Talen Lee

Talen Lee has been a City of Heroes/City of Villains player since February 2006. He is a bisexual Australian male, and the husband of fellow gamer Fox Lee since May 2005. In creating characters, he draws inspiration through such comic series as Deadpool, Outsiders, The Authority, The Exiles, New X-Men and Young Mutants, as well as the Cassandra Caine Batgirl series and a variety of anime and manga titles, and dolefully remarks that everything he likes gets cancelled. He is extremely liberal and quite politically-minded, which tends to show through in a lot of his characters.

Further details about Talen which don't pertain to CoX can be found on his website.


Talen's global handle in-game is @TalenLee. He can also be contacted on the official forums by private message (TalenLee).


Talen is a dedicated (though not obsessive) roleplayer, and can often be found just hanging out in Pocket D, chatting in-character. He also has a great appreciation for and awareness of game mechanics, however, and has distinct opinions on most character builds. He enjoys playing a characters who are solid on both flavour and mechanics.


Talen is a mature roleplayer who is over twenty-one. Many of his characters are homosexual, bisexual, and/or polyamourous, and he has no problems allowing them to swear, refer to things like sex or drugs, or discuss political or religious matters. He notes that people are free to avoid him if they do not wish to be involved with this sort of thing.


The following are characters played by Talen:



  • Wander - Magical homeless martial artist
  • Cataplex - Screwed-up experiment radiation robot… or is he?
  • Maladjusted - All-American-sports-hero-turned-legless-guinea-pig
  • Charonis - Darkness-powered final member of Fox' gryphon-sentai
  • Rowdy Grant (retired) - Giant liberal-minded lesbian musclewoman


  • D-38 - Coordinator, organiser, and all-around Gentleman thief of Riot Gear
  • Shortbow - Formerly-heroic avatar of a dead alternate world
  • The Lion of Minos - Stoic leonine amnesiac
  • Rishahba - The rock and the hard place







The Hair Thing

Now that you've looked at a few of Talen's male characters, you will probably notice a pattern in their hair styles. This is because Talen himself has hair that runs down to the small of his back, and finds most of the short hair options in the game unappealing. This means that, until he gets something other than Ponytail and Long to work with, a lot of his guys are going to look samey from the eyebrows upwards.

As he draws the characters' design sheets, differences in how they wear their hair will become evident, but generally speaking, the styles that are used are the styles closest to what the characters have.


Talen was a founding member (or rather, one of his characters was) of the following Supergroups:


Talen's personal website: [http://hypercrescendo.net/talen/]

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