Project Corona
Project Corona
Founder(s): Dr. Marian Shepherd
Side: Heroes
Motto: "In Many, We Are Strong"
Leader(s): Dr. Madison Shepherd
Logo: A round starburst
Colours: ?
Player Base
Levels: Mostly 20-35 (all welcome)
Play Style: Regular, some more hardcore
Role-play: Required
Timezone: Mostly GMT +10 and GMT -5 (all welcome)
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @TalenLee or @Fox Lee
Prospective recruits can contact prefect Laurel for information and orientation.

Project Corona is a role-play focused supergroup which has a deliberate focus on some basic mechanical requirements. Its inspirations for RP draw from the X-Men Evolution series, and the mechanical parameters were designed to be relatively simple and non-intrusive. We wanted people to be able to approach and to play, rather than be coerced into a specific build. This way, you can enjoy a remarkable spike in power, playing a team who feels really 'super' together, without having to spend your whole build bending towards it.


Project Corona was founded in 1999, and officially began conducting itself as a registered hero organization, but its actual roots lie several years back. Unlike many super groups that exploded onto the scene as a result of many supers gathering together under a new icon, the Project has been brewing as the brainchild of Dr. Marian Shepherd for more than thirty years.


Starting members of Project Corona are advised to take the Leadership pool power Assault at level 6, and Tactics at level 14. This was done initially because we understood Assault to work in a particular way (and for the initial team, which was a blaster, a scrapper, and a controller, it was a pretty distinct bonus). Now, it's more out of fairness, and so people can reap the benefits as soon as possible; the group have since agreed that the powers are less necessary for high-level play, and players should feel free to Respec after level 22 (when they have access to Single-Origin enhancements) and leave out the Leadership pool.

The way powers work now, a lot of powers are bad choices because you can't really use them until you've socketed them a few times. The most grievous offenders in this case are the mass holds available to Controllers. With Project Corona, every power you get, the second you get it, has something in the district of a +30%-+90% to hit, which makes a lot of powers great right out of the box, and means that you can afford to socket for other, more interesting effects than accuracy.

Further to that, because it's a group of dedicated team players, the Project Corona characters tend to be focused on picking up powers that benefit teams. Soloist builds tend to not do so well as people who focus on area affect damage, team buffs, and area controls.


The Vanguard

These five students - and field trainer, Black Caiman - were the first active members of Project Corona to reach the public eye, reaching Security Level 30 and becoming major players in Paragon City, as well as taking part in its defence against the renewed Rikti invasion.

Other Students


Project Corona is more than just two dozen or more metahumans with remarkably marketable skills and a taste for daring. It's an organisation, with an established presence. The Project has schools and charities organized around the world, and more than a few of the members of the Project in Paragon are in fact orphans or runaways who came to the Project through their outreach efforts, finding the powered amongst the poor, the huddled, the lost and the disaffected.

This is deliberate; Dr Shepherd Sr feels that some of the greatest threats to metahuman development in the coming century is the potential harm caused in the public eye by metahumans abusing their powers, and such abuses are more likely to come from metahumans who were raised in a poisonous environment than those who were already well-balanced.

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