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Player: @TalenLee
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Conifdential
Personal Data
Real Name: Tempest Court
Known Aliases: Sava, Kos
Species: Homo Sapiens+
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 280lb
Hair Colour: Dyed acid blue
Eye Colour: Baby blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American citizen of Serbian descent
Occupation: Classified
Place of Birth: Uncertain, believed to be New York City
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Orphan
Known Powers
Exothermic biochemical parasitism
Known Abilities
Street fighting, Intuitive knowledge of chemistry
'Boot Party' Doc Martens, knuckled motorcycle gloves
No additional notes.

Classically speaking, I am not a player of scrappers, blasters, or tanks. I simply don't find myself so interested in what they have to offer me as a player, and so, I opt for the more controlling archetypes, like the Defender or the Controller. Indeed, I found recently, that with the maneuvering of my Tanker Redgauntlet to another server, I had nothing but controllers and defenders here on Virtue. Now, that's no big deal; after all, if I like playing 'em, there's no harm in doing so, right? However, many of my friends - who are part of this cohesive team structure - are branching out into the Realm of the Squishy, and a few of our team outings proved an effort in grinding, as they were without a serious damage-dealing teammate. So I did some searching into Ice Blast as a set - mainly thanks to Eisregen's persistent pimping of the set on his Corruptor - and figured I should branch out and see what it's like.

So far, I'm liking the ride. So many holds, the slows are nice, and it's amazing to have an area damage unit. I'm far too used to single-target effects, and I'm really not used to playing with Burst damage. The vast number of slows in the set means I can abuse Tempered Readiness, too, and her build, at least off the top of my head, is going to wind up with a 70% recharge bonus, just out of sets.

And that's without Luck of the Gambler.

Košava's inspirations are in part Miss Deep from Read or Die, and Huntress and Ravager from DC. Her powers are inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle, specifically, the substance Ice-9.


Košava is a member of Project Corona, and a fairly recent newcomer. In her case, the youth was picked out of a At Risk meeting, where her truancy and delinquency in her orphanage had been indicative, not of deeper problems, but of her vigilantism. She was scouted out by the New York area Seeker - a woman she has described as 'real classy', but lacks any ability to describe beyond that, - then brought to the Project.

Her initial dealings with the project are proving tense; Madison Shepherd doesn't appreciate the girl's lawlessness, even though she is obviously, very heavily ethically grounded. Equal parts punk and back-street fighter, Košava is still proving a late-night stayout, and often truant from class. Further, her education has been rather ramshackle; if she can't get her hands on a bunsen burner during class, chances are she doesn't pay much attention, so her knowledge of even current world events and modern history is quite flawed… unless it relates to drug culture in some way.

Fatal Harmonic

Harlem doesn't like Košava, but he does respect her, and vice versa. She can appreciate his territorial, confrontational nature about protecting 'his' town. He can appreciate her terrier-like enthusiasm for pursuit. However, she's affronted by the idea that every wall and every door somehow tell Harlem where she's been, and he sees her as the start of a slippery slope - the recreational pusher.

Acid Light

The perpetual clean pusher always looking for a party, it's no great surprise that Košava made a fast friend in Acid Light. Košava's taste for easy debauchery and loud music meant she fits in just fine with Acid's normal crowd. Furthermore, Košava's propensity for getting bored, injured, and impatient often require her to gain the assistance of a skilled medic.


Košava lacks the kind of territorial nature that defines other street kids. She doesn't see herself as having a turf, or even a gang of comrades. Rather, she is much more self contained, much more like the wind from which she took her name - she simply comes and goes with the seasons. However, she shows, certainly in her adherence to ideals and her focus on scientific study, that she is more than capable of loyalty and devotion. The Project seeks to give her anchors and a foundation, but by and large, her ethics aren't in question - yet.


Košava's powers are fundamental and mutative. While most cells have some degree of ability to manipulate chemical structure - converting O2 to Co2, for example - hers are capable of enacting these changes on a far greater level of scale; her powers signify an intuitive and overwhelming understanding of chemical processes in how she uses then, even if she doesn't think of such.

