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Player: Laurel-li
Origin: science
Archetype: corruptor
Threat Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Lisha Magena
Known Aliases: Reva
Species: homo sapiens sapiens
Gender: female
Age: 22 (born 3 Sept 1985)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lb
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: mischief and mayhem
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: confidential
Marital Status: open
Known Relatives: Lowell Magena (father), Yana Tremaine (mother), Artemis (sister), Hunter (sister)
Known Powers
dark blast, radiation emission, concealment, fitness, flight, medicine
Known Abilities
channeling negative energy, innately radioactive in a controlled fashion, flight, extremely fit, stealth
field medi-kits
No additional notes available.

I watch where he can’t see me and she won’t look, my self of lively integrity. I see his arm around her waist, her head thrown back in laughter. The wind off the ocean ruffles her hair and the ferry rocks them against one another, hip to hip, as they show off for each other: blue fire blossoms between his palms and she tosses a ball of smoky darkness into the air, makes it vanish in a flash of pale green light.

I felt it all once; I was like her and unlike her. I knew wind in the hair and salt on the lips. The pressure under the skin. The power looking for release. I watch as she takes his hand and presses hers against it, palm to palm. They glow gently together, her light feeding his warmth. His eyes widen and he smiles in delight.

Ray of sunlight in a dark world, I hear him say and she laughs, bitterly. That’s life, she says, brief light in the darkness. He tightens his arm around her and she rests her head on his shoulder for a moment. And yet, we live, he says, we continue to live. And she grins at him, pokes him in the ribs and changes the subject.

The ferry docks and, laughing, the pair chase each other through the streets of the Devil’s Cape, taking her homewards.


Light on her feet and sure of herself, Reva is capable of handling herself in almost any situation. She is full of vitality and spends most of her time causing mischief in Grandville, beating down Longbow and trashing portions of Paragon City. Devoted to freedom and protecting freedom, she will react fiercely against anything that limits the freedoms of herself or those she cares about.

Despite a wide range of intellectual interests and a discerning palate, Reva is as likely to be perched on a bar swilling cheap local beer as she is to be curled up and home with a novel and a hundred-year-old cabernet savignon. She has an innate talent with computers and highly eclectic tastes in everything, and she always enjoys sharing the things she loves with the people she loves. She is similarly free and open about sex, polyamorous by nature.

Reva has a generous and caring nature and tends to accept people and relationships on their own terms, striving to help the people she cares about in any way she can. The most notable exception to this is psychics: Reva has an intense fear and dislike of anyone capable of playing with people's heads, probably stemming from the experiences of Lisha Magena, though Reva herself doesn't consciously remember them.

More recently, Reva's long term exposure to the psychic link between her sisters and herself has begun to take its toll. She has been moodier and more vicious and has been indulging in more and more reckless behaviour.


Reva has been lovers, on and off, with Samson Fremont for 4 years. The two have been friends since Reva was 12 and Sam was 14 and, together, they ran with the Vandals, a street gang in Port Oakes, as teenagers and he is usually one of her first ports of call when in trouble. The two are highly protective of each other and have a lot in common. In the same period she met her close friend Julian Oakes, through whom she met her friend and one-time lover, Julia Oakes, his twin sister. Sam, Jules and Reva together rescued Evania Cadell from the Marcone family, nursing her back to health and forging bonds of close friendship. Protective as she is of the girl, Reva intensely dislikes and distrusts Vanya's suddenly reappearing friend Tiana, especially given Evania's initial response to her arrival.

Since a ritual performed by D-38, Reva has two sisters, physically identical to her: Artemis and Hunter. The three have a much more comfortable relationship than they once did, since what hurts one of them hurts all three and any conflict between them causes excruciating pain. They spend a lot of time together, whether in the Isles or in Paragon, though Artemis and Hunter tend to see the sharper side of Reva's tongue rather more than most. Reva has also recently been unwillingly thrust back into a relationship with her father, Lowell Magena, and her relationship with her alcoholic and pious mother is shaky at best, though Reva tends to visit her regularly to make sure she has everything she needs.

Reva has a long-standing intimate relationship with D-38, continuing despite D's many absences. Since the ritual D performed that split the three personalities of Lisha Magena into separate forms, Reva (in conjunction with her sisters) has had a strong physical and mental connection with him and it has been theorised that, as long as one of the four lives, none of them can die.

After helping Shortbow gain her self-confidence, Reva developed a close friendship with the girl, that blossomed into an sexual relationship. The two are protective of one another, Shortbow especially so given the consequences of D-38's ritual. Recently, due to her slow breakdown, Reva has started avoiding the company of D, Shortbow and Sam, primarily due to her own sense of shame over some of her behaviour.

