The Players Inbetween
The Players Inbetween
Founder(s): Pendere
Side: hero
Motto: Hearing something in this music
Leader(s): Pendere
Logo: concentric spirals
Colours: red and blue
Player Base
Levels: Any
Play Style: casual
Role-play: required
Timezone: GMT +10, GMT -5 and GMT +0
Recruiting: idly (by invitation and through roleplay only)
Contact: @Kyrene Aig'samh
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If you're screaming in the dark
And no one hears your voice
Welcome to this whole new world of sound
Come in, friend, sit down.


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Entry to The Players Inbetween is by invitation only and invitations are only issued through character interaction and ascertaining that any given individual fits into the existing group.

  • Members must be mature roleplayers. Roleplay is a requirement and some content will not be appropriate for children.
  • Characters must have a backstory but this need not be written down as long as it's known for roleplay. In-character knowledge should come out in-character.
  • All archetypes and power sets are welcome but bear in mind the thematic of the group: these are predominantly individuals who generally don't fit elsewhere.




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