The Lion of Minos
Man and Beast
Man and Beast
Lion of Minos
Player: Talen Lee
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 31
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Species: Homo Sapiens
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220lbs
Hair Colour: Tawny blonde
Eye Colour: Golden, catlike
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Criminal
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Fire and rage magic
Known Abilities
Predatory skills
None of note.
No additional notes available.

"What know you of anger?" He asked, leaning close, his hand flat against my chest. In the darkness of the Ziggursky, with the sirens howling, memory fled and I simply winced, workds caught in my throat. His tattoos, skull-painting and oddly blood-riddled features wove together in my eyes - and honestly, given what little I can remember, I find it vexing that I can remember the look of the fellow, but not even his name.

"What know you of anger? Have you faced your murderer? What about those who died in the past? What about those who were hated and cast out, destroyed and made into trophies?

"What of the Greek Lion, hm? The beast of Minos that was slain for skin and for sport, a proud beast with thousands of years of lineage, cut short by clever monkeys?

"What know you of anger?"

The words hung in the air, like smoke. I gagged on my words, closing my eyes as the anger and the pain welled up within me.

"Oh," he said. "You will know."

Sometimes, I am feeling masochistic. I feel a deep, abiding desire to hurt myself. Oh, not in the fun, kinky way that gets goth chicks randy, no. No knives, no glorious embrace of the umbral wakings, no funky scars to show how hardcore I am… no, I'm talking about the kind of masochism that bears itself out in long, grinding labours of not-love.

Now… it should be no surprise to anyone that roleplay is a huge lure for me. I want to play characters interacting with other characters. Therefore, you can see almost as a rule, that my characters are sexy, verbose, or intelligent, because that makes them fun for me to roleplay. They are almost all social, and they tend to try and integrate into groups of friends. I avoid giving my characters 'mysterious' backstories, so as to avoid having a character sitting around, waiting for someone to show interest in them to unlock them and make them 'interesting' to play again.

Lion breaks almost all of these rules. He is almost completely silent. He's not antisocial, but he's easily the second-most withdrawn character I have (Rishabha being the most). His backstory is a complete enigma - and only barely known around the edges to me, and his design is more about conveying a 'neat idea' than it is about demonstrating some kind of impressive visual. He ultimately looks very 'odd' compared to the rest of my characters. And mechanically… oh lords, he's woeful.

I've bitched about the Dominator at some length. I'll spare you now. But suffice to say, I made some really fundamental mistakes in multiple stages in the use and design of Lion, and I keep wanting a chance to try again. Unfortunately, he's the character who excited me into playing around with Invention Origin enhancements, which means he's got my very first set of IOs.

Which are awful. Stupid me and my impatience and lack of research.


Lion of Minos is a member of Riot Gear, not that you'd notice; he mainly lurks in a quiet corner of the base in his leonine form, asleep against something warm. It has taken some coaxing, but Vincent has recently been seen - or not seen, really - employing the lion for some assistance. The nature of this affiliation is uncertain - Lion just pads after Vincent, following him by some ethereal sense. Lion's own focus and abilities are good at making opportunities, and Vincent is very good at capitalising on those opportunities.

Lion is also a de facto member of the Dirge, having found himself - to his amazement - a friend in Threnody Jones. Known to the gang as 'Note', as he lacks an actual name of his own, he has been drawn into helping them out in their gang activity, even if he's bad at the 'socialising drunk' aspect the boys often favour.


Lion is best defined by an overwhelming, boiling anger. Something in his past has made him utterly, unreasoningly rageful; but it's all directed. Lion has two modes of action; the first is absolute silence, the second is unleashed rage. Whatever it is Lion attacks, be it a prison door or a misplaced policeman, Lion assails it with all the rage of a lifelong grudge.

Lion is therefore quite quiet. The closest things he has to friends are Vincent and Threnody, and the pair of them represent different ends of a spectrum. Vincent needs Lion to tightly focus, and not to ruin the thief's cover, and Threnody brings enough chaos of her own.

