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Player: Jason Heavensrun
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Swiffers, "TT"
Species: Human mutant
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Colour: Smokey Brown
Eye Colour: Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: US citizen
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: New Hampshire
Base of Operations: Manchester
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents(presumed dead), Cousins
Known Powers
Super Speed, accellerated metabolism (healing)
Known Abilities
Martial arts training.
Special boots/protective suit
No additional notes available.

Swift goes back to Jason HR's teen years, when he had aspirations of creating his own comic. She was the first character created after beta, and continues to this day to be his "Main". She is directly inspired by the characters Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat, of the X-men) and Carrie Taylor(Velocity, from Cyberforce).

She is a pure speedster concept, in the vein of the Flash and the aforementioned Velocity, as well as Quicksilver (also from the X-men universe) among others.

Her owner is damn proud that he got the name "Swift", and is never giving it up. (Also see Apollo)

In-Game Desc

Sarcastic and Irrepressably defiant, this young girl's bright green eyes shine with a determination rare for one her age. She is a mutant, born with the gift of amazing speed and an enhanced metabolism that quickens her healing abilities. Though still young, her powers and her steely will make her a force to be reckoned with.


Swift is one of the "specialist" ranked members of the supergroup Quantum Tears, and is a reserve member of the Freedom Phalanx. She is also listed as an honorary member of her father's supergroup Solarstryke, but that group is defunct since suffering heavy casualties in the first Rikti invasion.

On a personal level, she has been slowly nurturing the social streak she had before her parent's disappearence, and has developed strong friendships with several of her teammates, in particular looking to Mister Shade as a mentor, and forming an exclusive romantic relationship with her teammate Maladjusted.


Defiant, stubborn, and incredibly dedicated, Swift is the type of individual that makes a natural "career hero". She is optimistic and agressive, but she is neither foolish nor careless in battle, and is capable of tactical flair when the situation calls for it. She is not someone who does anything by half measures, be it fighting, loving, or studying, and has a tendency to lose herself in any of her pursuits. This single-mindedness can lead her to neglect other aspects of her life, if not directed by her friends and loved ones.


Martial Arts

  • Thunder Kick
  • Storm Kick
  • Focus Chi
  • Crane Kick
  • Crippling Axe Kick
  • Dragon's Tail
  • Eagle's Claw


  • Fast Healing
  • Reconstruction
  • Quick Recovery
  • Integration
  • Resilience
  • Instant Healing
  • Revive

Additional Powers


  • Hasten
  • Super Speed
  • Whirlwind


  • Hurdle
  • Health
  • Stamina

Body Mastery

  • Conserve Power
  • Focused Accuracy


  • Assault
  • Tactics


Swift posesses the mutant gift of an accellerated metabolism. This manifests itself in the form of an heightened regenerative ability, and the ability to move at superhuman speeds. At full tilt, in an open environment, Swift is capable of running at speeds well above mach five, but the strain on her body is tremendous. Even at lower speeds, which she restricts herself to within the city, she requires special, shock absorbing footwear to avoid breaking her own legs with the force of her steps. Similar restrictions prevent her from punching and kicking too fast, though she can still fight at speeds that well exceed normal human limits Her ability to heal coupled with her skill and natural toughness leads her to be more agressive in battle. This appears as recklessness to some, fearlessness to other, but the truth of the matter is that Swift has accustomed herself to physical pain, and is solely concerned with getting the job done.

In addition to her superpowers, she also possesses some rudimentary martial arts training from her mentor and legal guardian, Keiko, and she has a significant knowledge of local lore and history, being a university student majoring in history with an emphasis on Paragon. She also has a particular knowledge of Rikti weaponry, tactics, and abilities, which comes from her attempts to research the location of her missing parents.


Swift's costume is specially designed to support her legs when she runs. It is also insulated, and virtually any clothing she wears is built from special fabrics designed to withstand her running speed. Outside of her costume, she experiences bitter wind chill when running at certain speeds, and friction burns when running at even higher speeds, but she rarely reaches such velocities while within the city. Without her boots, however, she is limited to very low speeds (below 20 MPH, although with training, she is gradually raising this limit), lest she break her legs with each step.

She does not use weapons, generally, but she does own a few captured enemy devices that she uses when the situation calls for it.

