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Player: Laurel-li
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 12
Personal Data
Real Name: Isabella Nem'hain
Known Aliases: Bella, Isa, vengeance bell
Species: homo sapiens sapiens
Gender: female
Age: 27 (born 15th Dec 1980)
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 103 kg
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: demolitionist
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle
Marital Status: in a sexual relationship with Wrecking Belle
Known Relatives: James Nem'hain (father), Frances Nem'hain (mother), Stefan Nem'hain (brother), Michael Nem'hain (brother)
Known Powers
super strength, invulnerability, fitness, flight
Known Abilities
extraordinary strength, highly resistant to damage, computer skills, knowledge of vodoun
None of note.
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"Nem'hain? He's the head of Nem'hain Industries. Richer'n Midas and owns half of Paragon under one front or another. From what I hear he's branchin' out overseas too. That enormous mansion in Eleusis? That's his. Made his first million at 23, so the rumour goes.

"And the latest? There's been a string of break-ins connected to him. Seems some of his men were behind the theft at Atlas Park bank the other day, the one that left Polar Shift in traction. And that fancy french hotel? My cousin waits tables there and he said that the people who trashed that place said they worked for him too.

"The paper says there was gonna be an investigation into it. Into his business dealings too but Longbow hushed it up 'cause half their manufacturing work goes through him.

"The rich, I tell you, they can get away with anything."


Violently aggressive, Isabella Nem'hain's prime delight is in making her father's life a misery, ruining the name of his family and corporation and revealing the seedier side of his business dealings to the world at large. With no respect for the property of others, she revels in bare-fisted destruction and excels at the 'smash-and-grab' style of theft, with an emphasis on the smash. This doesn't mean, however, that her approach to everything is simplistic. As adept at subtle tortures as at outright violence, Bella uses anything at her disposal to torment her father, from physically destroying things he cares about to holding such things for ransom, from rumour and innuendo to offering evidence to back up such gossip.

Bella is highly intelligent with a wide knowledge base, mostly self-taught, ranging from cooking to art to computing to mechanics. While she has little care for the well-being of people in general, Bella wouldn't go out of her way to actively harm anyone who didn't harm her and is fiercely protective of her adopted family at Bell's. She is aggressively confident and is comfortable enough with who she is - indeed, embraces who she is in its entirely - that she has very little regard for what others think of her, with one exception: her youngest brother, Michael.

Bella violently objects to any ascribing of specific gender roles - whether male or female - and has been known to express these views with her fists, irrespective of the gender of her target.


Bella is co-founder of Bells' Demoralisation and Demolishment with Wrecking Belle, a company more affectionately known as B&B. While run as a business, B&B is effectively Bella's adopted family, as it is predominantly comprised of her closest friends, those few that she would fight for.

Bella has been friends with Eodora since they were teenagers, meeting at a cotillion in Paragon City when they were both sixteen. Both growing up in families that believed that proper education for a girl included embroidery and pouring tea, rather than mathematics and literature, the girls instantly connected, sneaking off from their own presentation to high society to get drunk on stolen whisky behind a gas station. Since then, they have been each other's support and closest friend, the two of them like sisters, sharing and squabbling in equal measure.

Coincidentally choosing to hit Atlas Park bank at the same time, Bella's introduction to Wrecking Belle, while not exactly welcome at the time, gave her a grudging respect for the girl, a respect that quickly turned to friendship when the pair found that they shared a hatred for James Nem'hain. The pair became fast friends and lovers, sharing a love of bare-handed destruction and working together to torment Bella's father.

Michael Nem'hain, Sanctuary of Aya to Paragon's hero community, is Bella's youngest brother - three years younger than she is - and the only member of her immediate family who still has anything approaching a positive relationship with her. Her relationship with him is complicated at best: he is a genuinely sweet boy and she doesn't want to disappoint him, especially given his fervent hope that she's just misunderstood rather than an actual villain and that, with the right words spoken at the right time, she would end her vendetta against their father. In general, she tries to avoid him until he actively seeks her out, though she has an enormous amount of affection for him and he has, on a number of occasions, got her arse out of a sling.

