Laurel, so it's not likely to be noticeable.
  • Rain still owns the sneakers he walked to Paragon with, and evidence suggests he walked all the way from Boston.
  • Rain is an amazing dancer. In a city full of the super-fast, time-manipulating, or just plain glamorous, being able to compete on the basis of just having fast feet and great rhythm (and no shame) is pretty impressive.
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