The Quantum Tears
The Quantum Tears
Founder(s): Arcanum, Mister Shade
Side: Hero
Motto: When the Phalanx won't, we will.
Leader(s): Arcanum, Lucrezia, Mister Shade
Logo: Infinity Symbol
Colours: Blue and Grey
Player Base
Levels: Any
Play Style: Casual
Role-play: Optional
Timezone: All
Recruiting: Not at this time
Contact: @Heavensrun
No additional notes.

The Quantum Tears are a supergroup assembled to help direct young metahumans into directing their abilities towards social progress. They were founded, in game, on the first day of the 3-day head start just after the CoH beta concluded, and have continued to exist since, although periods of activity in the group would wax and wane. From an in character perspective, they were assembled in the aftermath of the Rikti War to try and help young metas displaced by the war find a productive, positive environment to develop and learn about their abilities.

The Tears are based on Freedom shard.

In-Game Desc

In the runup to the Rikti Wars, two partners brought together a loose coalition of humans and metahumans to investigate supernatural phenomena. Drawing on their experience and mystical expertise, Quantum Tears has spent the past few years saving lives and offering a home and social support for wayward metas.


During the leadup to the first Rikti War, Joseph Jyovovitch, in his research efforts into the quantum effects of magic, ran across another young man that was trying to develop an understanding of the arcane, who called himself Mister Shade. Working together, Shade agreed to be a research subject for Professor Jyo's thesis, but this project was cut short when the invaders struck. The two joined forces with Jo's paragon U colleague, the mutant hero Apollo, his wife, and Apollo's student and friend, the martial artist Kei Takagi, to work towards fending off the Rikti beachhead. During the battle, Jo was mortally wounded, Kei went temporarily missing, and Apollo and his wife vanished on a boarding attempt on the Rikti mothership.

Caring for the injured and lost after the war, Shade rented out an old bomb shelter as a base location for a supergroup, to try and provide a place for orphans and wayward youths, such as Apollo's daughter, Swift. Jo, after recovering from the war, helped to establish the community center, and eventually they found a handful of young people to organize as a team. The original roster of the QT consisted of Shade, Jo, Kei (who had reemerged as Keiko), Swift, the lost girl Windsurfer, and Kiwi, a young military fangirl with a penchant for heavy weaponry.

As time passed, the group expanded and Jo eventually recovered enough to resume her research into the grey area between the arcane and the scientific, leading the group to evolve in two directions: As a superhero group, open to all, the QT is dedicated to protecting those who can't protect themselves, and offering a place for anyone that needs it. As a research organization, the Tears is an institute dedicated to the application of scientific principles to the incomprehensible arts of ancient magic. Many notable young heroes have found their way through the doors of the Quantum Tears, and have gone on to achieve great things, and the SG boasts a large number of specialists, each with their own area of expertise, be it Swift's knowledge of history, Femme's knowledge of technology and science, or Power Puncher's economical savvy. The adminstrative ranks have after time grown by one, to include the enigmatic and immortal sorceress Lucrezia, who's mastery and experience with the arcane arts has proven an invaluable resource to Jo's research.


  • (rule section needs input from all of the SG leadership, but some quick points of interest:)
  • Low-level character ranks share all the same permissions, and the ranks; researcher, combateer, and reservist; are simply for RP oriented . Characters 40+ are acknowledged as specialists, and gain more member positions.
  • Base editing capability is limited to the Administrator rank. This does not mean, however, that noone else gets input into how the base is configured, it's simply to keep things organized through a small group of people.
  • All items in storage are for the use of the entire group. If it is placed into public storage, it's meant to be used, but it is also expected that everyone will at least try to give back as good as they got, so that we can continue to grow and prosper.

Other Info

  • The QT is largely a group of friends that know each other from outside the game, but we're always willing to meet and accept new people. The group is only sporadically active, however, so people looking for an active resource supergroup would be best off looking elsewhere.
  • Many members of the Tears like to RP their characters, although it isn't required. Harassing members or deriding roleplaying, however, is not tolerated.


  • The PPD has assigned an official liason to the QT, largely in recognition of the considerable force that the SG has managed to accrue.
  • The group has official ties to MAGI and Paragon University, but has had tense relations with the Department of Advanced Technological Applications.
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