The Delta Venus
The Delta Venus
Founder(s): Jackson Ketch
Side: Villains
Motto: "YARR!"
Leader(s): Jackson Ketch
Logo: Skull and crossbones, of course :p
Colours: Black and deep red (individual colours preferred)
Player Base
Levels: Mostly lowbies (all welcome)
Play Style: Casual to Regular
Role-play: Required
Timezone: Mostly GMT +10 and GMT -5 (all welcome)
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @Fox Lee
No additional notes.

The Delta Venus is a pirate crew (or rather, the SG is the crew of the Delta Venus, the ship of one Captain Jackson Ketch). A pirate from the glory days of privateering, Jackson rose from the dead and now lurks around the Rogue Isles - though she has as little respect for Lord Recluse's laws as she does for anybody else's. As fate would have it, various crewman who died with her also returned to the world of the living, through various other means from black magic to time travel, complementing her growing crew of new recruits. Currently in the process of rebuilding their ship - and converting it to an airship with the help of some more technically able members - the crew of the Delta Venus stand poised to once again wreak havoc upon the mercantile world.

In-Game Desc

Yarr, t'is bein' t'e reformin' o' Cap'n Jackson's moighty ship, T'e Delta Voinus. If ye loikes t'e sound o' pillagin', plunderin', an' respectin' t'e envoiro'ment, Cap'n Jackson be wantin' YOU(*) t' join the reborn scourge o' t'e hoigh seas! Yarr, give in t' yer inner poirate an' join today!

(*)Applicants must have experience in sailing large vessels and provide eye-candy for the captain. Pirate career spanning multiple centuries not necessary but an advantage. Sassy wenches always welcome.


  • Members must be mature roleplayers (this isn't some kind of X-rated cesspit, but it's also not a group for children).
  • Characters must have a bio/profile/origin. We want to know about them!
  • Characters need to have a gender-reversed or gender-ambiguous name. Real name, nickname or hero name will do - for example, the women of the crew include Jackson, Mort (Morticia), Jamie, Charlie and Kit.
  • Female characters are heavily preferred for purely IC reasons (the captain is highly biased in her hiring trends). Sufficiently feminine males will not be refused, but this isn't the place for big manly men. Any player gender is fine, of course.
  • Nothing too blatantly impractical in terms of costumes - no "max-boobs, min-physique/waist, bikini-and-heels" type characters. The Delta Venus like eye candy, but it likes eye candy that's competent and sensible.
  • All ATs and power sets are welcome, but characters should be at least a bit pirate-y. Old-fashioned pirates and tech-based pirates are both fine, but cape-and-tights style villains probably won't fit in that well.

Other Info

  • The Delta Venus is still a small group, and the playerbase is not tremendously active because of this. As such, powergamers probably won't find the group to their liking.
  • SG Members are welcome to pursue whatever missions/task forces/whatever they feel like, though the group particularly enjoys Mayhem Missions because… well… they're pirates.
  • Be aware that the group's members are mostly lesbians or bisexual IC (players include males and females of all persuasions). Players who object to this probably shouldn't join up.
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