After an incident at a mud-bogging event, Belle, Bella and Dora liberated Jaybyrd from her life as a mechanic in King's Row, bringing her back to the Isles with them and welcoming her as part of the B&B family.


Able to take apart an armoured tank with her bare hands, Bella is extraordinarily strong, more so than her physical form would suggest. She is extremely light on her feet and highly resistant to most forms of damage, her skin barely scratched by the sharpest knife.

Possessing a knack for computers and an intimate knowledge of vodoun, Bella can usually find a solution for most problems she is presented with. She is extremely intellectually capable, has a broad knowledge base, refined information-gathering skills and the physical strength and charisma to achieve almost anything, should she put her mind to it.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Bella knows little of fear and often won't back down. Stubborn to a fault and vastly contrary, she's likely to keep forging ahead in the face of the worst odds if it is the fastest way to achieve her goal, especially if it will lead to humiliation for her father. She will walk blithely into any situation The only thing likely to make her step back from a fight, short of someone forcing her to, is the appearance of Michael.


Super Strength

  • Punch
  • Haymaker
  • Knockout Blow


  • Resist Physical Pain
  • Temporary Invulnerability
  • Dull Pain

Additional Powers


  • Swift
  • Health


  • Air Superiority
  • Flight

Character History

Nem'hain Industries

Cotillions and Whisky

Hidden Treasures

Handful of Might, Sackful of Justice

Revelling in her new-found strength, Bella began a less-than-subtle form of guerilla warfare against her father and his corporation, set on destroying his public image while causing him as much pain as possible. From physically destroying his property and stealing items he valued to spreading rumour and innuendo based in her extensive knowledge of his dealings, Bella took pleasure in tormenting him in every way possible. The more she used her strength, the greater it grew.

Several months later, she was arrested by Longbow in the middle of destroying one of her father's cars. Fighting her way free, she fled to the Rogue Isles, setting up a home for herself in Sharkhead Isles. Through violence and blackmail, she ensured the maintenance of her trust fund, adding to it with theft, in both the Isles and Paragon. At the same time, she continued her attacks on her father and his 'good name', slowly wearing him into the ground and taking delight in drawing out the pain she caused him.

Gifted and Wanton

Three years after her arrival in the Isles, Eodora showed up on Bella's doorstep, sporting a box of files and followed by a robot, taller than she was. Explaining that she had stolen some research from Nem'hain Industries and walked out on her engagement (see also Eodora), Dora asked Bella for protection and place to stay and Bella immediately agreed, taking her under her wing and setting her up with her own place nearby. Dora joined her in her war against her father, adding her technical nous and sharp wit to the campaign of pain and humiliation.

While raiding Atlas Park bank on a mission to recover evidence against her father from a safety deposit box, Bella discovered 'her' bank being resoundingly dismantled by a seven foot tall, scantily-clad amazonian woman with her bare hands. Pissed off at this turn of events, the two argued over whose bank it was and spent some time trying to out do each other before the girl randomly made a derogatory comment about Nem'hain, thus catching Bella's interest. They simultaneously punched out Polar Freeze and, after the girl introduced herself as Wrecking Belle, Bella invited her out for some light destruction before dinner, the pair flirting while tearing down one of Nem'hain's restaurants, stone by stone, then beating down a patrol of Longbow before fleeing through the sewers when Michael showed up. Back in the Isles, Bella took them out for dinner and some violence, before the two of them ended up back at her place.

Ringing the Bell

Bella's relationship with Belle and her renewed friendship with Dora made a huge change: for the first time she had someone who, for the most part, shared her enjoyment in destruction and company in her campaign against her father. She and Belle set up a business together dedicated to wholesale destruction and general demoralisation at affordable prices.

Other Notes


  • Bella has never actual touched her trust fund: she funds everything independently and has done well for herself. Keeping it is just another way to torment her father.
  • Bella has little attachment to her own personal possessions. Nearly everything she owns is readily replaceable with enough cash and she has no emotional attachment to any of it. This is possibly a reaction against her father's obsession with fine possessions. The only items that Bella owns that possess any sentimental value are her grandmother's trunk and the items within it and one of a pair of rings given to her by Belle made from the remains of her father's Mercedes which was the first car Belle every destroyed.
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