Second Solution
Second Solution
Founder(s): Rove
Side: Heroes
Motto: "Make your own choices."
Leader(s): Rove
Logo: The anarchy symbol, because you have to choose something
Colours: Black and deep red (individual colours preferred)
Player Base
Levels: Mostly lowbies, some mid (all welcome)
Play Style: Casual to Regular
Role-play: Required
Timezone: Currently all GMT+10 (all welcome)
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @Fox Lee
Note: Group is composed of vigilantes, and anti-Freedom Corp/Phalanx.

Second Solution was formed by the childhood runaway and ex-Warrior Rove, a liberal-mided and anti-authoritarian vigilante with a strong objection to Freedom Corp's way of doing things. Rove knew full well that in different circumstances, her disgust with Paragon's iconic heroes might well have made her turn permanently to the villains' side; with this in mind, she hopes to make Second Solution a place for "heroing without the wank", for those who don't buy into the black-and-white morality of Freedom Corp.

In-Game Desc

A great man once said that people who were willing to give up freedom in exchange for security didn't deserve either. And let's face it, Longbow - not to mention the "Freedom" Phalanx themselves - trample all over liberty in the name of safety and justice.

Second Solution refuse to accept their way of doing things. We will not give up our freedom. We will not abide by their rules. We will defend what is ours, what is in our rights - and beyond that, we will let others choose for themselves.


  • You must be a mature roleplayer, This isn't some kind of X-rated cesspit, but it's also not a group for children.
  • Your character needs to have a bio/profile/origin. We want to know about him/her!
  • Traditional cape-and-tights style heroes aren't banned, but they probably won't fit in well. Try someting more alternative or casual. We are not the Amazing Justice Crusaders of Nobleness - we just do what needs to be done.
  • In a social sense, the group is really liberal IC - there isn't much reason for a conservative character to join up, so keep that in mind (as a player you can have whatever views you want, fo course). Also, we are (while definitely not villainous) opposed to Freedom Corp's and the Freedom Phalanx's methods, so please, no Satesman fanboys or anything ^^; (once again, OOC you can like whatever you want).
  • Please, nothing too stupid in terms of costumes - no "max-boobs, min-physique/waist, bikini-and-heels" type characters. We like eye candy, but we like eye candy that's competent and sensible.

Other Info

  • Powergamers probably won't find us to their liking. Players are welcome to pursue whatever missions/task forces/whatever they feel like, though we have a strong focus on missions which aren't related to Freedom Corp (such as Police Band/Safeguard missions).


  • The name "Second Solution" comes from the Living End song of the same title, which not only fits the group's theme in terms of lyrics, but is doubly appropriate since it was written/performed by an Australian band. It is not, as certain people wondered, a refence to "the final solution"! XP
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