The Recollection
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The Recollection
Player: @TalenLee
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 19
Personal Data
Real Name: Justin Auspice
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Confidential
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Confidential
Hair Colour: Purple, naturally
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
None of note.
No additional notes available.

The Recollection, otherwise known as Justin Auspice, is a superhero working with CAPES, played by Talen Lee.

Justin was initially inspired by a common trope I saw used in many stories, of the villain reborn. In more magical settings, it transpired that the character would be reborn as an infant, or in sci-fi settings which lacked the same way to cheat pathos, a clone. Justin is that second chance - the Sweet Idea that doesn't have to be scrutinized, as it only occurs as the story ends, and is never really dealt with.

For character influences, Justin's core beginnings stem from an old English story about a man who obtained a ring that would make him invisible. The notional argument was that any man, freed from consequence from his actions, would become a monster, a creature of unrestrained immoral impulse. Additionally, it was the work of Richard Dawkins, and the writing of Christopher Hitchens, both pointing out that morality has greater groundings than some 'mere' thing like religion, our external social pressure.

The final piece that made the character was the recognition that night-time vigilantes like Batman and Nightwing were one permutation of the idea of a hero; Justin has just the same style of connectivity, the same 'prowling protector' aspect, yet it's completely nonobvious, because he doesn't patrol dangerous neighbourhoods, he patrols dangerous people.

On a purely mechanical note, Justin's powers are best compared to those of Jean Grey, and his mode of operation, hiding his career as a hero so as to avoid suspicion and fear, compares well to Spiderman. Because everyone is inspired by Spiderman and Batman in some bloody way or another.


Justin is a member of CAPES. By and large, as he is relatively new to the city, he hasn't much integration with people at this point.


Justin could best be descibed as sociable; typically speaking, he skirts the edges of what's not entirely inappropriate, voicing those ideas you wish someone would say. However, due to his upbringing, which tended to feature six-month stays in various locations, he never really mastered the knack of long-term relationships. This means that his contact with most people, while more meaningful than most acquaintances, tend to hit a level of trust, and then stop, stalled for some time.

The reason for this is fairly simple; it's basically impossible for a normal person to lie to Justin, so almost all of his relationships are fairly one-sided. He knows people who trust him, and he in turn has a strong loyalty to those people who are honest, knowing that they don't know how true his trust is. In turn, he feels an unwavering kind of affection for people around him, seeing them as worthy of protection. Just as a stray guard dog, however, Justin doesn't respect borders well.


Justin's life has been defined by his powers; as far back as his conscious memory goes, he's had access to them, which means that they've grown with him. This means that his powers are handled in a much more sophisticated fashion than most supers his age.


Justin Auspice is a reasonably powerful telepath, and has been since he was about four. This led to him being a precocious child, but also a cunning one; he quickly worked out just how badly things could go for him if people knew his secret, and so, he grew up, maintaining 'his little secret' his whole life.

Once he moved to the City of Heroes, he stopped using this as a glorified mind-reading party trick, and moved on to the task of employing it in combat situations; he attacks minds on several fronts, either knocking foes unconscious on their feet, cutting them off from their ability to manipulate their own bodies, or in some situations, giving them crippling moments of prolonged, insensate fantasy. The upshot is that when Justin's around, it's not uncommon to see a crowd of opponents cut into one or two wakeful fighters, and a gang of dazed stragglers.

Justin's also used this power most of his life to circumvent his generally-poor eyesight. He tends to expend a small amount of his perception, looking through the eyes of others - be they nearby animals, his opponents, his teammates, or all at once. This means that he tends to see combat from manifold angles at once, which lets him employ his other abilities more readily.

Pinpoint Telekinesis

Justin's psychic abilities don't end with the telepathy; he can influence objects, typically on a small scale, though more and more he's finding himself capable of projecting his thoughts to manipulate forces and energies as well. The practical upshot is that he can, on a case-by-case basis, deflect hits from a target, deferring and decreasing damage, blunting forces that would travel in straight lines through important things (like allies) and into other directions.

This is a serious effort, since every deflected hit is a conscious effort and a taken opportunity for Justin. He has to consciously and actively deflect every blow, and it can mean that his concentration takes some strain doing it. Over time, his ability to focus blurs, and the number of potential targets to protect is another strain. In practice, he simply can't keep up a constant wall of protection - even his attempts to completely protect himself aren't perfect, and they require some serious effort, effort enough that he can barely focus on any other powers of his own.

The practical upshot is that Justin has to take a few moments every few minutes to recenter himself and reorient his perceptions to maintain his vigilant protection of his friends. Most don't even recognise he does it - fewer still realise how hard it is for him. On the other hand, he's not liable to complain, keeping the strain on his mental faculties his little secret.

Other Powers

By and large, a power base as broad as Justin's would of course cover more than just these two aspects.


In addition to these more practical aspects of his psychic ability, Justin has the ability to sense feelings, directions, emotions and recent memories, lifting these things from people's memories the way a talented cold reader sees them on the person's clothes and demeanour. He can experience the sensations another is feeling (and, indeed, often has to to do a deep psychic probe, something that makes him reluctant to delve in the mind of anyone he sees as seriously distressed).


