Villain Group Template
Founder(s): Not specified
Side: Not specified
Motto: Not specified
Leader(s): Not specified
Logo: Not specified
Colours: Not specified
Player Base
Levels: Any
Play Style: Casual
Role-play: Optional
Timezone: All
Recruiting: Not at this time
Contact: Group leader
No additional notes.

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In-Game Desc

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Other Info

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This "VillainGroupBox" template was adapted from the "HeroBox" template created by Eisregen for use on The Unofficial Handbook of the Virtue Universe wiki. Full credit to him, I have stolen it. If he has a problem with it, it will of course vanish from this wiki. For the original template, and the guide to using it, check here.

Unlike the "VillainBox" template, this one isn't supposed to be exhaustive - it's just a basic summary of the group. If you have more detail, please disregard the headings and sections here in favour of whatever you'd like to use!

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