Living Justice
The avatar of Justice would like to fondle your backside
The avatar of Justice would like to fondle your backside
Living Justice
Player: @Heavensrun
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: None
Known Aliases: Justice, Jussy
Species: Talsaran
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 30
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Confidential
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Full time SuperHero
Place of Birth: Gallin prime
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Living Liberty (extra dimensional self), Pini (pet)
Known Powers
Flight, super strength, invincibility
Known Abilities
Expert in various melee weaponry
The impervium warhammer Sojurn.
No additional notes available.

"I'm a Talsaran."

"So, what, you're from the planet Talsaria or something?"

"No; are you from the planet Humania? Why do Humans assume that every other sentient species in the universe named their planet after themselves?" —Living Justice conversing with Detective Martins about her world of origin.

Living Justice, often just called "Justice" as that is the name her player wishes he could have gotten for her, is a bit of a tribute to the DC hero PowerGirl. As such, she is generally scantily clad, busty, and can crush tanks with her bare hands. In a bit of an effort to give her an identity of her own beyond her tribute status, she uses a warhammer to bludgeon foes, instead of her bare hands.

She's an alien woman from a dead world, who feeds, literally, off of the psychic resonance that the concept of Justice produces in humans.

In-Game Desc

There's a lot of power bound up in ideas.

Some places, where the idea is pervasive enough, that power can take on an engery that can be harnessed. I snag it. I use it. I make it part of myself. Without it, I'd have a hell of a time swinging this club around. And forget that whole "flying" trick.

With it, I just might be able to make a difference around here.


Justice is a member of the supergroup Skid Row, and is a friend of fellow member Fatal Harmonic. She is in a physical relationship with Living Liberty, who is an incarnation of herself from an alternate dimension.


Justice is friendly, outgoing, and affectionate. She is the only of her kind on this earth, and as such, has a profound sense of loneliness that she is eager to assuage any way she can. She has, as a consequence of her power source, an almost physical aversion to injustice, and as such, tends to have a strong respect for law and order, however, she, like any law abiding citizen, has her occasional moments of rebellion. She is very sexual, and very open to different ideas of sexuality, giving her a tendency to hit on virtually anything with sentience, but she is particularly drawn to beings similar to her own species. As a result, she has consummated a physical relationship with an alternate universe incarnation of herself.



  • Resist Physical Damage
  • Temp Invulnerability
  • Resist Elements
  • Unyielding
  • Invincibility

War Mace

  • Bash
  • Pulverize
  • Jawbreaker

Additional Powers


  • Swift
  • Health
  • Stamina


  • Air Superiority
  • Fly


Justice is a member of an alien race that called themselves the Talsaranss. When a sentient creature conceives an understanding of a basic intellectual concept, such as justice, or retribution, or forgiveness, a particular psychic pattern is generated. The Talsarans evolved the ability to absorb this energy and harness it to sustain themselves. Different Talsarans are adapted to absorb different "spectra" of psychic energy: Justice, particularly, draws on the ideas of justice and retribution. As the only Talsaran on Earth, Justice has a near limitless supply of this energy, which has swollen her form beyond it's normal capabilities. Using this psychic energy, Justice can generate tactile telekinetic fields to simulate super strength and invincibility. She can also use this energy to propel herself into the air, hovering and flying with ease.


Justice weilds a large warhammer named Sojurn which is made out of the metal Impervium. It is a keepsake from her world, and is virutally indestructable. This is her weapon of choice, although when caught out of uniform, she has been known to improvise with nearby sledgehammers and such. She also has a pet from her homeworld, named Pini. Pini is a Trill, a small fuzzy ball of psychic energy

Weaknesses and Limitations

The energy that Justice feeds on is generated in virtually every human or sentient on the planet. Even most criminals understand the -concept- of justice, so even villians can feed Justice's power. However, if kept for prolonged periods of time in extremely thinly populated areas, Justice's power can wane, and she effectively becomes a normal human being. This is not an issue anywhere within the realms of Paragon or the Rogue isles, however.

Character History

Justice was born on another world, on the far end of the Milky Way Galaxy. Her species, which called themselves Talsaran, had evolved to feed off of psychic resonance. Ideas, concepts, thoughts…These things were subsistence to their species. The "flavors" of energy that they could subsist on varied from individual to individual, however. As time went on, as many civilizations do, nations fought. Resources were divided, and wars were fought. Those who fed off of the psychic energies of warfare, hate, racism, and all the malicious concepts that strife brings prospered more and more. This led to bigger wars, more abundance of hate, and injustice, and intolerance, until only a handful of her people remained who remembered the taste of justice, and freedom, and liberty.

These few realized that their world was trapped in a destructive cycle. Their technology had reached a dangerous peak. So they gathered the biological data from their world, stored it in a technological ark, and launched it towards a suitable colony world. The world destroyed itself. Everyone perished. The good, the evil, all trapped in the downward spiral. The capsule reached the solar system of its target world, and, tragically, discovered that it had been obliterated in a massive planetary collision, the small terrestrial planet swallowed up wholesale by a giant gas world.

For eons, the capsule drifted through space, it's precious cargo lost to time, forgotten by the cosmos. It drifted around the outer edge of the galaxy's spiral arms, until one day, quite unexpectedly, it detected a planet capable of supporting it's cargo. But so much time had passed, and the data was all so corrupted. The pod came crashing down into our atmosphere, using the energy from reentry to power its restoration systems, a last ditch gambit to recover the lives entrusted to it.

It crashed into the earth, carving a crater out of a hillside in western rhode island. The pod vaporized. Of its cargo, two creatures had been regenerated. A small blue entity known as a trill, and a perfect, pure young Talsaran. The woman dragged herself from the crater; carrier of the legacy of her people. Inheritor of their memory and technology, the last of her kind.

Other Notes

Justice's world has very few sexual taboos between sentients. She thinks absolutely nothing of hitting on anyone or anything as long as it is sentient.



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