It's practically a footnote that a mind capable of deflecting bullets, reacting to phaser fire, dispersing the heat of a burning fire or preventing the loss of temperature through cold is capable of unbinding a body from gravity. Justin doesn't use this power very often, however - he doesn't like the visibility this power draws, even when he's in his heroing disguise. As he grows in confidence - and the power grows in speed - chances are he'll be using it more often.


Justin is a reasonably accomplished young man, though not nearly as much so as other supers. His entire life has come very easily to him, aside from the periodic moral dilemma that his powers gives him, but he tends to take those in stride. He's done ballet dancing, gymnastics, and, as a university student, has started his degree in Engineering. This is because he's focused on concrete thingsā€¦ perhaps because most other fields of study are perception-based, and therefore, in his mind, flawed.


None of note.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Imagine if everywhere you go, everyone is saying exactly what they're thinking all the time. Now imagine that, even asleep, they don't shut up. Justin is very often the victim of serious information bombardment. It's this that led to his alcoholism. In addition, he's actually reasonably close to a normal human being; anyone capable of breaking his psychic defenses would find him a very squishy normal person underneath. Of course, thanks to the CAPES training he's receiving, and the aid he's giving the city sharpening his abilities, this is steadily becoming less true.

Another frailty of Justin's is that he ultimately can't handle being disliked. If he has to deal with a person who genuinely doesn't like him for an extended period, he'll typically leave. If in a situation - such as work or other commitment - where he has to deal with this person for an extended period, it's more likely he'll bail on the commitment. This has led to more than a few awkward dinners with friends. Justin doesn't mind how appreciation manifests, but he's ultimately not as self-possessed as he seems; he likes knowing the people around him appreciate him, and he knows if they do, even if they don't say it.


Alcohol dulls the senses and steadily wears away at the ability of the mind to process information. When Justin gets drunk, he gets normal; his coordination slips down to normal speeds, he loses the ability to perceive through other people's eyes, and he winds up not hearing their thoughts any more. The upshot is that, when he's totally 'Yelstin'd' he's still about as acute and adroit as most people are sober. There are some lapses in coordination, but that's about it. This means that Justin drinks very hard when he has social time to do so, and has rapidly moved past alcoholism into possible alcohol addiction.

It's not an emotional need - it's just more convenient to him. Of course, if he keeps relying on it, it's going to be a real problem.

Character History

As a recent arrival in town, Justin has little history, per se. His father's a security engineer, who specialises in designing safety systems for military or contracted situations, with the most relevant job he's done in Paragon being the security station in the foyer of the Terra Volta reactor. This means that Justin has spent most of his live moving around in six and twelve month periods, living for extensive periods and doing schooling in various educational facilities around the world. Thanks to this, Justin developed a very multicultural, metropolitan perspective on life, and is now an accomplished polyglot.

Upon achieving nineteen years of age, his parents talked to him about moving him to an apartment of his own, where he could have stability for his final years of school, while they continued to move. Justin leapt at the idea, simply because the idea of new social freedom (and a room he didn't have to sneak into after hours) was a powerful incentive, especially pulling him out from under his father's somewhat controlling thumb.

What Justin didn't realise is that his parents wanted to send him to Paragon. They reasoned that here, he would have the most opportunity to study and the most chance of being safe, being constantly surrounded by high-powered individuals and friends of his father's military connections.


The Recollection

Initially, Justin spent his time in King's Row and Atlas Park, following around other heroes and registered sorts, and quietly assisting them in an unobtrusive fashion. Most lower-clearance heroes have a habit of being imperceptive about the powers of others, and perhaps a little inflated in their egos regarding normal people, so more often than not, his powers went completely undetected. When called upon to take on an incident on his own, Justin simply stripped all vision of himself from the individuals he arrested's memories, meaning his anonymity was safe.

This plan fell apart when he attempted to assist Cartwheel on a number of missions. Cartwheel, no stranger to the city, recognised very quickly the effect Justin was having on her opponents, and he, in turn, recognised her doubt in his misdirections. After some discussion with her, and a quantity of flirting, he finally admitted his telepathic nature, prompting her to react without any surprise at all.


With that in mind, Justin felt it was time to feign some kind of hero identity, some way to keep his real life and his heroic actions separate from one another, as he expected the more skill he acquired, the harder it would steadily become for him to keep his powers a secret. Shifting one secret to another, Justin visited Icon, and, after ensuring that nobody would remember him, purchased an outfit, donning it and the title registered on his hero card - 'The Recollection'.

Justin's main fear in the suit is to not look like a twit, and he generally only wears it when teaming with people who he knows aren't going to be seen helping a normal human being visiting dangerous places.

Other Notes

Nothing of note.


  • Justin speaks many languages and is prone to using them to nickname people. He collects words that amuse him, from other languages, and injects them into common speech. The most common of these is Joudan - a word from Japanese which infers that whatever it is he was saying, he was just joking.
  • Justin is by any definition one would use, a slut. His attitude to sex compares more to other people's attitude towards sport; it's something enjoyable and fun, and to be shared with teams of perhaps as many as twelve, but by and large, he has a hard time connecting a greater emotional attachment to it.
  • Justin has a nipple piercing and a tattoo just above his right rear cheek, of an obscure kanji.
  • Justin is bisexual, and pretty unabashed about that detail.
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