Revanta is a high-ranking member of Riot Gear. Through her time spent as a member of the supergroup, Reva has formed a close, sometimes sexual, relationship with Crusherplate and Cerna Wormwood. Crush and Reva spend a great deal of time in one another's company and found a lot in common, whether it be beating down Council and Arachnos, raiding the Longbow Officer's Club in Nerva or plotting the downfall of Westin Phipps. Though they mostly just have fun together, Reva relies on Crush's support in many things and Reva sees her as her closest friend. In contrast, Reva is intensely protective of Cerna. Though the two often go out partying together, Reva is one of few who have directly experienced the sensitive and fragile creature beneath Cerna's tough exterior. Most recently, she has been endeavouring teaching her how to have fun without violence or sex.

Through Crusherplate - and as a result of the discovery of Artemis' personality sharing her body - Reva became friends with Crush's sister, Boilerplate. The same discovery also lead to Reva meeting Mun'Orisha, a friend of Artemis, and the start of an extremely awkward friendship, given Reva's stance on psychics.

Reva has recently started spending time with Mistress Shrike, a member of the Black Reactor Army, has made the passing acquaintance of Kyrene Aigsamh and met (and deeply confused) Mister Shade.


Revanta possesses a native connection with the Netherworld, allowing her to channel negative energy. She is also innately radioactive, granting her healing and regenerative powers, and the ability to strengthen herself and her allies and weaken her enemies. She can become invisible and fly and has a high level of physical fitness. Possessing a natural gift for computing, she has been known to hack into the Longbow computer system as much for the fun of rearrange their files as for any information she might garner while there.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Reva is relatively fragile in combat, surviving more by staying out of reach, than by facing her opponents on their own terms. Similarly, while she can weaken her foes to the point of gasping, she can only physically hit someone as hard as any relatively fit woman of her age and build.

Mentally connected with her siblings, Reva is liable to suddenly collapse in pain should one of them find themselves in trouble, a fact which only adds to her current state of intense frustration and emotional instability.


Dark Blast

  • Dark Blast
  • Gloom
  • Moonbeam
  • Tenebrous Tentacles
  • Torrent
  • Blackstar

Radiation Emission

  • Radiant Aura
  • Radiation Infection
  • Accelerate Metabolism
  • Enervating Field
  • Mutation
  • Lingering Radiation
  • Choking Cloud

Additional Powers


  • Grant Invisibility
  • Invisibility


  • Hover
  • Fly


  • Swift
  • Health
  • Stamina


  • Aid Other
  • Aid Self

Character History

Fallen Star


The Vandals

Raising her daughter in Port Oakes in a constant alcoholic haze and torn between her love for her daughter and resentment over the effect that she'd had on her life, Yana told the girl that she had rescued her from her father, an evil man. She told each personality that she had a twin sister who still lived with their father, the two believing her implicitly, being only six. As they grew older, each personality chose a new name for herself: the shy and law-abiding personality becoming Artemis and the chaotic and fun-loving personality calling herself Revanta.

Reva mostly grew up on the streets of Port Oakes, given Yana's alcoholism and resultant lack of real attention. Rebelling against her mother's extremely high-minded and pious stance on things, Reva rapidly became involved in the seedier side of life in the Isles. When Sam caught her stealing hubcaps off his father's car at the age of twelve, they fought one another to a stand-still and took an instant liking to one another, Sam introducing her to his good friend Julian Oakes who welcomed her into his street gang, The Vandals. The three of them, along with a group of other kids from the neighborhood, caused general mayhem throughout their teenage years, Sam and Reva becoming sexual partners when she was seventeen. During this period, Julian's twin sister, Julia, returned to the Isles and the two struck up a firm friendship.

Shortly before her twenty-first birthday, she and Julia were arrested during an attempt to knock over Atlas Park bank. The two of them ended up in the Ziggurat.

Gearing Up

Julia and Reva escaped from the Zigg about a month after they were incarcerated. Shortly after their escape, the pair met D-38 in Cap Au Diable and, after some time working together, he extended an invitation to the pair to join Riot Gear. Reva quickly became fast friends with D, for whom she coined the nickname 'Dee-boy'. The pair of them flirted with one another, falling in love with one another by degrees while working and playing side-by-side. They exchanged small gifts that hinted at romantics intentions, while still maintaining a mostly business-like relationship as Reva rose quickly through the ranks in the group.

It was through D that Reva met Shortbow, then a tightly-wound ball of sexual tension and insecurity. Reva quickly became friends with her also, the pair of them destroying Cerna's car and getting drunk watching vast amounts of Babylon 5 together at Reva's place.

Through her involvement in the Gear, Reva also met and became friends with Crushie. The two discovered much in common - including commiserating over the fact that they both had identical twin sisters who were heroes - and enjoyed 'causing mayhem together both in the Isles and in Paragon.

Somnambulism and the Waiter in the Room

As their friendship grew stronger, Reva shared with Dee-boy that she had gaps in her memory, periods of time when she didn't know what had happened to her or what she had done which were slowly becoming more frequent, that she went to sleep in one place and woke up in another days later. Intent on helping her, D-38 offered to spend the night on her couch to see if she should happen to wander. About midnight, he was awoken by Artemis coming down from Reva's room, wearing her form, thus discovering that two personalities shared Reva's body.

