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Player: Laurel-li
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 39
Personal Data
Real Name: Tanya Sahbra Walker
Known Aliases: Sahb
Species: human
Gender: female
Age: 21 (born 22nd January 1987)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 53kg
Hair Colour: dark brown
Eye Colour: green
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: student
Place of Birth: London
Base of Operations: Talos Island
Marital Status: in a sexual relationship with Moloch Tartarus
Known Relatives: Sahbra Marie Walker (mother)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
poisonous spines, regenerative abilities and increased stamina, the ability to greet every day with a smile and dirty remark
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Work in progress. Bear with me.

Me? I was involved in a fer'iliser spill.

Wha' can I say? Sometime between conception and birth, the righ' thing got tweaked in the righ' way and here I am. I think me mam knew before I did. She used to call me 'er little rose bush. She 'ad wha' they call a green thumb: she cou' make anythin' grow anywhere. Not me dad. His special'y was destruction. It was a surprise for him, I can tell you, the first time he decided to take his drunken anger ou' on me instead of 'er. Go' a thorn right through 'is 'and. Nearly go' one through 'is heart.

Go'a be careful how you touch a rose.

I' scared him righ' off. Seen neither 'ide nor 'air of him to this very day. But me mam said, "With grea' power comes grea' responsibili'y." Tha's when I met the Doc. Me mam me' up with someone who knew someone who knew the Doc and, before you cou' say "there's no place li' 'ome", I'm in Paragon Ci'y as par' of Projec' Corona, learnin' to do my bi' in makin' the world a safer place for peoples.

Sahbra, Sahb to those who know her, is a Spines/Regeneration Scrapper created for Supergroup Project Corona. Originally a Plant Dominator, I liked her design too much to do away with it (when I decided that the Dominator was not for me) and since spines seemed to be the only other plant-like option, she was created as such.


Runnin' 'ot.

Usually ready with a witty retort or flirtatious remark, Sahb is fun-loving and light-hearted. She knows how to enjoy herself and likes to help other people ease up enough to similarly have fun. She is, however, devoted to her friends and is likely to forget about high-minded principles in the defence of them, especially Mol.

When confronted with villains, Sahb is immediately and completely focussed on the task at hand, fighting hard and fast, occasionally getting herself into trouble by running ahead of her teammates. She tends to be headstrong and independent and, in conversation, is more likely to dance around a topic than come to the point, not from fear of how people will react but for the fun of it. She enjoys anything physically active, especially dancing.


Supergroup: Project Corona

When not saving the city and its inhabitants from one disaster or another, in the company of Kyle, Michi-chan, Bec, BC and Josh, Sahb can usually be found curled up somewhere private with Mol or slouching around the PC campus with Acid.


Probably stemming from the same source as her mother's almost magical skill with plants, Sahbra appears to be part plant herself. Long poisonous thorns protrude from her skin at a thought with which she slashes and stabs at foes. Her powers of regeneration are phenomenal, keeping her healed under the most fierce onslaught, and she fights fast, her increased stamina allowing her to continue on without pause for hours at a time. Like all the students in Project Corona, she has been taught leadership techniques, allowing her to bolster the abilities of her teammates in combat.

Weaknesses and Limitations

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  • Barb Swipe
  • Lunge
  • Build Up
  • Quills
  • Ripper


  • Fast Healing
  • Reconstruction
  • Quick Recovery
  • Dull Pain
  • Integration
  • Resilience

Additional Powers


  • Assault
  • Tactics


  • Swift
  • Health
  • Stamina


  • Air Superiority
  • Fly

Character History

Sahbra's childhood was dominated by an alcoholic father with a grudge against the world for never providing what he felt it owed him. This was a grudge he took out on the only person available, her mother, an intelligent and principled woman with a uncanny knack for dealing with plants. Both intelligence and principles she instilled in Sahbra. Her knack for plants too, as became apparent when the girl's mutant gene triggered at the moment her father's drunken rage turned against her. After his hospitalisation, her parents divorced and her mother insisted that Sahbra gain some training in how to use her newfound strengths. Following research and rumour, they came across Doctor Shephard's Project Corona. Meeting up with the Doc in London, Sahbra met fellow Londoner, Acid Light, the two girls finding an affinity in their distance from home and the difference in culture between Paragon and home.

On reaching Paragon, Sahbra quickly found much in common with Moloch Tartarus and the two became fast friends, the two enjoying the same approach to combat and the same quick wit. Though there was much teasing and flirting, the two remained nothing more than friends until Moloch's visit to Australia and his transformation which, along with his friendship with Knight Rain, gave him the courage to do something about his attraction.

Most recently, Sahbra, along with the more advanced students of Project Corona, has prevented the Council from destroying Terra Volta, defeated Mary MacComber and generally caused grief for whatever villains came their way.

Other Notes

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