The OL Polymorph

Most of her powers stem from a derivative polymorph of oxygen; she manipulates and utilise a crystal seed, which she then throws with some force; the light-than-air projectile, encountering oxygen in its very short shelf life, transforms the oxygen around it into itself (a compound referred to as 'O-L' in the research paper Bec Querel did on the subject, a pun on the phrase 'Oh Hell'), then dissipates back into normal oxygen. The visual effect is much like a classic animation trick; what looks like a projectile of ice being thrown through the air - often over ridiculously long ranges, with almost no parabolic arc - is in fact a new projectile forming and rippling as it tears through the air. O-L's reaction requires a lot of heat, and unlike many other chemical reactions, isn't shy about asking for it - it sucks the heat right out of the air around it, leaving behind a trail of ice crystals and disoriented oxygen molecules.

Impact prompts the release of the chemical energy, and, typically, impact with living tissue is the catalyst Košava directs the reaction to seek. The overall effect is debilitive and insidious, slowing neural response, dulling reaction times, and causing freezer burns and the like. Heaven help the more advanced uses of the matter - she's been known to flash-generate binding polymers to stick people to the ground, encase them in a crushing grip of ice, and even in controlled doses, generate delusion and euphoria.

She's used these chemical reactions in a number of different ways, but the OL effect is the single most univerally applied one. She's turned air into polymers, water into wine, and when she has a truly complicated protein or chemical structure to play with - such as common drugs, like cold medication or aspirin - she can do even more ornate, complicated things.




None of note.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Most of Košava's weaknesses come in the form of personal ones. She doesn't trust people easily, and tends to make much of her interaction very superficial. She's confrontational and aggressive when she feels she's being ignored or overlooked (hence her relationship with Harlem), and she's not very grounded. She's more inclined, at least right now, to tear up shop and leave Paragon than she is to try and stick out a problem.

Also, Kosava's allergic to shellfish. This particular detail was only found due to a routine test by the Project's doctors as part of her joining the project, and has very little application in her day to day life - as her life at the orphanage was not one that particularly included exotic seafoods.

Character History

Much like Black Caiman, Košava has a major value to the Project as a case of 'spontaneous morality'. Raised in an uncaring orphanage in New York City, Košava hasn't had the same authority figure in her life for more than three months; people quit the work in the dead-end orphange in waves, either pushed out by gang action or pulled to even vaguely more hopeful lives. It was pretty much expected that anyone from the orphanage would be torn apart in some way by the lifestyle around them, which is why it was surprising for a young girl - in a culture where drugs and prostitution reigned - took up the mantle of a hero.

Quickly incarnating her powers, Košava wore a name she had heard from a local crazed woman from Serbia, talking about the 'dread wind' that would clean the city out, a wind that would purge the area of all its problems. Košava felt the idea of waiting for a weather event to save you was pointless and feeble - and instead, went about being that storm herself.

She found that vigilantism ignited her blood, and actually researched chemistry to find ways to utilise her powers, eventually heading back to school - though only turning up for a handful of classes, just enough to not get cut off from access to the labs. From thermite to liquid nitrogen, she found the tools available to the common man in the air around him to be fascinating, and quickly took it upon herself to explore her powers.

It was about this point she was met by a Seeker. Realising that she couldn't be the great wind on her own, Košava left the gang wasteland and headed for Paragon. She had no illusions for heroism, no desire to change the world - she merely wanted to feel truly free, and the Project ironically offered that.

Other Notes

Nothing of note.


  • Talen Lee's second blaster. I'm not holding high hopes, but she does have plenty of holds. It sounds like it'll be a lot like playing a Dominator who doesn't suck.
  • Košava's name, in game, is Kosava; I felt it was not worth the difficulty for tells and team requests to include an obscure slavic character in my character's name that most people would not be readily able to replicate. I make this note to make it known that I know it's technically spelled incorrectly.
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