Neither girl reacted well to the idea that they were personalities sharing the same form, that they were essentially the same person. Reva discovered that her mother had been lying to her and began a search for Magena, who had left Paragon and disappeared, in an effort to find out what had actually happened. With D, Crush and Sam looking out for her (and Boilerplate and Mun'Orisha looking out for Ari, thus bringing them in contact with Reva), Reva struggled to maintain some equilibrium in the face of what was, for her, an immense violation of her self. While looking for a solution, D and Reva began a sexual relationship. As the shifts between the two personalities became more frequent, happening even when they were awake, D sought help in Paragon, extorting aid from Dr Cargan Sloane, a psychic.

Despite Reva's misgivings, she agreed to see him, she and D meeting with him in Pocket D. Exploring the dreamscape shared by the girls, Sloane discovered a third personality trapped inside, a personality who called herself Hunter, who existed only when both Reva and Artemis were both asleep and who had no control over the body. Sloane's exploration altered the state of the barriers in Lisha's mind. Already slowly breaking down, his influence sped up this disintegration, allowing Hunter some small influence over Lisha's body. This erosion of the barriers also made the shifts between Reva and Artemis still more frequent, happening even when they were awake, especially in moments of extreme stress.

While spending the night at Reva's home, D was once again woken in the middle of the night by Reva's form, addressing him affectionately. Explaining that she was not Reva but Hunter, she warned him that the barriers separating the personalities were breaking down and that, if it were allowed to happen, both personalities would be lost. She urged him to act quickly to keep that from happening, to protect Reva and Artemis, intimating that, if he did so, she would be destroyed entirely. She urged D to find Magena if he needed information to help with the process.

Midnight Rites

Taking Hunter's warning to heart and desperate to protect Reva, D stepped up his search for a solution, determined to find a way to save all three of Lisha's personalities. The following morning, he defeated Deathsurge, binding some of his power in order to harness the power of Bat'Zul to separate the girls. He made preparations for a ritual on Mount Diable, then set out to find Magena.

Following what little evidence there was to Magena's whereabouts, he finally found him working for the Council in Sharkhead, threatening him with violence and demanding to know if there was anything he should know that would help with separating the girls. Lowell told D that Lisha had hurt some people and, to prevent further incidents, a friend of his had created barrier in the girl's mind. He revealed that he had been hunting for Lisha since Yana had taken her away and, when told of the situation, requested that he be permitted to offer what aid he could. D agreed, warning him that once it was all over, there would be an explanation and reckoning for what had happened.

Telling Reva that he had found a way to separate the three of them and give them each their own forms, he took her up the mountain. Afraid that it may not work, Reva told him that she loved him and he responded in kind. Then D began the ritual, drawing into himself the power of the mountain, rejecting what was and insisting, as much by sheer force of will as by magic, that things be as he wanted them to be.

It worked. Once, with Lowell's help, he regained the ability to see and hear, he found that where there had been only one form, there were now three identical women unconscious on the grass.

Darkness Before Dawn

Magena helped D take the three unconscious girls back to the Riot Gear base, determining that they were apparently physically healthy. When Reva awoke (recognising Magena and reacting badly to his presence, causing D to send him on his way), she did so in crippling pain, the same proving to be true of Artemis and Hunter. With painkillers taking the edge off the pain, the three discovered that they could hear one another's thoughts. None of them possesses any control over this: their thoughts simply clear to one another, though distance vastly reduces the effect of it. This discovery freaked Reva and she fled.

With the pain proving to be on-going, Shortbow did everything she could to take the edge off. She and D arrived at the conclusion that the pain was a physical manifestation of psychological trauma, caused by the fact that the three of them were the same person: even with with completely integrated personalities, psychologically-speaking they were still three parts of the same person. Following their suggestion that she spend more time with her sisters, Reva found the pain eased, only recurring when the three came into conflict with one another. The connection between the three also manifests painfully when any of them or D feels real physical pain.

The continued mental connection between the three is especially hard on Reva, moreso with D's frequent and lengthy absences. Feeling like her mind is constantly invaded, Reva became less light-hearted and more aggressive. She began putting herself in situations that run contrary to her nature and her desires, her friendship with Crush and her relationship with Cerna the only things keeping her from going entirely off the rails. She started avoiding D, Shortbow and Sam, only dealing with them when they sought her out, since she was ashamed of herself and afraid they would feel similarly.

Plotting Haven's Revenge

In Grandville, while causing general mayhem with Crusherplate, Arachnos directed Reva to Westin Phipps. Disgusted by his treatment of the downtrodden in the Isles, Reva and Crush decided to bring the bastard down, wearing him down the way he did those around him before destroying him utterly. Plans have been laid, enlisting the aid of Boilerplate, and Hunter has begun to set up a halfway house to deal with those left homeless with the fall of Haven House. However, these plans have been stalled since Magena's troubles and the resultant revelations.

Mugged on Memory Lane

Other Notes


  • Reva cannot be photographed. Any attempt leads to over-exposed images and often damages the camera used.
  • While her sisters possess a psychic connection with Risha, Reva has shown no evidence of such a thing.
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