The Eclipse Wing
The Eclipse Wing
Founder(s): The Roman Law
Side: Villains
Motto: "Stand or Die."
Leader(s): The Roman Law
Logo: The Iron Cross
Colours: Black and grey/tan (preferred but not required)
Player Base
Levels: Mostly lowbies (all welcome)
Play Style: Casual to Regular
Role-play: Required
Timezone: Mostly GMT +10 and GMT -5 (all welcome)
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @Talen Lee or @Fox Lee
No additional notes.

The Eclipse Wing are a serious, tightly-knit team of paramilitary operatives who were rejected by an unnamed Longbow supersoldier project. The founding members in particular were incompatible with the Project by virtue of being linked to certain spirits, mostly of Slavic mythology; however, they have since acquired members of varying other origins. Although their powers vary, they share a strict military discipline and the burden of their preparation for the Project, making them both intensely close and ruthlessly effective.

The core group of the Wing were strongly inspired by the song Rise, by Origa, the title theme from the anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: The 2nd Gig. The mood of the song, its philosophy, and the attitude of the soldier described by the lyrics formed the basis for the group's military background and harsh - yet justifiable - outlook.

In-Game Desc

A handful of dead soldiers, each one of us a little dead god, we have pride, we have power, and we have a purpose.

Let them tremble at our name. What they call Vengeance, we will call Justice.


The project didn't even have a name, as far as its dutiful soldiers know. They accepted, they obeyed, they trained. And when they were rejected - for reasons of genetic impurity, or organ rejection, or any of the other reasons - they were cast aside. You could accept a quiet brain-scrub and lobotomisation to keep the Project's secrecy… or you could accept a dark depth in which to die.

The details of the escape are unnecessary. What matters, at the core of it all, is the success - the errant, straggling members of the Eclipse making their way to the Rogue Isles to escape Longbow, and perhaps, just perhaps, gain revenge against the hollow ideal Longbow gave them.


  • Members must be mature roleplayers (this isn't some kind of X-rated cesspit, but it's also not a group for children).
  • Characters must have a bio/profile/origin. We want to know about them!
  • Characters should have an appearance/attitude in keeping with the "soldier" theme. This isn't to restrict personality or individuality, but the idea of the group is to act as a finely-tuned machine, and teamwork is key. Basically, new characters need to fit in with the existing team, which really just means a bit of discipline and a somewhat military-themed visual style.
  • All ATs and power sets are welcome, but low-level characters are recommended to take the Leadership power pool - specifically Assault at lvl6, and Tactics at lvl14. These powers are no longer required, but are appreciated in teams which don't have access to Single-Origin enhancements yet.
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