Weaknesses and Limitations

As mentioned, Swift relies on the design of her costume to support her running ability. This means without her suit, she has to hold herself back, and without her boots in particular, she has to be extremely careful.

She also has a tendency to push herself too much, being very driven. When given a particular objective, she will sometimes go without rest, or sleep, beyond the limits of what would be healthy for her. She is very sensetive about her parents disappearence, as well, and this can and has been used against her in the past.

There is some indication that pushing her movement speed too far might overtax her body's ability to compensate for her speedy metabolism, causing premature aging. However, moving that fast would likely shatter her entire skeleton anyway, so it's unlikely to ever become an issue.

Character History

Throughout her youth, Swift had always been quick on her feet, which led her naturally towards athletics. She spent many years going between soccer and softball, but in hitting middle school, she found the true love of her life in basketball. She led her school's team on to two state championships in a row, but during a difficult game during her freshman year of high school, her mutant ability manifested, and she found herself across the court in less then a second. Recognizing county rules about metahumans in competetive sports, she immediately called a time out and left the game to avoid disqualifying her team.

Intent on getting a new start for their daughter, her parents, mutants themselves, took her to Paragon City, where they felt she would be accepted for who she was. Her father worked days as an ESL teacher at Paragon University, and also founded a mutant oriented community center/public service group called Solarstryke. Taking on their old hero code names, Apollo and Mental Woman, Swift's parents registered with the city and fought to keep the streets safe.

When the Rikti attacked, however, their community service put them on the front lines of a war. Solarstryke went head-on against the Rikti invaders, and though they played a major part in stemming the offensive, they took heavy casualties. In the last moments of the battle, Apollo and Mental Woman left their child in the care of their friend Kei Takagi, and left to directly assault one of the Rikti motherships. Whatever role they played is unknown, but the ship they boarded went down, and crashed into the city in the area now known as the Rikti War Zone.

Swift was frantic and terrified, and during this period, her guardian, Kei, disappeared as well, and Swift found herself under the wing of Mister Shade, a costumed vigilante intent on making up for the criminal acts of his grandfather, the original Mister Shade. Shade convinced Swift not to act rashly, and the two set about trying to find out if her parents were still alive.

In the aftermath of the invasion, Kei reappeared and helped with the search, but no clues were found to indicate her parents had survived. They were classified as missing in action, and were widely assumed to be gone forever. Family members erected a memorial in Shady Pines cemetary, and their names were added to the list of the dead in the hero memorial in Astoria. Swift refused to give up on them, however, and continued to pursue the Rikti wherever they were, looking for clues to her parent's location. During this period, her abilities have grew tremendously, and her contributions to the city earned her some small fame among the populace of paragon. Her youth, dedication, and selflessness impressed more then a few within the city, and as a member of the Quantum Tears, she saved many lives. Still, she remained driven, almost haunted, by the goal of rescuing her parents.

Such constant strain and drive would break many wills, but Swift has been bolstered by the love and support of her friends and teammates, in particular, her relationship with Mal has done a great deal to stabilize her drive with personal support. She continues to search for her parents, believing wholeheartedly that she -will- rescue them, but she has grown far less careless with her own life and health as a result of her loved ones.

Other Notes

Swift is aggressive, but she is neither reckless nor irrational. She has virtually no fear of physical pain, and will happily throw herself into an impossible fray to buy her teammates time to escape. If her mannerisms cause stress to anyone teaming with her, however, she does listen to tactical suggestions. (IE: If you have a problem with the way she plays, say so, and she'll shift her style)

Swift has a very pert, attractive bottom. I wouldn't mention it, but it gets attention. Seriously. I don't know if it's the color scheme or what.


  • Swift, as a character concept, has existed inside her creator's brain for more than sixteen years!
  • Though Freedom-shard Swift is straight, in an alternate universe not far off from this one, she's an outed homosexual in a relationship with fellow Tears member Stoke.
  • Swift's "Specialist" status in the Tears was awarded for her knowledge of history, not her combat ability.
  • Swift is frequently followed about by an uncharacteristically tame Rikti monkey. She has named him "Martin" and generally accepted that he is neither going to go away, or attack anyone.
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