Lion tends to be quite catlike in his manner, but he's the kind of cat that treats anyone sitting in his chair as if they're committing an offence. Independent and proud, Lion thinks he doesn't need help - and he hates asking for it. Yet you can see him, trailing behind Vincent, reluctant to ask if he can help, or hiding in the cloud of men that follow Threnody, simply because he can recognise how much he needs the assistance of others.

Lion is ultimately almost more of a pet. He's not familiar with how to use any of his emotions except for that boiling, incandescent rage. He needs people to direct his efforts and support what he lacks. Ironically, D-38, the eternal gentleman, is utterly at a loss for how to assist Lion, as he can barely get a read on Lion's impassive behaviour.


Lion's powers are all shamanically connected to some intrinsic rage at some misdeed in his past, wedded, by a ritual enacted on him (during his time in the Ziggurat, as best can be determined) to twin his own rage with that of a similar injustice in the past - the extinction of the Greek lion.

Technically speaking, Lion is an avatar for the dead race of Greek lions, extincted by human predation and development. His rage manifests in Greek fire, the ground rippling like molten pitch around him as he walks. His hands glow with burning fire, and he strikes as if with steel itself. When he makes his attacks, it's not by throwing fire, nor is it wielding a weapon rendered in flame; Lion manifests his anger in pure, physical force, kinetic energy that boils off his fists and occasionally projects great distances.

Lion can also fly, but his flight is as a ghost's; sometimes he can be seen with the shadow of bone-shaped wings, flight granted him by some kind of magical ancestry. It's been a bleak life he has, and he's still moving in the shadow of whatever power granted him the magecraft he has. Whatever it is, Lion still feels it was a colossal injustice. Whatever and however his powers work, though, Lion's powers are not subtle; whatever he does, it is done with gusto and fury, burning at opponent's eyes and throat to stymie their actions, melting the ground under their feet to keep them in place, and hitting them full-on with striking blows. While he's certainly no match for even a moderately super-strong character, such as Alexis Payne, Lion is still able to deal a fairly decent amount of property damage.

Lion is remarkably fit, and a skilled melee combatant. He has demonstrated an intimate knowledge of Longbow and police tactics, and even Arachnos counter-tactics. The man appears to have an almost preternatural predatory sense, blending in and hiding easily as he stalks his opponents, before exploding out into a firestorm of pain and mayhem.

Finally, Lion is actually capable of undergoing a full-body metamorphosis, transforming wholesale from a humanoid form to a leonine one. He can turn into a lion wholesale, but in that form, he lacks all utility one could have from his powers, and it is typically in this form that he seems able to find peace. Lion rarely, if ever, sleeps in his humanoid form.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Lion simply cannot handle punishment, and thanks to his fundamental base of rage, he is prone to writing cheques that his body can't cash. Taking on huge groups, he lacks a good, solid 'fight or flight' instinct, instead having a 'fight and fight some more' option.

Lion is also incredibly simple, as far as his mind goes. While there is a scarred, protected part of his mind that is beyond normal manipulation, most psionic and confusion-based powers can quite easily attack or harm his mind unless he is truly at the height of his fury.

Character History

Not much is known about Lion of Minos' arrival in the Rogue Isles. When quizzed about Lion's arrival, D-38 typically ascribes his presence to a rampage from Red Barren, attacking the Ziggurat 'for kicks'. Since arriving in Riot Gear's number, however, Lion has undergone multiple attempts to interact with people, which have not run well. Only Vincent, and Threnody Jones, appears to have made much effort to reach out to the lion. That said, Red Barren lets him sleep in her junk pile, which suggests there is some - however tenuous or unspoken - agreement between the two.


  • Bitch bitch bitch dominator, bitch bitch bitch faceplant, bitch bitch bitch fortunata, bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.
  • Lion of Minos' transformation should be a lot more dramatic, but I can't actually muck around with height sliders.
  • Lion of Minos has, in fact, solo'd most of his way to level 22; he needed help from Solitohn to defeat Professor Echo, and he wound up asking Red to help him with Ace McKnight, but by and large he has simply used the Mission Drop feature to avoid Elite Bosses. Since hitting level 23, he was assisted on his way by Vincent.
  • Lion of Minos has used two freespecs and a veteran respec, and will probably use the I10 respec as soon as he gets it. I am so bad at building Dominators.
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