Vinnie Ogg
"Even'in Guv"
"Even'in Guv"
Vinnie Ogg
Player: Pendix
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Vincent Ogg
Known Aliases: ??
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Master Thief
Place of Birth: South London
Base of Operations: London
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nina Ogg (Mother)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Being 'Bloody Ruthless'
A collection of random stuff
No further information.

"Ain't nothing personal Guv, you understand, right?"

Vinnie Ogg is an Martial Arts/Ninjitsu Stalker played by a mysterious Librarian Warrior known most commonly as Pendix. Vinnie is a self styled 'Master Jewel Thief' and an expert in getting in & out of places entirely unnoticed.


Vinnie Currently works for Riot Gear. Indeed, the reason Vinnie is currently in the Rogue Isles is due to the job offer made to him by D-38. The upshot of this is that most of his current affiliates are members of Riot Gear.

Employed by the Gear for more subtle operations Vinnie has nevertheless had the opportunity to work with the other members of the gear on numerous occasions, and has been able to form some distinct opinions on some of his fellow Riot Gear members.

D-38 - Vinnie has developed a great deal of respect for D-38, referring to him as 'Chief' rather than his usual 'Guv'. Most of Vinnie's past employers have been typical of the criminal establishment; egotistical bastards who act more like kings and generals than businessmen. D-38 is different, he is a Professional, and Vinnie respects that.

Red Barren - Vinnie, though he rarely lets it show, is wary of Red. On their first job together he had been expecting the typical bulldog style enforcer he was familiar with from London, Red, however, was something else.


Part Cockney Larrikin, part Dapper Rogue.




Being a bloody ruthless bastard.


  • Safe Cracking: Vinnie is a Master lockpick & safe cracker, and has at times joked that they haven't built the lock that he can't pick.
  • Stealthy Git: Vinnie has always had a natural talent for the arts of subterfuge, and his years of work in the criminal underworld have honed this talent to near superhuman levels.
  • Fade into the Foreground: Vinnie is not a very remarkable person to look at, particular in the Rogue Isles with its assortment of bizarre characters, but he is somehow able to make himself seem even more unremarkable, to the point that he can disappear into a crowd or even pass guards in broad daylight, with out raising suspicions. This does not appear to be a supernatural ability, and is more likely a subconscious use of stance and body language.
  • Martial Arts: Since arriving in the Rogue Isles Vinnie found it necessary to get better at fighting, and while he was not unfamiliar with brawling (the streets of London being what they are) the Rogue Isles required something more. Over time Vinnie has taught himself a style of martial arts known as 'Tie Kwon Leap' which he has combined with a willingness to fight as dirty as necessary.
  • Computer Skills: Vinnie is a decent computer hacker and is particularly familiar with computer-based security systems.


Vinnie possesses a number of useful times -

  • Greenfire Gem: A small blue gem with what appears to have a flickering flame within it, Vinnie acquired it during a heist of a jewelery store. He claims keeps it about his person because it is 'lucky'.
  • TP Network Hacker: A small electronic device that Vinnie uses to hack into the teleportation networks of the Rogue Isles & Paragon City. It was constructed for him by an old friend, after he 'acquired' the necessary components. It is limited in that it only functions when in the Rouge Isles or Paragon City, and only when their teleportation networks are functioning.
  • Rikti Portal Generator: Larger and more cumbersome than the Network Hacker, it has the advantage of being able to work anywhere and anytime rather than just where there is an existing teleportation network. Acquired more recently, he stole this particular piece from a Scientist in the Rikti War Zone.
  • Operations Outfit: Vinnie had this suit custom made by a certain clandestine tailor in the Rogue Isles. Used in his most dangerous, high end jobs, it is constructed of advanced impact-resistant polymers and sound damping material. Utilising the best in passive camouflage coloring it provides the perfect mix of stealth & protection.
  • Blinding Powder: Vinnie carries several dispensers of a fine black dust, that, when hurled at opponents, stands a good chance of finding it's way into their eyes, temporally blinding & disorientating them.

Character History

Vinnie grew up … [more to come]

…D-38, when starting up the 'Gear', sought out Vinnie, for his skills, and had him transfered to the Zig, promising him that if he demonstrated sufficient capability to escape from that lockup, that the Gear would have some very profitable jobs for him…

Musical Themes

Rascal King - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


  • Vinnie often mentions The Rascal King in conversation, though usually only to disparage the existence of such a phenomenal character.
  • Vinnie speaks with a distinctly 'cockney' accent.
  • If Vinnie were to have a praetorian counterpart he would probably be an unassuming Geology professor, with strong opinions on property rights.
  • Vinnie was my (Pendix's) first character to reach Level 50, which he I on the 17-05-2008, nearly 2 year after I started playing.
  • Prior to the May 2008 Stalker Buff, I had gone to great lengths to improve Vinnie's survivability & damage output to a level comparabel to a Scrapper (baseline scrapper at least), to the point of amassing a Hit Point boost of 35%. After the buff this had the upshot of leaving him with capped hit points (and then some :p).
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