The Black Reactor Army
Black Reactor Army
Founder(s): Kage-Ko
Side: Villian
Motto: Unknown
Leader(s): Kage-Ko(Lord), Baby-Doll(Consort)
Logo: Not specified
Colours: Purple and Black
Player Base
Levels: Any
Play Style: Casual
Role-play: Optional
Timezone: All
Recruiting: Not at this time
Contact: @Heavensrun
No additional notes.

The Black Reactor was created as a villianous counterpart to the Quantum Tears at the onset of the City of Villians launch. It is a budding secret society of sorts, that seeks to exert control over the criminal underworld as well as sociopolitical arenas in order to affect change towards the greater good. It's leader, kage-ko, is driven by the belief that the generations upon generations of people who would benefit from a utopian golden age far outweigh any immoral means conducted to establish it.

From an out of character perspective, it's basically a group of friends that enjoy playing together and indulging in some casual roleplay. Not a group for powergamers.

In-Game Desc

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During the Rikti War, a shadowy group called the Ko ninja clan infiltrated itself into the groundwork of Paragon City. This group was led by Hikari Takagi, who would come to be known as "Kage-Ko". Intent on ending the war in such a way as to leave PC's infrastructure shattered, Hikari led her people to ambush and sabotage operations by both sides of the conflict, to maximize casualties. This did not come without personal consequence, however, as Hikari was confronted by her sister Kei atop the old Paragon Times building in the devestated area known as faultline. The two fought, and in the end, Kei emerged victorious, not only disabling her sister, but permanently blinding her. Kage-ko spent time in the Zig, adjusting to her knew handicap, and was eventually assisted in escaping by Recluse's project destiny breakout and a handful of her remaining followers. Since then, recognizing the appalling and unnessecary encroachments on human rights in the Rogue Isles, Kage-ko has insinuated herself into the Arachnos organization, working her way up through the ranks, intent on seizing control indirectly, to establish herself as a player on the world stage.


  • Base editing is restricted to the Lord and her Consort. This is really largely to keep base changes organized, but suggestions and requests are promised to be met quickly and earnestly.
  • Stuff in the bins is public domain. If you put it there, you mean it to go to the group. There may be, at some point in the future, secondary storage offered for people who just want a place to stow their stuff, but right now, it's all communal. Kage-ko demands generosity!

Other Info

  • Kage-ko, as one might notice from glancing at her consort, is a lesbian. She just happens to be one. It isn't a statement, positive or negative, about lesbians, their place in leadership, or their dispositions, it just felt right for the character. If this idea bothers you, deal with it or leave.
  • The SG has a particular agenda, and demands a certain degree of respect for the cause. Even if you're just working for her for the money, Kage-ko prefers to know that you're not going to turn on her for philosophical reasons. She does not demand blind subservience, however, and she -does- hire mercenaries, and pay them well, so if your character isn't nessecarily an acolyte of her ideals, that doesn't mean you can't join the group.
  • It is frequently implied that the BRA has agents in sensitive positions, in Arachnos, in other groups, possibly even heroside. If anyone is interested in playing a double-agent sort of character, I'm open to ideas.


  • Yes, BRA is a deliberate joke. The group name actually goes back to an organization invented by Kuno Christoffel for a plotline in the Global Ranma Insanity Thread, which is an old RP story group many of the SG members used to be part of. The City of Villians BRA was an homage to what its founder thought was a really clever, interesting, and amusing cast of characters.
  • The Black Reactor members, and the coalitioned mercenary group Riot Gear (Freedom Shard version) share a number of connections to the heroes of the supergroup Quantum Tears, most notably being that Kage-ko's sister, the hero Keiko, was a founding member.
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